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Minotaur Books (minotaur-books) | 28 comments Mod
Dealing with the past is an important theme in Sorrow Road. How do Carla, Bell, Darlene, and Nick deal with their traumatic and/or troublesome pasts?

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Megan | 12 comments I thought that how Carla, Bell, Darlene, and Nick dealt with their pasts reflected where each of them were in their lives and their level of self-awareness. Each had their own coping mechanisms, although I felt that Bell, Darlene, and Nick were more aware of how they were dealing with their pasts, including how those mechanisms had their own shortcomings. I thought each of their positions were understandable and relatable though, making them realistically portrayed characters.

Although Carla tried to run and was seemingly attempting to wish away her troubles, she hid how much she was struggling instead of reaching out for help from those who love her most. She also seemed more willing to let others fix the situation for her, but did eventually acknowledge she needed the help and couldn't go it alone anymore.

Bell's compartmentalization was evident, allowing her to not be defined solely by her chaotic past and giving her an ability to examine situations using a more dispassionate, rational approach. However, she was also aware that this coping mechanism was holding her back in her personal life, keeping others at bay.

Darlene also seemed to be trying to run from her past but was at a point in her life where she saw the need to face it head on, hence wanting to move back home. Her relationship with Ava, who seemed to be her polar opposite temperament-wise, likely helped give her the steadiness she was seeking and strength to face her demons.

Nick seemed to be trying to find constructive ways to redefine himself and remain useful following his own struggles, sharing his experiences and serving as a sounding board.

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