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Sarah sat in her castle looking through her glass ball. She looked for anyone she could possible trick into servatude. She loved having servants in her castle to control at her will. She loved making them do awful things. She did see a new and strange girl walking about the yellow brick road. "Come my pretty. Come to me. I see you are filled with desire. Come to me aand i shall help you. Come my pet, come my way." She whispered as she rubbed her magic crystal ball. She chuckled softly to herself. This is going to be fun.

Mimi Angel of Love Isabella was at the top of the path and knocked on the door not expecting to see a bunch of flying monkeys answering it. "Hello, is there anyone here I can talk to?" She asked hoping that Sarah would come out or tell her to come in. Maybe, she can help me get rid of my brother's affections of me. I just can't stand the fact he just took advantage of me while I slept. She thought as she waited for an answer from inside the castle. She wasn't afraid of the place and couldn't quite understand why the munchkins seemed to act like she is the Red Queen.Now I can admit, the red queen is a bitch. She added the thought.

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The flying monkeys jumped around and booted and hollered. On of them grabbed her wrist and pulled her through the castle and up the large stairs. He pulled her all the way the to top tower where the witch was with her crystal ball. After pulling her into the door he pushed her forward, not harshly, just enough to get her past the doorway and slammed it shut behind her. "Well, hello there. I saw you coming. How can I help you? You sure have come far to see me." She smirked.

Mimi Angel of Love Isabella stepped into the light knowing that it was quite dark where she stood. She heard the witch's voice and wasn't afraid because she knew that there were things far scarier where she had come from. "Yes, I have come a long way to get here." She admitted and she still felt energetic and awake. "I have come here from another land you see and my brother has taken a liking to me that I'm not very comfortable with. He is the reason I got Banished from my homeland and I just want him to stop longing me he is probably still thinking about me as we speak." Isabella actually started to cry because her memories were flooding in and without even noticing the witches Crystal ball had shown all of the memories she had with her brother. The vision overload had caused the ball to fall out of it's holster and roll about the table.

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Sarah chuckled softly as she watched the memories in her ball. She smiled at the idea of what she desired and longed for. "Well my dear, I can cast a very powerful spell for you. But it will cost you. I also need your help. I shall give you what you want if you do me one small thing." She watched the ball roll as it moved toward the girl. Slowly walking after it, she picked it up and placed it back into the table. She tapped the ball making it stop,its nonsense and rest for the time being. She stood by her table as she watch the woman who came to see her.

Mimi Angel of Love Isabella listened to what the witch had to say and her eyebrow raised slightly feeling curious about what task she would have in mind. She wiped her tears and looked the witch in the eyes seeing that something was cold in them. What could she possibly want me to do? She thought to herself. "What kind of task are you needing me to do?" She asked her because there was nothing else to really asked at this point.

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Sarah gently walked over to her as she looked her over. "Well, my lovely. You are a very lovely woman. I need you to break a mans heart for me." She walked around her circling her getting a good look of her close up. "You see, the reason is.........is because he broke mine. Long story short, i gave him a few good years of my heart and he breaks mine by leaving me for a fling." She walked back over to her crystal ball and leaned against the table. "I gave him my everything and he just cheats on me and leaves me for some fling. I was ready to spend my life with him and he just breaks my heart. I want him to feel the same pain i have. You do anything i ask of you, and you can have everything that you want. I think thats a fair price. Hows that sound?" Sarah gave her a soft smile as she waited for her answer. "The spell i can make you will work wonders. I say a little chant and the first woman he kisses, he will no longer desire you in the way you do not wish him to. He'll love you as his sister, no more, no less. He will be free to fall in love with any one else. Even if the first woman he kisses isnt his choice. He wont fall for them, it will just break that hold he has with you."

Mimi Angel of Love Isabella watched as the witch circled her and spoke of a man that she was once in love with until he left her for a fling. "That is just awful no body deserves that kind of pain. Things like that can leave a person torn for years." She said outloud as she thought about how bad she would want revenge if something like that happened to her. She nodded in agreement then confirmed, "I'm up to do the task so long as you promise there will be no funny business." She said meaning this better not be a scheme to get her killed. Remember, there are two sides to every story. She thought and then approached the witch, "What more do I need to know?" She asked.

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Sarah smiled to her happily. "Youll do it? Oh fabulous. All you need to do is win his heart and break it. Do what ever you need to do to win his heart and then crush it. I will send a man your way when you are ready to come bring you back to me. I will turn one of my monkeys into a man temperarily that will be your so called fling you will leave him for. And as you are gone, i will work on that spell for you and send you a message letting you know when its ready. I can promise you this, there is no funny business. Just this one task is all i ask and you shall have what you wish." She walked around the table and to her crystal ball. She tapped it with the tip of her middle finger gently revealing the area of the lion. "This is where you can find him. Dont be afraid on his appearance. He is cursed to appear as a lion. I cursed him hoping that was enough pinishment but he has grown to enjoy it and that doesnt work for me. Now you know where to find him, now go and do this for me. I most appreciate your kindness."

Mimi Angel of Love Isabella looked into the Crystal ball and saw the destination and thought, I was just briefly in that area. She thought to herself as she listened to the witch's words and then she nodded,"Do you know where I can get another pair of clothes?" She asks because she hadn't seen the Market City along the way. She looked at her and noted that her skin was green. Someone must have cursed her because she looks like she might have had an olive complexion. She thought but shook the thought out when she made eye contact with her.

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Sarah smiled and spoke a little enchanted riddle to her crystal ball. In it showed a little market filled with shops of all sorts. "Just follow this path and you shall find it. Whe you are ready to head on your mission for me, you shall follow this one and it will take you straight there. Now go, do as you need to and take as long as you need. I am in no rush my dear. And here, this pouch will give you anything you require to get the job done. Gold coins, hankies, a map, anything you picture in your mind. Picture it and reach in and you will have it. But it will only work as long as you work for me. It will stop its magic the moment you stop working for me." Sarah reach behind her and pulled out a sack that felt empty that was the size of a small over the shoulder wallet purse like thing. Sarah handed it too her and sent her on her way shooing her out the door.

Mimi Angel of Love Isabella listened to the Witch and remembered her instructions. Okay looks like I will have to go through the market to find clothes. She thought to herself before the witch gave her this bag and explained it to her. "Thank you." She said and was on her way out the door and down the tower steps. She could see the winged monkeys and knew that she was going the right way. She headed toward the Market city.

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