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message 1: by Jin (new)

Jin (jinokubo) | 2 comments Just like every diamond requires some polish in order to shine brightly so do our stories.
I have some openings in my editing schedule.

Please check out my services on my website.

message 2: by Jin (new)

Jin (jinokubo) | 2 comments I currently have 5 spots open for November 2016.
I am offering a flat rate of .003 cents per word, no matter the state of your manuscript, for copy editing.

Copy Editing:
Grammatical errors
Verb Agreement/Tense Issues
Stylistic Inconsistencies
Misspelled Words
Proofreading of manuscript after final edits

Mention goodreads and this group in order to be qualified for the flat rate.
The first 500 words will be given as a free edit for you to be able to see if we are a good match.

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