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Mather vs Theron
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Authors keep doing this love triangle thingy to us and I think we need to keep discussing when they do it. So... sorry but I am team Mather till I die! *random dramatic gesture. Anyone else?

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Mather's character wasn't developed enough. The only thing I liked about him was that Meira liked him and he was a good person. but Theron...

I'm completely Team Theron. He went to rescue her!!!! How romantic! And he cared deeply, he was smart, caring, bold and courageous.

All she had with Mather, was that they grew up together. So really, no matter how good Theron is, he never had a chance.

Team Theron of course! During the first book i was sick of waiting Mather to show Meira his feelings. Then, we just realized that they sold Meira to Noam, and all Mather did was to accept this. Such a coward!

Then we met kind, caring, talented and handsome Theron, only a couple of weeks with Meira made him to risk his life for her, to go to war with Spring although its not his war. HE DIDNT EVEN KNOW MEIRA WAS THE QUEEN WHEN HE TRIED TO RESQUE HER! And WHERE WAS MATHER AT THAT TIME?

And the second book: I was totally dissappointed when reading Meira using Theron, lying him, ignoring him... I have only read the selfish Winter people... all of them. The book was so damn unfair for Theron who was after world peace, peace for everyone.

So, COME ON, I am for Theron!

Team Mather!

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see the thing is, that both Theron and Mather did things that were worthy of fans' support, and they also did things that caused fans to jump ship because there were times when both of them were just completely in the wrong.

The difference is this. Mather's slip ups were of his own accord. Theron's were because he was possessed by the Decay and didn't have any control over his actions.

Naturally, in SLA, I was Team Theron because Mather sold Meira out and the one person she thought she could trust completely betrayed her and she was utterly alone. Entree Theron. Sweet, kind Theron who only wanted to make the world a better place, yet jeopardised himself by going after Meira when she was captured. Someone who didn't even know her was willing to risk his life for her and her supposedly closest friend did nothing.

And then in ILF everyone gravitated toward Mather because he was absolutely distraught at losing Meira to Theron (even though he didn't even tell her how he felt), and then Theron became possessed by the decay which all started when HE risked his life and was CAPTURED and TORTURED by Angra. And so what happens? He becomes the big bad wolf and everyone hates him now even though the only reason he is like that is because he was the one that actually gave himself up for Meira.

But, of course, it's always going to be Mather right? Because, let's be honest, she was still in love with Mather when she was with Theron and him being possessed was just her get-out-of-jail free card that she could use as an excuse to go back to Mather in FLN.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Mather and in FLN we truly saw the depth of his character and the depth of his love for Meira, which was really nice to see. I just can't help thinking that if the roles were reversed, and Mather was possessed, then Meira would run straight back to Mather once he was free.

So it is evident that Mather is the better match for Meira, because it's always been them. So obviously it makes more sense to ship them together right? But the thing is, Theron just got completely led on and then cast aside when he was possessed as a result of saving Meira - without Theron, Meira wouldn't even be alive - and I just feel like he gets a whole lot less credit than he deserves. He's a writer, a pure soul who had been hurt by his father and felt utterly alone, and the one time he opens his heart up, instead of telling him that she's still hung up on Mather, Meira leads him on because she just needed him there for her. Which is fine, but Theron was the one that ended up getting the raw deal.

I know no one is probably going to read all this, and that I could've just said "I adore Mather, but i'm Team Theron", but I just needed to say it all.

So i'm happy that Meira and Mather are happy, they are good together and they have always been for each other, I just wish Meira could've figured that out without having to hurt Theron in the process. Theron who was completely blindsided and had no idea.

So, I'm sorry Mather, I love you so much, but I will always be Team Theron.

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Team Theron!


But its okay that Meira ended with Mather. Theron deserved so much better.

Team Theron definitely.
When I read the first book, the part was talking about Mather and Meira made me like Mather the most at the beginning,but after heading to cordell and selling Meira to Noam that killed me sooo much.

Then, Theron has showed up and he and the love and all the things he did to Meira made me feel bad for Mather.

After many actions, I see that Theron is the hero of the story.
It`s so simple to answer:


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