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What is Read It & Reap?
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Title: Skies Over Tomorrow: Constellation
Author: Kelly B. Johnson
Genre: science fiction
: Formats Available: Epub, Pdf
Pages: 286 (28 are illustrations)


Anthology with common theme of Mars as the super power of the future. Six shorts share certain and or "transitional" connections, all while revealing an looming alien invasion. (It is worth noting that for five of the six, the main or lead character is female.) See more with this title's Goodreads listing.

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Review Due Date: November 8. 2016

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1. J.K.- -pdf
2. A.P.- -pdf

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J.K. Riya | 2 comments I would like to read and review this book.
Preferred format: PDF

Thanks for the opportunity.

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A.P. Sia (apsia) | 7 comments I would like to read and review this book
My email is
Preferred format: pdf or mobi

Thank you

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I have added everyone.

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