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message 1: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Shabinaw (sharon_shabinaw) | 2 comments Hello,

I'm just now starting to get into Goodreads and figuring things out. I wrote my first book last year and then suffered a heart attack, but am now really starting to get back into the marketing - which is a full job in itself! I saw this group and thought it would be great place to connect.

Hope to talk soon!

message 2: by Valarie (new)

Valarie (turbochargedgranny) | 2 comments First of all, Sharon, welcome! I, too, am a newbie to this group. I also want to wish you continued recovery and improved health. I'm still putting together two family memoirs, and welcome the feedback and support this group can offer. Yes, writing is the first step, but then the marketing will be the next, and that's one reason I joined up here.

Take good care,


message 3: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Shabinaw (sharon_shabinaw) | 2 comments Thanks Valarie for the warm welcome! Hopefully, we can all help each other!

I have my first Free GIVEAWAY starting tomorrow, anxious to see how that works and goes!

message 4: by Matt (new)

Matt Szychowski | 4 comments Hello Valarie and Sharon, I just joined goodreads yesterday. What are some of the best features of the site that you've found thus far?

My name is Matt Szychowski. I had just self-published my first children's book "The Flaming Lemming".

“The Flaming Lemming” is a story that teaches an important lesson in naivety, demonstrating what can happen when one is too trusting without considering all of the circumstances. The main character, a lemming who can shoot fire from his hands, becomes convinced by the wily town troublemakers to use this power that he possesses for ill intent. In the end he learns about discernment in placing trust in others and the harm in doing so recklessly.

My book is available on

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