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message 1: by Dominick (new)

Dominick Domingo | 19 comments Two of my books fail to appear on my Goodreads Author page, likely because the publisher failed to include my middle initial. I have no control over that but need these two books to show up on my author page. The two books in question are:
ISBN: 9781311536679

message 2: by Zoey (new)

Zoey  (rozannen) | 146 comments Moved to your profile

message 3: by Dominick (new)

Dominick Domingo | 19 comments Thank you!!
I am also one of five or so authors of 'Be There Now,' an anthology. The editor, Mike O'Mary did not include the authors' names ( apparently ) in the Goodreads profile. ( Grrr ) Anyway to link it? It would help Mike O'Mary and DreamofThings sell more books!
ISBN: 9780988439009

message 4: by Dominick (new)

Dominick Domingo | 19 comments Another way of putting it is this: An author page seems to exist for several books by Dominick Domingo. I go by Dominick R. Doming; no idea why certain publishers took the liberty of dropping the R., but they are failing to link to my newly fleshed-out author page at Dominick R. Domingo due to the discrepancy. Any way you could take a look at Dominick Domingo's books and link them to my author page? This was an error on the part of the editors/publishers! But I'm at a point where I want to put promotion in high gear and take full advantage of the author page on Good Reads!

message 5: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 24766 comments Added all 22 contributors to the 3 editions of Be There Now, it may take a little while to appear on your author page due to caching.

Not sure where you are seeing other books by Dominick Domingo, I could see only one & he appears to be an illustrator.

If you could link the books / author pages that you've found that would be helpful.

message 6: by Dominick (last edited Oct 19, 2016 09:31AM) (new)

Dominick Domingo | 19 comments Clearly I don't know how to 'link' the books, which is why I took the approach of posting in this forum ( based on info. in the 'Fix Your Book Listings' ) in the welcome Email after creating the author page. The only other way I can see to link a book is to create a new book entry, which then fails because the same books exist already. The problem here is that the middle initial was dropped by the editors/publisher so the books did not link.

Other than the aforementioned 'Choose Your Own Adventure' novel for which I was illustrator, I will be up to speed ( assuming the different editions of 'Be Here Now' eventually show up. ) There was another addition listed as a Dominick Domingo book that had an ASIN# in lieu of a ISBN # but it may be the same book, not different editions. ?

Thanks for your help!

Perhaps you could explain what you mean by 'linking' the books? I thought that's what we were doing here! :-)

message 7: by lethe (last edited Oct 19, 2016 09:40AM) (new)

lethe | 13747 comments Sandra meant posting the URLs of the other book or author profile pages you say there are. See for an example of a link the one Sandra posted in message #5.

message 8: by Dominick (new)

Dominick Domingo | 19 comments I posted each ISBN; the books show up with a quick search. The URL for the Dominick Domingo search I performed ( which currently yields 3 results ) is:

The author page that initially showed up ( with no profile pic and an 'Is This You?' prompt ) is no longer appearing, perhaps due to the fact that we are slowly rectifying the situation.

message 9: by lethe (new)

lethe | 13747 comments Sandra was responding to this:
Dominick wrote: "Another way of putting it is this: An author page seems to exist for several books by Dominick Domingo."

The only book by Dominick Domingo she found had him listed as an illustrator:

She was wondering what other books you had seen listed this way (apart from your own).

(Links are less work than ISBNs, since ISBNs need to be copied and then pasted into a new screen. Links open directly into a new screen. Saves several mouseclicks, which adds up over time :) )

message 10: by Dominick (new)

Dominick Domingo | 19 comments

As I said, the results have been thinning, perhaps because she's fixed the spelling? Properly linked the books? All is well now, assuming 'Be Here Now' eventually links, per her above mssg., and the fact that only one version of the Mischief Corner Books Quarterly links ( one entry has as ISBN and the other has an ASIN as I said above )

message 11: by lethe (new)

lethe | 13747 comments The link you posted in msg #8 (and copied in msg #10, which therefore doesn't work) shows only one book by Dominick Domingo (the illustrator), the other two are your books.

Searching for Dominick Domingo will also find Dominick R. Domingo.

Be There Now does now appear on your profile: (or is there another book named Be Here Now?)

Both versions of the MCB Quarterly link to your profile page, but since they are combined you only see the one entry.

message 12: by Dominick (new)

Dominick Domingo | 19 comments Awesome- all is well. Thanks for your attention. Be There Now had not yet appeared when the above correspondences were made; I noticed it the minute it appeared. And thanks for explaining that altho an ISBN version and an ASIN version of the Quarterly exist, only one appears. We have resolved the issues; but ( without repeating everything ) believe me that when I first took the advice in the Email and posted this thread, there was an EXISTING author page for Dominick Domingo ( without the R ) prompting 'Is this you?' and not a single book on it was linked to the proper author page ( Dominick R Domingo ) Apparently I did the right thing posting the thread, and thanks for your help working through the issues. No need to keep going round and round about it!

message 13: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 24766 comments lethe is just letting you know how GoodReads works for the next time you need assistance.

Glad the anthology made it to your author page Dominick :)

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