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Kaylee Dolat | 10 comments Good Morning Everyone!
My name is Kaylee. I have a book I am self promoting called Codename: Alexander. He is by far my favorite written work right now. He is my third book, but my most notable one. I already have fans requesting a sequel!

A little information:
Alex is a military brat that gets stuck in a town he learns to adapt to. That is, until he starts seeing things from the corner of his eyes. Dark shapes, shadows, whispers of forms lurk in his vision and he feels as if he's going crazy. Luckily for him, there are others that see the same thing. Unluckily? The shapes he's seeing are demons. They plague his school and set out to make his life miserable. Why? He is the new wielder of a mystical weapon that has changed shape throughout history.

I'm going to stop right there because otherwise I'll spoil the ending! Please feel free to ask questions, post comments, or give my new child some much deserved cuddles.

Thank you!

Kaylee Dolat | 10 comments Sneak peak from the book!!

"The group split up. Nathanial, Jayden, Christopher and I moved off in the direction of the gym like we always did. The others began a lengthy discussion about sports and the fitness test approaching for gym class. I, on the other hand, felt what had become a familiar tingling begin in my fingertips. The hair on the back of my neck began to rise as the awareness of someone watching me hit me.

Or rather...something was watching me.

Attempting to avoid making my awareness known, I yawned and stretched. While I did, my gaze meandered in a venture to find the culprit causing my discomfort. Finding nothing worth alarm, I chanced a look behind me. Standing a few paces behind me was a boy I failed to recognize. It was not the fact he was following us, however, but the fact that his appearance frightened me that drew my attention. Where eyes should have been, there were black pits. Cracks spread along pale white skin spread from them. It was as if the body could no longer contain whatever corruption lay within. My mind inquired as to what darkness could so easily take over ones being.

That was when my gaze wandered down to the hands. The hands were folded very neatly in front of his stomach. A bloody knife grasped firmly between claws. As I blinked, the blood seemed to sink into the dagger to form letters. I gasped, growling out the beast as it read very plainly, Kathleen. "

Kaylee Dolat | 10 comments New Year, New Goals!

Alex had decided he wants to be heard. Working on a fun project in the form of a sequel for him. If you have chanced a peek, please review him. If not, he is available on Kindle <3

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