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message 1: by Jamie (new)

Jamie Killen (jamiekillen) Hi all,

I'm seeking some betas for my manuscript. It's been through a few rounds of editing and needs some fresh eyes. I'm mainly looking for feedback on pacing and character development, as well as the ways the book's two storylines play off each other.

I'd be willing to do one or two swaps, but due to my work schedule I wouldn't really be able to commit to more than that and it could take me a few weeks to get through a manuscript.

The story is soft scifi that probably reads more like fantasy for most of the book's length. It occurs in two timelines, 1960 and the present. Both storylines involve people within specific communities who begin experiencing a series of strange symptoms and episodes that may be mass hysteria, or may actually be a supernatural occurrence. There are several POV characters, some of whom experience the symptoms and some of whom seem immune. The main plot centers on two parallel investigations into what is causing the symptoms and how to stop them.

In terms of style, I've been told that my writing "leans literary" (whatever that means) and the genre elements here are for the most part rather subtle. In short, I think the story might be more appealing to people who go for genre-bending stories or who like a broad range of genres, although I am happy to get any beta readers who want to give it a try.

Content warnings:
Sexuality: Two light sex scenes, not very graphic. Several queer characters and relationships, implied or lightly described intimacy.
Depiction of abortion (from a pro-choice, respectful perspective, not very graphic)
Depictions of racial tension and racist violence
Both positive and negative depictions of Christian clergy and their respective congregations
Numerous, frequent descriptions of medical issues resembling a seizure disorder
Plenty of profanity

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in taking a look at, PM and we can talk about how to proceed. Thank you in advance for responses!

message 2: by Jamie (new)

Jamie Killen (jamiekillen) Still looking for a few more betas for this one.

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