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Liam An old manor.

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*piano room* -

A large room with floor to ceiling windows and a grand piano. The other wall has a floor to ceiling bookshelf, filled with Anice's books and Samson's compositions.

((I will edit this with the different scenes from different roleplays.))

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Samson sat at his piano, his fingers flying over the keys in a complex sonata. He closed his eyes and let himself be engulfed by the music, but then the sudden noise of a door opening shook through his concentration, causing his fingers to slip in a noisy clunk. "Do you mind?" he growled, without turning to see who it was. He spun around, but then saw it was his servant.

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Eliza flinched. "I am truly sorry...I just wanted to know if you needed anything?"
Asked Eliza quietly. She bowed in respect to Samson. Eliza enjoyed hearing the piano when he played..she wished she could play as well as he made Eliza happy hearing him play. She looked back up, and waited for Samson's answer.

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He sighed, then rolled his eyes. "No, I don't need anything. And if you really need something to do, this room needs dusting. And do it quietly, mind you." he glared at her, then scribbled down a few more notes on his composition before turning to the piano and resuming his playing again.

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Eliza glared daggers at him. She mimicked him speaking behind his back, silently so he wouldn't notice of course. Eliza abruptly marched out of the room to get a feather duster. She grabbed one then marched back to the room and began dusting, shooting Samson a glare every so often.

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He was deeply immersed in his music, but every so often he'd glance up at her., and she always seemed to glaring at him. Well, what do I care? She's just a servant. He sighed, then stopped playing. "What. Do. You. Want?" he demanded angrily.

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"I.Don't.Want.Anything!" She snapped back, stepping forward, her pan slamming against her leg, causing a large bang when it hit the daggers. She froze, then started stuttering "I-Um..Uh..." She said, then went back to cleaning.

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His eyes narrowed at her. "What was that?" he ordered. "Don't you dare turn your back at me! What was that noise?!" he yelled at her. "You're hiding something."

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She turned around. "It.Was.My.Leg!" She said. That was partially true, since it was her leg, but she didn't bother mentioning the weapons she had hidden, the pan and the daggers.

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He shook his head in disdain. "Lying won't get you anywhere." Oh, how he wished he had one of his guards with him then. "That most definitely didn't sound like you leg. Is you leg metal?" He gave a small chuckle. "I'll ask you again, and if you don't answer me correctly, its your job and pay on the line. What. Was. That?"

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Elizabeth rolled her eyes. "You know what? I really don't care if you-" she said, then stopped. Eliza slowly reached up into her skirt, and unlaced something. She pulled her hand back out and a garter lined with daggers was hanging in the palm of her hand. She reached in again and pulled out a pan. "There? Are you happy now?" She snapped.

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His eyes went wide, but he quickly calmed his surprise into a blank expression. "One question before I loose my sanity. Just why exactly are you carrying daggers with you?" He had always thought she was loyal. But now... he was going to consult Anice with this.

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"To protect Anice and yourself." She said. "It pains me that you think I would use them on you two." Eliza said before strapping the garter on and latching the pan to it, not so he could se though.

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"We have guards. You're just... a servant." He looked at her in suspicion. "Go get Anice. I need to talk to her." He glared at her. "But don't you try anything, or I swear on my grave, I will kill you with my bare hands."

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She shot a glare at him, then stormed out of the room, tears pricking at her emerald eyes. Eliza got halfway down the hallway before sinking to the ground, wiping her eyes, cursing, she stood back up, brushed her skirt off and began walking again, to find Anice.

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Anice was sitting in her room, reading a thick book of poetry and twirling her hair around her finger. A faint knock echoed through the large room. She set down her book. "Yes?"

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Eliza paused for a moment. "Lady Anice? S-Your brother..would like to discuss something with you. He requested that I came and told you." Said Eliza, rubbing her eyes. She adjusted her hair so small strands fell over her face, and made it a bit hard to see the red under her eyes from crying. It didn't look weird or anything though.

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Anice sighed and grumbled, "What now? Is it urgent?" She gave the servant a pleading look, not wanting to go downstairs in laziness. She noticed the girl was a little shaken. "Hey, are you okay?"

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"I do know know..He just requested me to speak with you.." said Eliza. "I would assume so, but I'm not sure" She looked at Anice. "I am fine, thank you.." said ELiza, she was surprised that Anice had asked this.

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The look of surprise on the servants' face was a look she had gotten many times, to her regret. She stood up, and made her way towards the door slowly. "Listen, if you're not feeling well, you should take the day off. You don't look so well." She gave her a small smile and walked down the stairs, the servant in tow.

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"I-I'm fine..." said Eliza with a fake smile. She slowly followed after Anice. Her dagger's felt heavy against her leg, so did the pan. She shouldn't have kept it with her, now Samson thought she was plotting something. ELiza WAS a fighter, but to them she was just a servant.

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Anice walked into the large piano room, he large purple eyes spotting an aggravated Samson sitting behind the piano, scowling. "What is it now?" she asked, looking at the servant behind her in an expression that read, Help me.

Samson glared at the two. "Oh, I don't know, ask her." He spat out the word in disgust...

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Eliza sighed. "I told you! It's for defense! To protect both of you when the guards can not!" she said, blinking back tears. ELiza refused to think that she could have even liked him the slightest bit.

