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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Childrens: A Girl and brother whos father died by drowning. Mom wants to sell the house but haunted by a Rat Man. Town has library where people write own stuff-no real books. Brother finds a comic about the rat man who really is the uncle. [s]

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Vicki (vicsterhamster) | 5 comments Its a children's book about a girl and brother whos father died from drowning. The family thinks it was suicide. The despondent mother wants to sell the family home (they live in an apt) for the money, but thing happen to prevent the sale from the mysterious Rat Man.The girl finds friends and wants to know why dad died. The town has a library where people submit their own writing and has no real books. The brother finds a comic book about or by the Rat Man, who is the tormented uncle who the father tried to save but ended p drowning himself. Cant remember title of book. Its not a series just a singular book

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Vicki (vicsterhamster) | 5 comments You ROCK!!!!!!! It is the book!!!! Thank you!!!

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