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message 1: by Elle (new)

Elle W. (ellewsilver) | 15 comments Hi Everyone,
I am new here and would like to offer my free Beta services to anyone who is willing to give me a shot. I read Romance in just about any genre except Fantasy and I have a very fast turnaround time because quite frankly, I love a good story.
If your story is great and you want fresh eyes on it, I am very willing to lend you mine. Message me and we'll get started....

message 2: by Ramyani (last edited Oct 19, 2016 07:52AM) (new)

Ramyani Gayen | 4 comments Hi Elle,
Are you willing to work with a novel in progress? I have first 13000 words done ( 2 chapters) and have about 7 more chapters to go. Having someone commenting on my writing as I work will be really helpful for me. Please let me know if you are willing.
- Ramyani

PS. I just saw that you have mentioned you are not interested in fantasy. My work is based in fantasy, though the characters and their stories are more important than the fantasy part. Will you be be interested even though its fantasy based?

message 3: by Elle (new)

Elle W. (ellewsilver) | 15 comments Hi Ramyani,
Yes. I am interested in works in progress and I guess I can make an exception if the novel is more about the characters than the setting. In what format would you like to send it to me? My email address is

message 4: by Ramyani (new)

Ramyani Gayen | 4 comments Thank you for agreeing to give it a read. I sent it in .doc format by your mail.

message 5: by Suleiman (last edited Oct 23, 2016 05:55AM) (new)

Suleiman Ocheni | 8 comments Hi Elle,
I have an 82k word romantic mystery thriller which I need a beta reader for and was wondering if you would be interested. If you are, feel free to send me your email address. Thanks :)

message 6: by Elle (new)

Elle W. (ellewsilver) | 15 comments Hi Suleiman,
I would love to beta for you. Send it to me although I may not get to it until later this week if that's OK with you.

message 7: by Suleiman (new)

Suleiman Ocheni | 8 comments That's totally fine. Thank you! Also what format would you prefer it in?

message 8: by Elle (new)

Elle W. (ellewsilver) | 15 comments PDFd fine....

message 9: by Taylor (new)

Taylor Lowe | 51 comments Hi, Ellie

You still available? I have a romance that I need beta readers for.

It's a romcom romance with a bit of suspense and action with a gamer theme to it. It's about 60k words. If you can please pm me here or send me a e-mail at

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