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Mimi Angel of Love The deeper that Isabella got in the forest the darker it got. Nothing is going to happen. She thought as she couldn't hear anything that would potentially harm her. She continued her journey and started to hum a melody so sweet and lullaby-like. She liked to call the tune "Unconditionally". As she walked she could tell that she was getting closer to the castle.

Mimi Angel of Love ((Leaving thread for the time being))

Mimi Angel of Love Isabella had returned to the forest and just walked around until she found herself getting tired from all the traveling that she had been doing. She found a tree and decided to rest beneath it sending herself into a very deep sleep.

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Leo was wondering around lions forest. There wasnt much he could do besides wonder around and pass time. He hadnt noticed a girl sleeping by a tree. He let out a loud deep yawn letting out a sleepy growl. He grumbled and groaned to himself. As he walked around great quite a raucous.

Mimi Angel of Love Isabella was startled out of sleep when she heard Leo's sleepy growl and rubbed her eyes to make sure she wasn't just dreaming what she saw. That must be him. She thought as she could only see his right side as she heard him grumble and groan to himself. He must be lonely in his existence here. She heard her inner voice sound very sorry for him. She started to remember what the witch had said but still wanted to give the creature before her the benefit of the doubt.

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Leo kept wondering about as he was beyond bored. He hated so much that he was a lion. It made it hard to make friends. He found himself growing hungry as he began to search for food. Not long after he started sniffing that he picked up the sent of a wild rabbit. He followed it until he found where it was hiding. Leo chased the rabbit until catching it in his massive jaws. When he was a man, he was an average size gentleman standing about 5'9". But as a lion he stands at a height about 6'10". He was a massive half man half lion and his size alone scared everyone and everything away. Leo ate the rabbit casually as he sat down by a nearest tree. He didn't care that his muzzle was covered in rabbits blood. He had no one to impress. He can clean himself later.

Mimi Angel of Love Isabella got up off of the ground and sifted through the bag that she got from the witch. Should I change or not? She asked herself then quickly decided that no one would see her anyways so what would it matter. Once she was dressed she adjusted the dress making it smooth and pretty. She then made herself busy by looking for the Lion not realizing that he was sitting under a tree near by she winded up tripping over his legs.

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Leo wass relaxing by the tree as he continued to dislike himself and his form. He growled when he felt something trip over him. It hurt him slightly. He looked at the person on the ground and grumbled. "Well excuse me for being in your way. Do you not look where yoire going? I get that I'm disliked but this is unnecessary." He growled.

Mimi Angel of Love Isabella struggled as she attempted to get up. "Wow, you are very down on yourself when it comes down to people who don't have the slightest clue who you are." She looked at him with her eyes knowing that he wouldn't be used to a beauty such as herself popping up alone in the woods.

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Leo stood up and dusted off his legs. He grumbled to himself as this woman looked at him. She was the prettiest tning he has seen in years. "Hmf." He grunted her way and began walking away. The last woman he encountered cursed him. He didnt want to risk things getting worse. "I dont know what youre doing in these parts but it isnt safe here. Not even around me." He didnt want to threaten her or warn her but due to all the negative things that came his way made him a very angry liin and he did not like the sight of people any more. But those who werent human never showed him any discomfort. So far that is. He didnt trust a person any more.

Mimi Angel of Love Isabella listened to him hearing that he was frustrated and grumpy, "I'm here because I don't have anywhere else to go for one." She answered and frowned, "I can't believe how grumpy you seem to be. I'd think that someone would be somewhat happy to see someone else."

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He snorted heavily her way as he continued walking. "Yea, well the last many people i have encountered have not made me happy to see any. I dont like your kind." He did wish for company but he just couldnt trust normal people any more. So much hatred came his way being a lion and he didnt want any more. He dusted himself off as he walked.

Mimi Angel of Love Isabella caught up with him and boldly stood in front of him. "Please listen to me, yes I find you grumpy but the thing is I believe that everyone deserves kindness. If you don't like my kind so be it. But please give me a chance. I'm not from this land. I am new to this land and I don't have anywhere else to be."

