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Jamie Pritchard | 7 comments My unique collection of nasties, Dare to Read: 13 Tales of Terror is available for pre-order on amazon (release date Oct. 24th) - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M2XB4ZS

It’s my first foray into horror and definitely not my last!

So what sets this apart from other digital spooks floating around? Well, now that I have suitably prepared the stage for boasting, I’ll start by saying you’re going to be thrown about. Each tale is different from the ground up. The characters, their dilemma and fate have all been crafted to ensure there are no unwanted echoes. Nor will you find any overdone themes…*cough* Zombie apocalypse *cough*.

Studying a new species of parasite, chased by a vicious dog, diving to the deepest point on earth, these are inspired originals, and at the centre of each are people from all walks of life. But perhaps it’s best to offer a taster. The following is taken from the first story (Mr Tindall’s Magical Pier) in which protagonist Chris Paton is reading up on the one-time owner of this now abandoned fairground.

“He is of middle age but dresses a few generations ago. Looks turn into stares as a distinct gait advertises his person. The countenance is on the verge of smiling, a sign of one who knows how to enjoy the moment while keeping an eye on space for improvement. Strolling in between excited children he picks the right spots to approach and ask them what they think the best or worst ride is. Sometimes he finishes by telling them he’s the owner, gives them a wink and carries on, often looking back to see them bickering about whether that could be true. One-on-one he is the perfect gentleman though it is readily apparent, in his punchy replies, that he is a seasoned businessman who has bared his teeth to ensure his dreams become a reality. When our time is up he checks everything is right with his office and goes back out to pick customers’ brains. Some locals consider Charlie himself an attraction. He virtually lives in the fairground.”

Needless to say, Chris can’t stop himself from going back there to take photographs for his university project…

…I hope you’ll join him!

message 2: by Jamie (new)

Jamie Pritchard | 7 comments Officially out today! Woo!

Have a mooch at the preview.

message 3: by Jamie (new)

Jamie Pritchard | 7 comments A few decent reviews on amazon.com and uk.


Did I do good mummy?

message 4: by Jamie (new)

Jamie Pritchard | 7 comments Check out these little beauties!

Very tasty.




The horror will not stop...

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