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master bedroom
master bathroom
walk-in closet
guest room
guest bathroom
kitchen and dining room
great room
laundry room
garage/casting room

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Melinda dragged the pirate up to her deck. She gently laid him down only for a moment to think. "I really don't want you creating a mess in my house. What should I do with you?" She mumbled. She looked around as she thought. Her index finger was placed gently beside her lips as she gently nibbled on her nail as she thought. She looked back to him and at his dirty boots. "Those are going to have to come off." Malinda walked around him and to his boots. She bent down and slid off his huge dirty boots. Turning them over, large anmounts of muddy sand and sea water came pouring out. "Gross." She whispered. Walking back around him to pick him up again, she noticed his cloths had gotten filthy from the drag over. Sighing feeling slightly frustrated, she realized she was going to have to strip his cloths. "Great." She mumbled sarcastically. She walked over to his side and began stripping pieces of his cloths starting with his torso. Once she removed the last piece of fabric, she paused to stare. He was a husky man and quite appealing to the eye. She could not help but reach out and touch his torso. She skimmed over his skin with her feelings getting a good look at the passed out man before shaking her head violently waking herself up from her daze. "Stopped it Malinda. Focus." She whispered. Taking a deep breath, she continued with his lower half. After removing the final piece, she paused again. "Oh my." Her cheeks turned a bright red as she saw the package he was carrying. A chill wet through her spine as she felt a small amount of excitement rush over her. Shaking her head violently again, she continued on her mission. Standing once again, she walked back over to his shoulders and continued to drag him the rest of the way into the house. Although he was still wet from the weather, she gently placed his bare body onto the guest bed and proceeded to prepare a nice hot bath for him. He was going to be cleaned up before sleeping on her clean beds. After drawing him a hot bath, she drug him to the bathroom and placed him in the water. She was sure to place lavender oil and some soothing bath salts into it to help his tense rippling muscles relax. After letting him soak for a short while, she took that time to fetch his cloths and boots that still were on the deck and proceeded to wash them.

Malinda returned to him and went to cleaning him up a little of any sort he had on him still. After reaching a few frustrating complications, she gave up and decided to toss him onto her guest bed in a robe and in a heat of aggravation. "Stay dirty then." She growled. He laid face down on the bed with a leg hanging off and arms spread in various directions. At that point, she gave up caring. All she could think was he was slowly beginning to wake up due to the complications.

Malinda walked around the corner to her kitchen and began fixing up her special potions of healing. He had some massive bruises and a really nasty bump on his noggen. As she prepared to fix up these gentle potions, she hummed a little tune. The song she hummed was a little creation of her own. She called it young and beautiful, even though she wasn't very young. The smell of herbs and a hint of mint spread about her house as she brewed her potions. She even danced about her kitchen as she hummed her tune and waited for her potions to be finished. occasional stirs here and there and adding bits and pieces of ingredients in when the time was right.

Mimi Angel of Love James woke up in the comfort of a bed and couldn’t help but wonder if what happened was all just a terrible nightmare. His eyes slowly opened taking a look around the room freaking out knowing that the room was far to extravegant to be on his ship. He slowly got up feeling the fabric on his skin he quickly discovered that he was naked. Where am I? He wondered as he hoped this was just some weird dream caused by rum. SMEE! Where is Smee? He thought moving toward a closet where he found at least a robe hanging on the door.

He snatched the robe quickly and walked into the rest room seeing that he had pretty bad bruises and scratches. The storm wasn’t a nightmare! His eyes widened and his heart started to pound with worry. Where the fuck am I? He asked himself several times until he heard something going on in a room not too far away. He could hear that it was a woman that was humming a tune that made goosebumps go up and down his spine.

He walked toward the humming and he could now smell something really good brewing. When he found the room he saw the woman dancing about and her red hair bounced around her pale face. He didn’t know what it was about the woman but he felt attracted to her. That’s when he decided to clear his throat to make his presence known.

