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message 1: by Casey (new)

Casey | 4 comments Death: An Oral History

Hi all. The working cover is still attached to my book, which comes out next week. This is the real cover image (much prettier than the old one!). I'd be so thrilled to see it change.

Here's the publisher's website to confirm the new cover and details. The version here has dropshadow included with it, but it verifies the update:

Here is the preferred version of the book cover to use. Same cover, no dropshadow:

The blurb data is also out-of-date and very inaccurate. Let me know if I need to post this somewhere else, but the actual description should read:

In this illuminating collection of oral-history style interviews, Casey Jarman talks to a funeral industry watchdog about the (often shady) history of the death trade; he hears how songwriter David Bazan lost his faith while trying to hold on to his family; he learns about cartoonist Art Spiegelman using his college LSD trips to explain death to his children; and he gets to know his own grandparents, posthumously. These are stories of loss, rebuilding, wonder, and wild speculation featuring everyone from philosophers to former death row wardens and hospice volunteers. In these moving, enlightening, and often funny conversations, the end is only the beginning.

It's also posted here, for verification:

Thank you so much.

-Casey Jarman

message 2: by Casey (new)

Casey | 4 comments Here's the Amazon link if that's the only thing we can pull from. Has updated cover and description. Please help, I'll send you a book!!

message 3: by Arenda (new)

Arenda | 20186 comments Were any copies -- including Advanced Reader Copies, either print or electronic -- distributed with the old cover?

message 4: by Casey (new)

Casey | 4 comments No, the old cover was only a mockup, it never existed in print form. (Thanks for any help you can offer!)

message 5: by Casey (new)

Casey | 4 comments P.S. If that was you who fixed the entry, you have my HUGE gratitude. Can I send you a copy of the book? Don't know if you feel comfortable posting your address here, but let me know if there's an easy way to make that happen. You're a goddamn ANGEL! A goddamn ANGEL FROM HEAVEN!

message 6: by Dobby (new)

Dobby (dobby0390) | 3650 comments Hi Casey,

It appears that the hardcover edition was updated with the correct cover and description. The ebook, however, was still missing its cover. I added it from your link, verifying with the publisher's drop-shadow image as you suggested.

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