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message 1: by Tim (new)

Tim Rees | 123 comments Recently I did a countdown promotion for Raw Nerve. Apparently I was very naive and didn't realise the promotion was only visible on Amazon's UK site. The result is I must have confused a lot of readers who use Amazon's .com site because the book was still full price there. To compensate I am going to organise another countdown promo on Amazon's .com site. So my question is: is a weekend or week day better for the countdown promotion?

I'd appreciate your experience, guys... Thanks

message 2: by Morris (new)

Morris Graham (morris_g) I think my worst sale time is Sunday. Interesting to note is that the highest internet traffic for the week is Monday 7-11 pm. (or so I've been told.) You can do one countdown sale per quarter per book on the US site, and one on the UK site. I tried to match them both by altering the GMT times so they both line up. I try to make the beginning sale time in the US in Eastern time about 6 am, when people are checking their email before going to work.

I combine countdown sales with ads.

message 3: by Tim (new)

Tim Rees | 123 comments Thanks, Morris. That's helpful.

message 4: by Christina (new)

Christina McMullen (cmcmullen) I've noticed that there isn't so much a time that's better than any other, but if you're planning to pay for advertising, grabbing a Thursday or Friday is helpful in that you will get some folks who don't check their emails until the weekend and they would be less likely to simply delete an unread promo email if it was current.

message 5: by Tim (new)

Tim Rees | 123 comments Thanks, Christina. I'd forgotten about Indies Unlimited's Thrifty Thursday!! :D

message 6: by Alex (new)

Alex Carver | 770 comments I discovered the thrifty Thursday promotion last week, not sure how good it is but it's free so no reason not to use it.

message 7: by Pauline (new)

Pauline Tim wrote: "Thanks, Christina. I'd forgotten about Indies Unlimited's Thrifty Thursday!! :D"

A few authors are doing a Halloween sale, running it over the weekend. We join in tweets, google + and goodreads events.

message 8: by Tim (new)

Tim Rees | 123 comments Hi Pauline,

Yeah, I think I did see a thread on some Big Weekend thingamajig. I think I'll just do a two day countdown for alone on Thursday and Friday next week. I haven't firmly decided yet as I'd like a review or two to come in for the UK countdown first, but I don't suppose that's terribly necessary...

message 9: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Connell (michelleconnell) | 39 comments How do you run a sale on the different countries? I don't even know how. (I'm also not very tech savvy)

message 10: by Tim (new)

Tim Rees | 123 comments Hi Michelle, I've learned by my mistake that I should have set up a countdown for and separately and set the campaigns to start at the same time by time zone... I ran a countdown campaign and paid for advertising in the States and UK and it only ran on Silly me :)

message 11: by Anna (new)

Anna Faversham (annafaversham) | 544 comments I've been running countdown deals for some years now and the set up usually goes fine, but this last time I got the dates wrong for the US - so don't get too cross with yourself, Tim. It probably happens to us all at some time or another.

I keep hoping they'll open up other countries for Countdowns. I worry that they'll fade them out.

message 12: by Tim (new)

Tim Rees | 123 comments Thanks, Anna and Charles. I feel a little less foolish!! :D

message 13: by Rosalinda (new)

Rosalinda Morgan (rosalinda_r_morgan) | 4 comments I have been running a countdown deals every so often. I like Friday to Sunday the best. I also prefer I tried but that did not produce any sales so I'm staying with I also do a lot of promotions prior to the countdown deal.

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