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Leo found himself stopped in his tracks by gentle force. He crossed his arms and starred down at her. He had a grimace look on his face as she spoke. "And why should i give you that chance? Give me one real good reason to trust in your kind, or, you for that fact? Give me one good reason why i should give you that chance out of everyone that i have has given me good reason not to." He knew he was coming off as an ass but he was so tired of being hurt and betrayed and lied to. He just didnt have faith any more. No hope. Or even dreams for that matter. He hasnt had a pleasant dream since he was cursed. Only nightmares. That only made Leo had the wicked witch that much more. If he had the chance, he would rip her throat out. Leo would show her a furosious lion since thats what she turned him in to. He would give it to her straight and wouldnt second think it.

Mimi Angel of Love Isabella looked up at Leo, "You want to know why I think I deserve your trust?" She asked rhetorically before telling him the full truth in how she ended up in Oz in the first place. "Mind you I was guided to some witch who wants me to do something that I could never do to someone." She started to say then looked down at her feet. "She wanted me to hurt you because she said this and that about you being this awful person. And you know what I gave you the benefit of the doubt because I want to know both sides of the story before I do anything. I really don't know what I want anymore. To be honest if I could go home I would." She looked at him her eyes filled with tears afraid that he would be pissed off and yell at her.

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Leos heyes filled with rage as he listened to why she was there in the first place. He dropped his arms down to his sides as his hands balled into fists. He fought a snarl as he looked in the direction of the witches castle. He was so pissed he couldnt see straight. "You were sent here to hurt me? How could you even begin to hurt me when there is nothing left to break?!" His voice was loud but he wasnt yelling. He was so pissed at the witch, it only made hi want to rip her throat out even more. "Im sorry to burst your bubble doll but there is nothing left to break here. Its as broken as it can be. I have nothing for you. And if thats your job, i dont suggest seeing that bitch after this because youre in way over your head. She isnt happy when her demands arent met. I know first hand as do many others." He was going to tell her to go home but she didnt have one and he didnt want to go there. That would just be rude and he wasnt that much of an animal. He still had his respect for things. He walked around her and continued on. "Im the wrong beast to be asking for advice. If i had any i would follow my own but im much more lost than you are toots. Youre better off finding someone better than me for help. I have nothing for you." After he walked around her, his voice went from angry, to hurt. She was an innocent girl caught up in bad people. He had no advice to give that would be able to help her. She was basically screwed and he didnt know how to help. He couldnt even help himself. He didnt want her falling hard like him or even down to his level of misery, and his ship is still sinking. He saw himself in her and it just broke his heart.

Mimi Angel of Love Isabella saw how he was reacting to what she had said, "May I ask you what happened? What did she do to you and why does it seem like you're not truly a lion? You look like someone who just lost all bits of humanity." She walked up to him and took his paw in her hand and noticed that he had a splinter in the palm part. With that she opened his paw and pulled the splinter out. "I don't care for advice." She said gently.

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Leo stopped in his tracks as he glanced over his shoulder glaring harshly at her. His anger wasnt directed to her but more or less toward the longing memory that haunts his dreams. A snarl came fro his lips as he thought back to what the witch did to him. "Thats because i have! She ripped it away from me!" His voice was angry." He watched her approach him and took his paw in her hand. He tried to ynk it away but she didnt let go. "Ow!" He barked as he felt the splinter being pulled from his paw. It pinched a little. Leo yanked his paw away to look at it to see what she had done and noticed she pulled out the aching splinter he had in his paw for weeks. Opeing and closing his hand he felt the relief he hadnt felt for awhile from that little pain in the neck. He didnt remember where it came from but he was glad it was gone. He looked at her with a harsh confused and curious gaze. "Why are you being so nice to me? Why arent you running away?" He couldnt understand. After as much as he has been an ass to her, she was still standing there. He thought that she was either that nice, or just down right stupid.

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