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Anice gave them both a confused look. "Can someone please explain?"

Samson ignored his sister's question, his full focus on the servant. "What makes you think that you can protect better than our trained guards?"

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"Who says I'm not trained?!" she snapped. "You know nothing about me" said Eliza. "Absolutely Nothing"

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Anice rubbed her eyes and glanced back and forth at them. "What's going on?" She turned to her brother. "Sammy, what did you do?"

He glared at Eliza, then looked back at his sister. "She brings weapons on her person, and thinks she can keep them too protect us. More like kill us and steal our fortune," he sneered. Samson felt a twang of guilt for over-exaggerating the situation like this, but he needed an outlet for his anger.

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Eliza snapped. "You listen here!. YOU have no idea what it is like being me. I LIVE IN CONSTANT FEAR THAT I'M GOING TO BE KILLED!" she yelled. Eliza was shaking, her eyes a dangerous shade of green. She was always scared, mostly because someone is going to find out that her parents were outlaws and the sheriff was going to try and kill her or something.

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((Ooh what if she leaves and doesn't come back for a while and they go looking?))

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((Ooooooh that sounds intriguing yisssss))

Anice stared at them both in bewilderment. "Samson, settle down. And you..." she paused in realization that she didn't know her name. "Ermmm....." she rubbed her temples. "Just... take it easy. I don't want my servants going around screaming."

Samson glared at her. "You should fire her right now. Send her to the Sheriff. She deserves it."

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Eliza whirled around on the heel of her boot, she walked calmly towards the door, she opened it then slammed it shut, causing some music sheets to fly from the sudden gust of wind. Tears pricked at Eliza's eyes as she ran down the hallways, going to leave.

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Anice glared at Samson. "Look what you've done. You're a disgrace." She stormed out of the room, running after Eliza. "Wait! Please wait! I'm sorry!" She didn't like the impression she'd left, and didn't appreciate her own seeming attitude.

Samson sighed, then began to slowly walked towards the door. He gave an uncertain sigh, then started jogging after his sister.

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Eliza was already out the door. She started running again, then picked up the folds of her dress so she could run faster. The leather garter slipped down to her ankle and she tripped and fell into the dirt.

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Anice ran out with practiced movements, holding her dress as she tore through the halls. She sprinted into the garden, and upon seeing the servant on the ground, slowed to a jog. She stopped when she reached her, offering her her hand. "Are you okay? I'm sorry for the things we've said to you. I don't mean any of it, and I'm sure my brother doesn't either."

Samson watched from the large bay window. He always despised the way Anice was kind to the other classes.

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Eliza got up on her own. She dusted off her dress and looked at Anice. "I'm sorry. I'll be leaving now" said Eliza. "I'm sure you didn't mean anything..but.." she said, before turning around and starting to walk away.

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"I have your contract! Please don't leave before explaining yourself!" Anice called after her. "Please," she said, this time quieter. "I know my brother can be a pretty big jerk at sometimes, but that's not any reason to leave!"

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ELiza turned around. "I'm pretty sure I am not wanted here. Why be here if no one trusts me?" she asked, then turned around and disappeared into the shadows of the trees looming over.

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Anice jogged after her. "You're wanted here! We just had a misunderstanding!"

Samson stood in the doorway. "She's not coming back!"

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Eliza wiped at her eyes. She was mad at herself and Samson. Anice hadn't done anything..but...Samson..She just couldn't believe that she had liked him even the slightest bit..

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Samson strutted towards the two. "When will you ever get the message, Anice? She doesn't want to be here."

Anice shook her head. "Please stay."

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Eliza was already deep into the trees. She had taken off running after. Once Eliza was away from the manor, she leaned against the tree, reaching for a dagger, although the leather garter had fallen off.

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Anice stumbled on through the woods, trying to find the servant. I didn't even learn her name... She wasn't sure why she wouldn't just let the girl go, but something told her that she'd be worse off out there than she would be with them. She saw a form in the distance, then began to sprint towards it.

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Once Eliza regained her breath, she set off into the woods. She was going to go back to her grandparents house. They were right, she was just a foolish girl who should just stick to doing house chores for them. I'm so..stupid. Thinking that I- she thought, before shaking her head and continuing to run.

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((Omg what if he ends up feeling bad and goes looking for her at night and something/someone tries to attack him and she saves him? XD))

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Anice tripped, then let out a sharp scream of anger and pain as she fell to the ground. She glanced at her wrist, which burned with a fiery pain. "Samson!" she called.

Samson heard a harsh scream, then began to tear through the woods. "Anice?" He found his sister hunched over on the ground. "Are you alright?" He helped her to her feet and began walking her back towards the house. "It'll be okay. Did she do this to you?" Anice shook her head. They walked inside the house, and the search for the servant was forgotten.

A few hours later, Samson stared out the large bay window overlooking the forest. It was night now, and his guilt was overwhelming him. I shouldn't have yelled at her. I was too harsh. What if she really was trying to protect us? He swallowed, then threw on his coat and ran outside, into the woods. Ten minutes later, a dark figure ran behind a tree before him. "Hello?" he called. The figure turned towards him, then shot an arrow at him, narrowly missing his body. He drew his sword, ready to fight, but it was clear his skills wouldn't get him anywhere.

((Sorry for the long post))

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