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These crossroads connect to all the lands. Right in the middle lies Wonderland. Oz and Neverland are Wonderlands neighbors. Though in between these lands is a large unchartted forest and unchartted water. The cross roads do not have any signs leaving the roads misterious and unknowing of where they lead to.

Mimi Angel of Love Isabella was dropped in this area by the Queen's men and she sighed in relief when they finally left her to do whatever she wanted to do. Thank you, Michael, for setting me free from your disgusting mind. She thought. She knew that Michael was trying to start a romantic fantasy between the two of them. She shook her head not wanting to remember the dreadful details of how the Queen had caught them while her brother was already doing things she begged him not to do.

She watched which way the queen's men went wanting to make sure that she didn't go back in that direction. She sighed, There are no signs here. Which way should I go? She thought then, something in the back of her mind told her to take the left path.

Mimi Angel of Love ((Leaving the thread))

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