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Rain ((A 1,000 yrs of nothing, it’s a heartbeat, I’ve never been ready.)) (raindropsmix) Character Template.



Years at camp:



Godly parent:



Rain ((A 1,000 yrs of nothing, it’s a heartbeat, I’ve never been ready.)) (raindropsmix) Name: Rain (Real name unknown)

Age: 16

Years at camp: 0

Appearance: Has long brown hair in ponytail but other wise she looks like this

History: Zeus stole Poseidon's little girl when she was one years old and left the child in the woods. One day Artemis was hunting and found the child. Artemis took care of the child like she was her own. Artemis ended up giving the little girl a name and gave her the powers if Artemis. The girls name was Rain, because on a rainy day Artemis had found her.Rain does not know she in a child of Poseidon.

Godly parent: Poseidon and Artemis

Weakness: Trusting others, and she only can use her powers from Artemis at night besides archery. The sight of blood.

Powers: From Artemis's side Rain can summon wolves only at night, and her powers are stronger at night. Is a good archer, can see in the dark. Rain also can adopt to all weather, so can those Rain touch.

From Poseidon's side she can breathe underwater, make small hurricanes, make it rain, control and use water to heal her self.

Rain ((A 1,000 yrs of nothing, it’s a heartbeat, I’ve never been ready.)) (raindropsmix) Approved!

((Silver O. Smith - Can't turn off disorders.)) Name: Silver Ora Smith

Age: 14

Years at camp: 0

Appearance: Silver is tall and is pale. She has short-above-ears white hair, and usually doesn't brush it. She wears a black leather jacket, t-shirt with a catchy saying, jeans, and black tennis shoes, silver diamond watch from John, and a silver diamond necklace from her mother. Silver's left eye is silver, right black. She has a scar that goes from two inches above her left eye, through it, and ends a half an inch above her upper lip. Has a tattoo of a white rose on top of her shoulder and hand on the left side. From shoulder to wrist is a black vine with thorns and a white rose every so often covering the arm.

History: Silver grew up, not knowing her real dad was Hades. She had a wonderful life till her parents were killed when she was seven by the family' best friend, Harry Jones. Silver entered Foster Care but left after three years of continuous abuse. Silver then started Silvernight, a trio that stopped gang fights and helped over street livers. The trio was comprised of Earth a.k.a Sapphire Opal Diamond, Emotion a.k.a Zach Richard Diamond and Evolution a.k.a Silver. The worked together and got a rose tattoo as the symbol. The trio failed when Sapphire was killed by a hydra and Silver and Zach killed it and ran, always fighting. They did this till they found contentious Ares at a bar and he directed them to Camp Half-blood. But Zach insulted Ares and was cursed to remain silent and only Silver could understand him. Silver and Zach arrived at Camp and Silver doesn't know who her father is.

Godly parent: Hades

Weakness: Heights, letting others take the fall, surrending

Powers: Powers like Nico's but she doesn't know that.

Other: Owns Smith Inc.

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Celira -I love you- 我爱你-Je t'aime-사랑해- Name: Celebrian Mei Xui Lau (Ria)

Age: 14

Years at camp: 12, her father decided he would be unable to protect her, often being away for business trips, and gave up trying to take care of her

Appearance: Long Brownish-Black hair (usually tied into a high ponytail), Purple Eyes (As a symbol of her parentage, but she covers them with the mist to make them a dark brown), Fair skin, Pretty Short for her age, Sometimes makes the mist to make the ends of her hair different colors

Prefers to wear designer items, but hates that they get ruined when fighting monsters, and how impractical it is to run in a skirt. (Currently developing new magic clothes to transform, so she can still look neat.)

Picture 1:
Picture 2:
Picture 3:
Picture 4:

History: Hecate, being a maiden goddess, is similar to Athena. She created Ria and gave her to her father, but similar to Annabeth, she was unwanted. After a year of trying to take care of her, her father sent her to CHB and enrolled her in a boarding school. She grew up in these two places, getting survival skills from Camp and learning how to survive in the mortal world from her prep school.
On her fifth birthday, her dad sent her a cat, with the hopes of bribing her. She named her Mium, which means Hate in Korean. (미움) She hates her dad, but still accepts his bribes, because she wants him to pay attention to her.

Personaltity: Ria comes off as cheerful, immature, and happy, and she is, but she can also be vindictive, cruel, and hateful. She's not particularly heroic, instead choosing to protect herself and a few chosen others. She can be selfish, but usually is happy and loves being with others. She pretends to trust easily, however, she really only trusts a few certain people, and will be willing to betray you if it profits her. She's extremely proud of her powers, and will use them whenever she can. She's flashy and a bit spoiled, and likes attention, having gotten so little of it from her dad. She's a good person overall, and smiles a lot.

Godly parent: Hecate

Weakness: Darkness (Hecate's Torch and stuff), Can be vindictive and cruel, Secretly hates her dad, Easily Tempted, Cute things

Powers: Controls Mist, Has Magic, Good at potions

Skills: Fights with her powers, uses two long knives (Turn into two charms on her bracelet, fast runner, speaks Korean and English,

Rain ((A 1,000 yrs of nothing, it’s a heartbeat, I’ve never been ready.)) (raindropsmix) Awesome!


I was wondering if you would like to join a role play with me and Acelin. If you do checkout "The Armory" I hope I can role play with you!

Celira -I love you- 我爱你-Je t'aime-사랑해- Raindrops wrote: "Awesome!


I was wondering if you would like to join a role play with me and Acelin. If you do checkout "The Armory" I hope I can role play with you!"

Oooh yes! I would love to!

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