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message 1: by Lindsay (last edited Oct 19, 2016 12:28PM) (new)

Lindsay (deletrea) | 55 comments Title: Call of Duty Black Ops III Collector's Edition Strategy Guide
Author(s) name(s): Phillip Marcus, Thom Denick, Jason Fox,
Maps Created by: Rich Hunsinger
ISBN (or ASIN): CE ISBN: 978-0-7440-1645-1
Publisher: DK/Prima Games, a division of Penguin Random House LLC
Publishing Date: 2015
Format: Hard Cover Book
Book Description: (Taken from back of book packaging)
"The Ultimate Collector's Edition Guide!
Campaign* Walkthrough; Step-by-step through the entire game from start to finish. We provide maps and strategy for every objective, and identify when and how to achieve all Accolades and Collectibles along the way.
Detailed Map: We have charted all critical locations for the Main Story Campaign. Out Multiplayer section features an objective map, as well as a grid map and distance gauges to critically evaluate all range information in the guide.
Complete Arsenal: Critical stats and damage charts for every primary and secondary weapon. Dominate your opponents in Multiplayer!
Multiplayer Modes: Expert advice for lone wolves of team players, and in-depth breakdowns of the new Specialist, Weapons, Attachments, Equipment, Perks, Scorestreaks, Game Modes, and more!
Plus: Zombie Mode tours, Achievements, Trophies, and Secrets! Covers Playstation 4, XBox One, and PC"

Page Count: 239

Link to cover: Amazon: This is the correct cover. The ISBN listed by Amazon does not match the physical book I have in my library. I can provide a photo of the cover and publishing info page if needed.

I have a physical copy of this book. It is a guide that comes with access to an eGuide inside. The ISBN listed is the one that comes with the book. Amazon has it assigned to a different ISBN. I can provide a copy of the cover upon request in scanned PDF format.

message 2: by Dobby (new)

Dobby (dobby0390) | 3671 comments The book was already in the GR catalog, though the author name was incorrect. I found it with an ISBN search: Call of Duty: Black Ops III Strategy Guide

I have updated the listing with edition information that you provided, verified by the WorldCat listing. I got the cover from WorldCat; it is different from the Amazon cover shown for the same ISBN.

If your cover is different from the one I added, let us know.

message 3: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay (deletrea) | 55 comments It is different. It is also a collectors edition. The cover is all black. when I put the ISBN listed in this post into the goodreads search, it did not come up with that book. It came up with a different edition. I can take a picture of the cover and the back description and send it somewhere if needed.

message 4: by Dobby (new)

Dobby (dobby0390) | 3671 comments In that case, we can add an alternate-cover edition with the information you provide. You can add your own .jpg or .gif image to the photo section of your profile: A librarian will copy it from there, and then you can remove it from your profile if you wish.

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