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message 1: by Carl (new)

Carl Hackman (carl_hackman) Hi,

My name is Carl Hackman and I write Upper MG Fantasy novels. I have just signed a publishing contract for my debut novel 'GERALD AND THE AMULET OF ZONRACH'

I'd love to hook up with other authors and readers so please visit my website and social media pages and let's chat.

My website is

If anyone wants to guest post to promote their books let me know.

Best regards, Carl

message 2: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca Douglass (rdouglass) | 1662 comments Mod
Hey, Carl, cool about the animal rescue side of you :) And huge congrats on the contract.

El • Your Average Bibliovert Sounds interesting! I'll read it when I'm done with my other books!

message 4: by Carl (new)

Carl Hackman (carl_hackman) Thank you :)

message 5: by Carl (new)

Carl Hackman (carl_hackman) Hi, my account is now a Goodreads author account. If you'd like to pop on and see what I'm working on or ask questions about my writing or me then I'd be happy to see you there :)

message 6: by Jemima (new)

Jemima Pett | 1350 comments Mod
Hey Carl - can I talk guinea pigs with you? :D

Glad to see your Goodreads page is sorted out.

I'm always up for a guest post, so send me a message if you'd really like something ridiculous from me like 'how to write your pets into a ten-part series', especially as I'm just releasing the first box set from the series.

message 7: by Carl (new)

Carl Hackman (carl_hackman) I've been busy lately and am really beginning to feel like an author. I've been pretty active on my social media and have updated my website to a cleaner and more professional looking theme.

I have also uploaded a live writing video to my youtube channel. It can be seen here if anyone is interested.

I also received some encouragement from my editor before she starts marking up the manuscript.

Quote: "From my first read-through of it, I can tell you this book is a lot of fun, and I can't wait to do my little part in helping it reach its audience!"

At the moment I'm a happy guy :)

message 8: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca Douglass (rdouglass) | 1662 comments Mod
Always nice to have that kind of happy feedback! I like her approach, too. Give you something to feel good about for a while before you are hit with the edits!

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