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Book I. The Horrorfield.... > BD48/ZT45 Stephens - Incidents of travel in Egypt, Arabia, Petraea &a the Holy Land

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Tonymess | 22 comments Facsimile of the book (2nd Edition Volume 1) can be found here
Volume 2 which has the hieroglyphs reference (BD51/ZT48) can be found here

I may do a little more research on this book as Schmidt refers to it over four pages, I cant seem to locate a 1st edition (as referred on BD48) but will keep digging, not sure it is really required as the second edition has all the same references. Preface quote is word for word in BD - Volume 2 which is referred to on BD51/ZT48 has the hieroglyphics in the "Note" a la Pym.

ReemK10 (Paper Pills) | 62 comments Can't resist a search! Found the impressive hieroglyphic drawing. Go to full view vol 2 and scroll to the end. Easier to navigate on this link

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ReemK10 (Paper Pills) | 62 comments Page BD49/ZT46 : Did Poe plagiarize? how much Master POE lifted from our STEPHENS=here for his own dreamings?

ReemK10 (Paper Pills) | 62 comments Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore - Works - Tales - Review of Stephens' Arabia Petraea (reprint)

ReemK10 (Paper Pills) | 62 comments I can't post this link so do google this : Don't Believe Everything You Read: Hoaxes ... - EngagedScholarship@CSU › cgi

by EE Harder - ‎2014 - ‎Related articles

also encouraged Poe to plagiarize “authentic” travel literature for his own narrative in order to ..... Poe or John L. Stephens. 

looks really interesting!!!

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