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Malinda hummed to herself and danced as she brewed her potion. She walked over and tossed in another herb. She was about to start singing when she heard someone clear their throat. "My my my. You have finally awoke. You sure are one heavy sleeper. But I blame the bump on your head. The potion is almost done. Relax. You'll be fixed up in no time." Malinda held a smile on her face as she loved to help those in need. But she hated the sour pusses that would be ungrateful of her help. She had a few in her time.

She hummed a little quieter to herself now. She was always shy on letting her tune be heard by others. Or At least him. He was a very attractive man and he gave her butterflies. She wasn't sure why. It could be because he was just very handsome. She walked over to one of her cabinets and opened it revealing all her herbs and bottles of premade potions. "Your cloths are almost dry. They were quite filthy when I found you on the shore. Took me by surprise." she giggled at the last remark she made. She remembered tripping over him and the surprise of how gorgeous he was combined. It sure did take her by surprise.

Mimi Angel of Love “Thank you, for finding me and helping clean me up.” James finally managed to say when he finally got the turn to speak. He wasn’t one to be rude to a lady. This is why I always have men on my ship. I don’t want to come off as a softy. He reminded himself as he watched her carefully seeing that she was very good with potion making. She’s a Witch. He thought as he began to hum a harmony to the melody she was humming not realizing that his humming was loud..

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Malinda grabbed one last herb from her cabinet and closed the doors. Walking over to her pot, she gently plucked a few dried leaves from the stem and placed them into the pot. "There. The last ingredient." She whispered before returning to her tune. She began to clean up the kitchen as she heard him humming along to her tune. She paused for a moment and glanced over her shoulder to look at him. Flashing him a soft smile and a soft shade of pink on her cheeks before returning to her cleaning. "I take it you liked my tune. It is a little catchy." She fought a flirtatious giggle. Malinda really wanted to giggle but she didn't want to be too forward. Handsome men were always a weakness for her.

She finished the last part of her kitchen, she heard the buzzer to the dryer. "That should be your cloths. Your welcome to fetch them. Or I can bring them to you as you finish cleaning yourself. I couldn't finish the job. You seem to refuse to stop swinging while you were unconscious. I gave up trying to clean you after you nearly gave me a black eye. I blame the wreck you were in. No harm done." She smiled as she placed a jar in the cabinet. It was at the very top shelf as she stood on her tip toes to place it in there. After she placed the last jar away, Malinda walked over to her brewing pot. It was finally finished. Grabbing a pair of over mits, she picks up the pot and strains the option into a jar. It had a soft purplish pinkish glow to it. She placed down the pot and took off the oven mits. Picking up the jar and a spoon, she scoops out a spoonful of the option and turns to the pirate. "One spoonful as needed. One should be enough for your minor cuts and bruises. I hadn't seen any deep wounds." She held the spoonful of potion out to him for him to take. She assumed he would take the spoon from her as she looked at the jar as she placed it down on the counter. Closing the lid on it she hummed softly to herself. She was really favoring her newest song and she wasn't sure why. She hadn't loved anybody for it to be dedicated to someone. But she did like it.

Mimi Angel of Love James watched the woman closely and when he heard the buzzer go off he shrugged and listened to her go on about how she tried to clean him up but he wasn’t being participative because he was out cold. His face blushed, “That’s why I woke up naked.” He said with a chuckle not knowing why he wasn’t going crazy on her. She is being so nice to me. He observed and then looked at the glowing purple stuff she had on a spoon. It smelled good so he went a head and took it and put it in his mouth. It was a minty flavored jelly which reminded him of the Jelly fish he had encountered in his adventures. He walked toward the buzzing machine feeling annoyed by the noise.

Once he took his clothes out of the dryer he took the robe not expecting that she would check on him. He slowly put on his breifs and slid his dark black shirt on. He was used to having a hook instead of a hand. Once he put his trousers on he draped his coat over his shoulder. He turned around not expecting that she would be standing in the door way.

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Malinda finished putting away the last jar. She walked about the kitchen cleaning up the last bit of dishes before checking up on the pirate. She blushed softly watching him dress. "Oh. I'm sorry. I thought you were going to dress in the bathroom of the guest room. My apologies." she turned around and walked out of the laundry room. She walked back into the kitchen looking around looking to see if there was anything else to do. She walked into the living room and picked up a book and sat down on the couch.

