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message 1: by Amy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Amy | 8278 comments Gorgeous Beautiful writing! Not even sure why I loved it so much, or why I gave it 5 stars. But part of the pleasure, was that it was unexpected. For whatever the reason, I expected not to like it, and yet I was drawn in from page one. It has a dream like quality, the narrator is piercingly sharp in her observations and feelings in one moment, and then lost to the wind, or the waves, at the very next turn. There are all these varying quirky characters, not withstanding the narrator, Sofia, herself. Each has there own storyline which becomes hidden and visible in waves and wafts. Everyone is lost, and desperate to be found, changeable, and yet embedded in who they are. At the center of the story is Rose, Sofia's mother, a woman who is stubborn, broken, and yet subject to whims. That could be an apt description for most to all of the characters. I find myself, disliking them, being intrigued by them, and eventually enraptured, falling under each of the spells woven. The writing is just so gorgeous that it wraps you up. You can feel the sand beneath your toes, the medusa's sting, the heat of desire, the loneliness of distance, the prayer for hope and cure, the anger at stubborn precepts that don't allow one to move. You feel every aspect of this book - and it stays with you. I found I wished I had read it with others, and that we had an opportunity to talk about it. The book feels like "hot milk"- with all the natural elements, nutrients, warmth, and nurturance. It can also be scalding and mixed, and slightly suffocating, childish, and primitive. I'm in that lovely space, where one doesn't even want to begin the next book, to let this one linger. But lucky for me, A Gentleman in Moscow just arrived today, and is next. Small Great Things and the Muse are in from the library. What a gorgeous month! And I owe the knowledge and recommendation of Hot Milk, to Goodreads, and my friends from PBT. Also somewhere on my TBR is A Constellation of Vital Phenomena and To the Bright Edge of the World. Thanks again, PBT, and for the eloquent authors who make our reading so vibrant and so alive.

Susie | 4488 comments I'm glad you loved it!

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