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An opportunity to gain exposure and sales

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message 1: by Joshua (new)

Joshua Grant | 25 comments Greetings! My name is Joshua Grant, author of horror novel Pandora, and I wanted to offer all independent authors (and readers) a unique opportunity. On my site, there’s a section called Avid4 that’s designed to bring independent authors together and help them gain exposure and potentially make book sales.

Here’s how it works. Authors who join are asked to purchase 3 books from other posted authors once a year. This is entirely on an honor system and you will not be hassled, but I do expect people to be honorable and support each other (it can literally cost you less than a cup of coffee to make a difference for someone else). I will also honor your presence on Avid4 by buying at least one book from an author each month, as well as highlighting a different book every week! You’ll know I bought your book because I’ll send you a photo of me holding it which I’ll post on the site. I humbly ask authors to purchase one of my books as well (which counts towards their three for the year).

Interested authors should head to and check out the Avid4 page. I ask them to give me their name as they want the public to see it, a 150 word maximum author bio or book description, and a link to their website or book description. I post this on Diabolic Shrimp for the world to see.

Good luck authors and I hope to see (and read) some of you on Diabolic Shrimp!

message 2: by Willow (last edited Oct 19, 2016 05:36PM) (new)

Willow Madison | 16 comments Damn, Joshua...that's a unique application of the pyramid scheme to indie publishing! I applaud you for this. No. I'm not being snarky or bitchy at all (as is my nature from time to time). I mean this in all's a brilliant marketing move that I'm clapping. And it will no doubt benefit many other authors as well.

Will there be categories for books or just a list by title and/or author? You mention a pic - I assume you also mean that ebook covers will be fine too.

Best of luck with this.


message 3: by Joshua (new)

Joshua Grant | 25 comments Thanks Willow! It is sort of a pyramid scheme, but an honest one. :) If there's space, I'll happily add a picture of your book next to your bio. When I highlight a book each week, I'll simply post a picture of the novel with a link to it. When I buy a novel (or novels) each month, I'll take a picture of myself holding it or reading it. I'm not going to add genre sections for now since some people write in multiple genres. I may change this down the road if it's too chaotic for people to find what they like. Ultimately, it's my goal that authors can get at least a few sales through this that they wouldn't have gotten otherwise, and that we as authors can show our true support for one another.

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