Mimi Angel of Love James eye were on her when she spoke but before he got the chance to stop her she had already gone on her way. He sighed, she is too beautiful to find someone like me attractive. He thought as he walked around and found himself at the entry way. He opened the door wanting to atleast see where he was because he had no clue. When he opened the door he saw forest but around the house was a whole lot of flowers. “It’s beautiful out here.” He said loud enough for Malinda to hear the tone in his voice that made it obvious that he wanted her to come out there.

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Malinda looked up from her book and over to the pirate. Smiling at his response to the outside of her home, she closed her book and walked over to the door. Standing as much to his side as she could to look outside with him. "The forest was here when I arrived, but the house and flowers I grew. It took me a long time to get it right but I managed to figure it out." She smiled as she looked at her flowers. Looking around she smiled softly as she loved how pretty the nature was here. Even in the land of Oz you couldn't find a forest this lovely. She sighed as she thought to herself.

Mimi Angel of Love James looked at Malinda and couldn’t help but to smile because he really liked how smooth and soft her voice was. “My name is James Hook..” He finally introduced himself thinking that it was only fair seeking to the fact this woman was kind enough to take care of him. Then that was when Smee came to mind again. I have a feeling I can trust this woman and I recall her saying something about only finding me which means that Smee has to be looking for me or waiting for me. He thought then snapped back to earth. “Am I the only Pirate you saw?” He asked just wanting to be sure that was what she had said earlier.

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Malinda looked over to the handsome pirate. She held a soft smile on her face. Oh my......We are getting on to a first name knowledge? Oh my..... She was silent for a moment, a little hesitant to give her name. She tried to keep names out of the encounters she had with people. It helped keep any attraction or desire for anyone to come back at a very low percentage. The one person she swapped names with is obsessed with spells from her and comes back constantly for continous help because he can't seem to have anything going right for him and seriously thinks magic will solve his problems. She looked out to her flowers for a second before looking back to him. "M-Magicson. Malinda Magicson. And why yes, you were the only one I had seen. Were you not alone?" She now felt confused. Had I missed somebody?? She picked up her arms and placed her hand and her upper arms holding onto herself for comfort. She felt a little nervous now. Knowing each other's names and feeling like she had made a mistake. Feeling like she missed someone on the beach that may be of importance to this man. Possibly a woman? A child? A friend? Family?? She did not know.

Mimi Angel of Love James smiled hearing her answer and he could tell that Malinda wasn't the type of woman to get on a first name basis. He could see that she felt guilty as soon as he asked about if she had seen anybody else. "Malinda, I was with my crew but that storm hit and I'm just worried about my buddy Smee." He said touching her shoulder gently with his hand. He didn't want her to think that he was going to be an ass hat about her not knowing there were others. "If you don't mind it, would you be kind enough to help me find him? You don't have to use magic I just don't know it around these parts and you seem more accustomed to your surroundings." He looked at her with his pale eyes hoping that she would help because something about her seemed different than the other women he had met.

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Malinda flinched slightly under his touch. She wasnt used to that kind of contact. But she held a soft smile on her face as he was being so kind with her. She looked over to him and nodded. "I can do my best. I do have a map of the land if you would like. I have enchanted it to place dot on the map locating where you are in the hands of the the one that holds the map. Ill show you how it works. It can also help you find anything it is that you are looking for." Malinda turned around and walked over to her book shelf. She reached as tall as she could before standing on her tip toes to get the scroll down. "Here. This is the map of Wonderland. This is where we are." She pointed to the map of a tiny glowing blue dot. "It only has one dot on it as i am the one holding the map. If you are looking for something or possibly some one, the map can locate a section of the map of where they have recently traveled in the past hour. It will not pin point exactly where it or they are, but it will give you a general area. A red circle ring will show on the map as to wher you can find it. It helps to have something of the thing or person you are looking for to make the circle smaller rather than larger." She placed the map down on the table that she stood next to and picked up a dead flower that once was purple. She plucked a small petal from the flower and placed it on the map. "Now, when you are wanting to search for something, all you say to the map is I am looking for........can you show me where it is? You fill in the blank as to what you are looking for and the map will do its best to find it. Like this- I am looking for more of this flower, can you show me where it is?" The map began to have multiple red rings glowing on the map showing the many locations that the particular flower cn be located in. Malinda looked over to Hook. "The brighter the glow, the more recent it has been since the object has been there. You can have this map. It will help you find anything you are looking for and it is sure to keep you from getting lost." She rolled it back up and handed it to him. "It is a gift from me to you. No charge." She smiled.

