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Mimi Angel of Love Please use this thread to work on your characters!

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~~~~~~~~~~|Name Of Character|~~~~~~~~~~

||Basic Information||
Name: Jerome
Gender: male
Age: 25

Personality: Jerome was a good guy. He was respectful and kind. He was also caring and sweet. He was a very loyal person. He was the kind of person who would give you his last of anything.
History: Jerome was little when his parents died. He doesn't remember all that well. He doesn't even have memories with them. His grandmother took him in after his parents died and raised him by herself because his grandfather died in the war. As he got older it started to get harder for him to get a grasp on anything. He started acting out and misbehaving. He didn't care about anything or anyone. Even though he was being bad he still believe in karma. Well one day after his birthday he woke up and was a black rabbit. For some odd reason he really didn't mind it though suprisingly. He believes this happened to him because of him acting out. He started to not like it when one day a girl started to chase him through the rabbit hole.

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Fixing minor details

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~~~~~~~~~~|Harleen Maddness Quinzie|~~~~~~~~~~

||Basic Information||
Name: Harleen Maddness Quinzie Nicknames: Harley, Quinzie, White Queen, Crazy
Gender: Female
Age: 32
Origin: wonderland

Personality: Harleen is a sweet and caring white queen, unlike her older sister, the Red Queen. Harleen is very smart and is very good at helping other, guiding them and in a way a psychiatrist to those in her kingdom. Harleen also suffers from split personality disorder. Naturally she is very sweet and kind but when some one messes with someone she cares about or someone she cares about hurts her, she flips personalities.



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