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Poet Truth (ocp4JAH) | 7 comments You're Invited to my table, Ocean C Poet's Poetical Passions

Hi I am Ocean C Poet, and this message is for the monitors of this group.
I am seeking permission to leave my information about my showcase,
Poet Table of Verse.
I look forward to your respond on this topic.

I am a poet, writer, animated graphic designer, I dabble in Film and I host the online showcase.
Poet Table of Verse. Poet Table of Verse, started in 2014,this is how long I have been showcasing people who want to share their gifts. I have started my showcase for 2016. I am looking for writers, poet, singers and artists to share their gift.

You may go to my YouTube page to check out the showcases, I have aired in the internet world.


Here are the links to m y websites, feel free to check them out.





If anyone in the group would like to give it a try, email me at:

I have always asked the people I showcased, to sign my permission slip.
This way we both be protected. I will not broadcast your showcase until you give me the go.
This take place in my zoom room, if you have a headset and access to the internet.
Join in at www.zoom.us

You will get the code to get in before your showcase.

If you would like to give it a try, and share your gift. Here is the Permission Slip, so I may share your three photos, and your compositions. I will asked you to provide, a public link to where your work is. I will also ask for 3 poems to go with your three photos, or the title of your art or your book information will be listed on The Poet Table of Verse website. Thank you for your time.

POET Table of Verses Permission Form You have been invited to share your gifts, at Poet Table of Verse or Poet 2 Tables of Verses. Ocean C Poet has collaborate this community of sharing, with his business plans. After receiving his business license, He can only hope, this world of Poeticness. Will open doors to positive changes and chances in your lives, as well as his. Poet Table of Verses is a very important organization. Only because, Mr. Ocean C Poet believe, whatever you create, was created.
To be heard and seen. The reason why this form was created. Mr. Poet's goal is to contact places, like he did, at tpt Minnesota. CNN, and other places who would broadcast your showcase. This is why you are being asked to sign this permission form. Television stations will not air your showcases, if you have not signed. A permission slip. Have any of you ever goggle, Mr. Poet's name? Your names and your showcases are affiliated with Ocean C Poet. Check it out yourself. As you know, the rules have changed since Mr. Poet added this community of sharing. As a part of Ocean C Poet's Poetical Passions LLC. This name is licensed. His animated videos, have spoken of the changes. Since receiving his business license, Mr. Poet's animated designs. Need as much space as possible, on his computer. This is why you were asked to pay $5.00 for your showcase. When Mr. Poet mail off your CD's to you. You will receive the video of your showcase edit and not edited. You will also receive the same photos on your showcase printed. And one photo print of you, on a 8.5x11 inch photo paper. You will also receive, a thank you gift from. Ocean C Poet's Poetical Passions. Below this line, sign your name, giving Mr. Ocean C Poet permission to showcase your work. Now and in the future.
Sign inside this box, your name and date. Copy it and send it back to me at: poetspoeticalpassions8@yahoo.com

POET TABLE OF VERSES, IS A PLACE TO VENT AND to SHARE YOUR GIFTS. The next generation and our youth, need to see and know There a place where they can express their poetical authority. OceanCPoet'sPoeticalPassionsLLC.
Thank you for sharing your gifts.

Inspire Poetically, You're Always welcome at my Table

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OCEAN C POET I am a poet, writer and host to the online showcase, Poet Table of Verse. Table of Verse, started 2014,this is how long I have been showcasing people who want to share their gifts. I have started my showcase in 2016. I am looking for writers, poet, singers and artists to share their gift. Here four links to the people I have showcased.


media@poetryfoundation.org, OCEAN C. POET

Today at 7:33 PM

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message 2: by Poet (new)

Poet Truth (ocp4JAH) | 7 comments Here is a showcase of the poet True Dupree, it is worth the watch, such strength and realness in his verse


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