Mimi Angel of Love James watched how the map was interacting the exact way she explained and then he looked at her with wide eyes. "Thank you, Malinda." He said just as he was about to take her hand and kiss it someone was pounding on the door which made him jump slightly.

At the door were two loons by the names of Francesca and Robin who always loved getting help from Malinda. "We know that you're here Malinda." They both said in unison.

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Malinda had a soft blush to her cheeks when hook took her hand attempting to kiss it. That was until she heard the two pests at her door. She took a deep aggravated and annoyed sigh as she rolled her eyes. Malinda straightened herself out before answering the door. "Can I help you two?" She asked in an annoyed tone. Malinda really hated these two.

Mimi Angel of Love James watched Malinda's tone epically change when she opened the door revealing a creepy looking couple that seemed to be very angry. He decided that it would be best to test the map out so he said silently, "Show me the Jolly Rodger." Once he said that a red circle popped up. Well I have to keep that in mind for another time.. He thought to himself as he thought about Smee and how worried the poor guy must be. "Don't worry Smee I will find you." He muttered before his attention went back to Malinda and her clearly unwanted guests.

"You must have placed a curse on me because I can't seem to get the guy's attention." Francesca said as her face turned red with anger. "How could you do such a thing?" She asked looking at Malinda and then she took notice of James. "I see you got a husband while you were waiting for the curse to work." She pointed James out.

Robin didn't get to say what he wanted to because he was afraid of James glare that he was currently receiving. "I think I ought to go." Robin said quickly and ran off when he noticed the hook where James other hand should be.

James approached deciding to play along with what Francesca was saying, "Honey, is this the woman you always tell me about?" He wrapped his arms around her, hugging her from behind. His breath warm on her neck. as he whispered. "Play along so she can go away. I already scared the man."

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Malinda stood with her arms crossed as she listened to the woman complain for like the hundredth time. She got pissed with her constant assumption that Malinda was purposely cursing her when it was all on the woman. Malinda lifted her hand pointing at the woman getting ready to go off on her when she felt arms wrap around her. She brought her hand back as her cheeks turned a hot red color. She felt James breath on her neck as he toyed with the womans thoughts. Play along? Oh my. She could feel goosebumps forming all over her body. Malinda leaned her head back to get close to his ear to whisper to him. "She isnt so easy to scare like him apparently. If anything this will just provoke her to stay." Malinda looked back to the woman and sighed heavily seeing she was still there. "Look honey, like ive told you a million times, its what you do that seals your fate, not me. And him....." pointing up to James "........ive had him before you showed at my door. He has just returned from working over seas. Now, what can i do for you today that isnt like any other time youve been here?" Malinda groaned in frustration. But she hoped that he didnt get any closer to her face or she was going to be tempted to steal a kiss. She leaned her head back again to get a decent look at him to speak to him. "Why dont you go wait for me in the kitchen dear, or could you get dinner started while i handle his......client." she gritted her teeth with the last word.

Mimi Angel of Love James thought about it and smiled gently, "Okay hun," He kissed her neck teasingly knowing that at some point later she would be wanting an actual kiss. He walked out of the room not able to hear all that was going on for the moment. He shook his head, No reason to eavesdrop. He thought knowing that if it were something that she needed him for that she would just call him back out. Meanwhile, he takes out stuff and starts to cook some spaghetti.

