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Nicola Pike | 1 comments I write under the name Nix Whittaker. I'm looking for someone that likes sci-fi and steampunk with a romantic element. It is a clean romance so no erotica. I'm looking for someone who likes books like Tamora Pierce or Jayne Castle like books. I write very quickly so please get hold of me as I will always have a new book on the go as I write 3 or 4 books in a year.

Any feedback would be appreciated but what I'm really looking for is someone that can get back to me fairly quickly (less than four weeks)

The Jade dragon is the third book in a trilogy but can be read as a stand alone.

Hara is an airship captain and her husband Gideon is a dragon. They have been summoned by the Jade Dragon Empress of the Han to sort out the rebels in her country. Gideon goes missing and no one knows who took him. The Fanatics who are desperate to mate with the Dragon Empress, The rebels dragons who just want to be free from the Empress and the humans who want to be able to rule their own country.

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Entrada Book Review | 214 comments Hi Nicola,

Our intern is interested in this type of book. Please send me the book and/or a sample and I'll have her check it out.



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