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If Laurie had returned to Jo...
Trix Wilkins Trix Oct 20, 2016 04:39AM
What do you think Laurie could/should have done after Jo's initial rejection?


In a sense I was very happy that Laurie married Amy because he could then be part of the family. And I think he wouldn't have visited the Marches that much had he brooded over Jo's rejection.
But on the other hand, marrying Jo's little sister just seems too bizarre.

While Laurie was overseas with his grandfather, he did write one last letter to Jo asking her if she would change her mind. Jo writes back telling him she would not. The book does not show these letters, but it was shortly afterwards that Laurie begins to exchange frequent letters with Amy who was homesick and needed someone cheerful to confide and talk to since the family was rather careful in what they wrote to her--especially concerning Beth's health. The letters between Laurie and Amy would further enhance their growing relationship.

I was disappointed that Laurie didn't marry jo.. but i think simply because he didn't that was what made the book even more interesting! books wouldn't be nearly as thrilling if what we wanted to happen happened always. think about it, if Laurie had married jo then she wouldn't have gone off to a foreign country and married her husband, and then where would Amy be?

I always regretted that Laurie didn't keep trying to sweep Jo off her feet. I never liked that she married that other man...and no, Laurie should not have married Jo's sister!

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