Francesca watched as James walked out, "He's a fine slice you got there." She starts as her tongue licked her lips. "Why don't you just give me him since I can't have the guy I'm after?" She asked looking at Malinda with curiosity in her eyes.

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Malinda was a little relieved that he agreed to go but what he did sent chills and goosebumps all over her body. She tried hard to not turn around to watch him walk away. She saw the woman lick her lips and glared at her comment. The next thing she said really pissed off Malinda. Shadows formed around her eyes as she grew angry. "Excuse me?!" She shouted. "You come banging on MY door demanding fod ME to come up with a spell too force a man to want you, you screw up the spells, BLAME me, and now youre demanding for MY HUSBAND?! I dont know who you think you are but youre messing with a higher force that can fuck your life up so id better watch it if i were you! You better watch your tone! Hes MY husband and he is NOT going ANYWHERE!!" Malinda glared at her as she shouted. She was furious and very annoyed. As she spoke, she was very expressive with her hands. During the points where she was extra expressive, she made some very intense gestures.

Mimi Angel of Love "Why do you need a man anyway?" Francesca asked looking at Malinda seeing that she was clearly getting to her. She was watching her carefully noticing the way she made gestures seemed to make magic spark out.

James could hear Malinda from where he stood cooking dinner. He was just straining the spaghetti when he decided to listen in hearing her say that he is definitely not going anywhere. I wouldn't mind being with her once I find Smee and get to know her a little better. He thought as he continued with what he was doing.

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Malinda took a deep breath calming herself. If she got any more eorked up, she would end up chanting a curse or ddoing something she would end up paying for later. She was quite glad though that the woman didnt want proof or provoke more convincing proof. She looked at her and just scowled. Squinting her eyes as she spoke calmly. "My reasons for needing a man is nothing you need to know. Now, figure out what you want of me, and deter from the idea of having my husband. Or, you can leave and quit wasting my time."

Mimi Angel of Love "You know what I'm still not convinced that you are married." she pointed at Malinda and noticed that there was no ring on her finger."where is that wedding band?" She asked now picking to continue the pursuit on getting James.

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Malinda crossed her arms. "You sure have very little knowledge on witches and how witch craft is done. Wearing those gold bands, or those silver or bronze or any other usual material typicslly used in creating wedding bands affect casting in a more negative way rather than a more positive way. When casting spells, hexes, curses, cleansing, or any sort of craft takes to using certain materials or one can mess up the craft completely and it can back fire very badly. So, i do not wear a band. Marriage is a spiritual bond and promise. There is no need to any papers or materialistic property to sybolize the love between two people. It is a spiritual connection between two souls that can not and should not be paraded about by and object publicly. Its a spiritual connection that should be kept between tne two souls that are bound and promised to each other in the privacy and comforts of their living space and between them. Not anounced to the world. It is No Ones business but their own. Now, are you done wasting my time mortal?"

Mimi Angel of Love James was plating the food when he heard Malinda defending herself while talking about her beliefs when it comes to marriage and things. Once he was done, he walked the food to what looked like a dinning area and just set the plates down. He then decides that it is time to intervene between his "Wife" and the woman that was harrassing her.

"Honey, dinner is ready time to eat." He sighed feeling annoyed that he wasn't able to speak to her about random things.

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Malinda felt her cheeks turn a soft shade of pink as James called to her. She still wasnt going to be used to that. She was glad that it was just for the moment to be rid of this woman. Looking this woman in her eyes. "Now if you dont mind, its dinner time and i am going to eat. Be gone from my property or so help me i will curse you." She grumbled to the woman trying to be civil but quickly losing her patients. "I dont need to prove anything to you as well as i dont have to help you." She turns around and walks to the table hoping the woman would leave. Malinda really didnt want to cast a curse, it makes her age, and she hoped the woman would drop the topic. She had no idea what she would have to do to prove to this woman that this man was her husband. Well, pretend husband. She wasnt sure how comfortable James was with it all or how far he would take it just to help get rid of the woman.

