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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. 19 Year Old Man DATING a 13-14 Year old prostitute. [s]

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Ehries Jax | 2 comments I am looking for a young adult fiction story about a 19 year old man who is also a drug addict who meets this 12-14 year old prostitute girl. She is not ashamed of herself. She is possibly dating a mob boss or some type of thug as well. The young man I think is part of a band and him and his friends also do drug. He has prostituted himself before to get high. Does not like to do but will. They do flash backs to those scenes every now and then in the book. IF someone could tell me what the book is called that would be great. I think the cover was a dark color and the story is very wild and out there.

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Ehries Jax | 2 comments Figured it out. It is called Run The Game by Jason Myers.

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Ingo (ilembcke) | 617 comments For the click:
Run the Game by Jason Myers Run the Game

Skimming over the reviews I am not too sure wether I will add that to my TBR. Too much boring cuss-words (the same two used over and over again) made me dislike and nearly DNF The Martian, and I am not too sure, I will like this one, but may try it.
Thanks for this group, even though the OP figured it out herself (? or himself?).

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