Mimi Angel of Love The lady came in and closed the door behind her. "I'm not quite convinced because for all I know you can be paying him to do this for you so that I can just go away. " She looked at Malinda not caring that the woman could easily beat the shit out of her with no remorse.

James could hear Malinda and the other room. He shook his head and came into the room with the friendliest face he could manage. "She has proven enough that I am her husband. I demand that you get the fuck out of our house because I'm not afraid to lay my hands on a woman that is not welcomed by my wife." He was firm and wrapped his arms around Malinda wanting to keep her from beating the shit out of people.

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Malinda was walking toward the dinning room table when she heard the woman continue. She turned around and glared at this woman. Darkened shadows swarmed around her eyes as her pale skined shadowed over slightly. She was about to utter something under her breathe but heard James enter the conversation. She felt his arms wrap around her and smirked at his response to the woman. Malidas mind was slowly reverting to the darker parts of her mind as she smirked devilishly to this woman. "I dont know James dear, she sure does want proof." She chuckled deeply. She had a dark echoe to her voice as she looked at this woman angerly.

Mimi Angel of Love The woman looked at Malinda and James in confusion for a moment until the words that were spoken seeped into her mind clearly. She slowly started to back away from the situation seeing a dark cloud forming in front of her.

James looked at Malinda and could tell that she was beyond done with this woman. He could hear her dark chuckle which started to send chills up and down his spine. Damn! He thought moving one of his hands down to his private so that she wouldn't be poked.

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Malinda didn't notice James's little excitement. She was now ready to toy with this woman. She wanted a show, well she can have one. "Oh why the rush sweety. Don't you want your proof? Oh wait no that's not what you came here for. Oh ho ho I'm sorry." She held her devilish smile as she chuckled. She slither out of James arm and slithered over to the woman. Her hips now held a natural flirty sway to them as she approached her. She took her hands and gently grabbed her wrists. "You came here for a spell. What was it that you wanted? Oh that's right, you wanted to get the guy right? Well come....siiit sit sit sit sit." She gestured her hand over to the door that led to the garage where she kept her casting room. She glanced over to James noticing a small change in his mood. The shadows lightening up around her eyes slightly as she gazed upon James, looking him into his eyes. "James?" She whispered. "Are you alright dear?" She looked at him comtently and curiously, holding a slight worry to her gaze.

Mimi Angel of Love The woman sat in the casting room not knowing what was going to happen but for some reason she lost all fear and thought to leave. She waited patiently not noticing that her persona changed just by looking at James.

James looked at Malinda in utter amazement as his mouth dropped open slightly. He couldn't believe how quickly she could flip a coin to be the sweet gentle kind woman that he had met a few hours ago. Malinda is one hell of a woman. He thought as he moved his hand away from his private. He hoped to the heavens that she didn't notice that his hand was trying to hide his arousal.

"I could ask you the same question. I hope that you don't mind that I did actually cook for you." He said his stomach rumbling a little because he was waiting patiently for her to be done.

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Malinda looked to the woman and then back to James. She looked to the table and she felt a soft flutter in her stomach. "That was very kind of you. It looks delicious." She looked to her casting room and shrugged her shoulders. She figured if the woman sat there long enough that she would just leave. She turned to the table and walked over to it and gently sat down and waited for James to join herm She hadn't noticed his excitement as she felt a little light headed from nearly losing her temper. Malinda felt quite glad that James was there to distract her. "I apologize for the scene I made. That doesn't happen often. I'm much more collected over my temper than that."

Mimi Angel of Love "It was not an issue at all Malinda. I am just glad I wasn't the reason for the temper that's all." James said trying to ease her mind a little as he finally winded up sitting down across the table from her. "You know I can always make you a business hours sign once we find Smee that way you can get your rest because you look like you're down right exhausted." He mentioned because he noticed that in her actions.

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Malinda watched him as he sat down. "That's very kind of. That would be nice but many don't listen. I am a little exhausted. But not for the reason you think. I use up a lot of energy when I lose my temper like that. Even more so if I actually follow through. I've blacked out before from it so I've gained quite a lot of control over it." He was a very kind man, not to mention a very attractive man. Her cheeks began to blush as she thought about the idea of them kissing. She was afraid that the woman was going to push to see that.

Mimi Angel of Love James finished eating the meal that he made for the two of them and headed into the kitchen so that he could go and do the dishes and take care of everything so that she wouldn't have to think about all of that. "You know I was so tempted to kiss you before she flared your anger but I got very hungry. I'm thankful at least I followed my gut you looked like you were about to kill her to be honest." He said while putting all the dishes in strainer.

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Malinda finished not much longer after he did. She saw him cleaning up and thought she would help. She appreciated his kindness but she felt that she should at least help. After all, he is a guest in her home. She was in the process of placing left overs away when he mentioned kissing her. She paused in the middle of placing the containers in the fridge. Malinda glanced over to him with a gentle blush on her face. She tried everything to keep her composier as she listened to him contently. "W-well, i wouldnt say kill, more like a pretty nasty curse but..........w-why were you um, tempted to kiss me?" Her cheeks brightened up even brighter becoming noticable as she thought about him kissing her. She tried to picture how he would have or even what he would have done. She quickly shook the thoughts from her mind as she continued with what she was doing. Walking over to the sink, she picked up a rag, dampened it, and walked over to the table. She bent over slightly over the table as she began to wipe it down. "Thank you for dinner by the way. Youre a very good cook. When did you want to go find your friend? Sun should be setting soon. I hope your friend is alright out there. It can be a pretty strange land if yoire unfamiliar with it. Do you think he is alright?" She quickly tried to change the subject. She wanted to stop her thoughts from wondering to kissing him. She could feel the warmth coming from her cheeks and she couldnt figure out why she couldnt control her thoughts. She never had a reaction like this to any man before.

Mimi Angel of Love James was finished with what he had been doing when he saw her wiping down the table. "To answer your question about my temptation to kiss you is because I find you remarkably, beautiful." He walked toward her and raised her head up to look into her eyes. "You're blushing." He pointed out with a smile on his lips before he leaned forward to kiss her only to stop one inch from her lips. "I think Smee will be okay but I wouldn't mind going out to look for him." He finally said backing up a bit blushing because he almost kissed her.

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Malinda focused her thoughts momentarily on his friend Smee when she felt his gentle touch on her chin. She gazed into his eyes as her cheeks turned two shades darker to his complement and even darker as he pointed out her blush. She found herself leaning in as he moved close to kiss her but stopping just before their lips met. Biting her bottom lip gently she held back a soft whimper to him stopping. She lowered her head gantly finishing whiping the table before straighting up. She caught his gantle blush and giggled softly. "Well, thank you. I find youre quite enchanting myself." She cupped her hair behind her ear gantly as she turned around. Trying to hide her even darker cheeks. She couldnt believe she said that out loud. "Is there anything else i can do to help you find your friend? Your welcome to bring him here for a warm meal. He must be hungry. I can prepare him a meal." She really wanted to kiss him now but she knew he had to find his friend. That was more important at the moment. Affections and attractions can wait another day, hoping there will be another day. A soft smile grew on her lips as she hoped to see him again.

Mimi Angel of Love James listened to her and nodded, "I think I will be using the map that you have given me in order to find him. I'll be sure to come back." He replied clearly not wanting to take her away from her everyday lifestyle.

With that in mind he takes her hand and kisses it gently," Until I see you again." He said before leaving her home to find Smee.

((Leaves to go find Smee.))

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Malinda had a soft smile as she liked the idea of him coming back. She would be glad to see him again. He rosy cheeks relaxed as she went to place the damp rag down on the table when James approached her. She watched him reach for her hand not resisting him at all and blushed when he gave it a kiss. A soft shy smile grew on her face as that made her stomach flutter with butterflies. Watching him leave to go find his friend, she gently bit her bottom lip. She sighed happily as she picked the rag back up and walked to her kitchen. Tossing it gently in the sink, Malinda walked to her casting room to see if the woman had left yet. She hoped she did. Malinda just want to relax for the night and maybe go swimming in the ocean and gaze up at the night sky, watching the stars shine.

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