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Mimi Angel of Love | 14 comments Here we are.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Thanks, now would you care to do doubles or are you okay with being Draco?

Mimi Angel of Love | 14 comments Yeah I'm okay with that :)

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Okay cool. I'll start making my girl then ^^

Mimi Angel of Love | 14 comments

~Kenna~22 years old~Vampire~Lucious Malfoy's Mistress~

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister)

Athena (view spoiler) Riddle • 11 years old • Seer • Tom Riddle's daughter

Mimi Angel of Love | 14 comments Would you mind starting?

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Sure, where should I start?

Mimi Angel of Love | 14 comments How should Lucious meet Kenna?

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Perhaps he runs into her on his way to some store in Knockturn Alley?

Mimi Angel of Love | 14 comments :) Okay and we know how they meet.

Mimi Angel of Love | 14 comments Would you mind starting us off?

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Yes


Lucius was well aware of the rumor going around the city, Tom Riddle's daughter goes to Hogwarts, Lucius was sorta happy about that really, it meant his son could finally have a friend, if she was the sort of girl to make friends with a wimpy kid. Lucius and his staff click clacked down the street, his eyes adverted just about anyone's who past him, he didn't care for these lowly wizards, even if they were dark wizards. Lucius kept his mouth shut and in a straight line, he entered an store that sold dark wizard wands, it would be a gift to the little Riddle girl.


Athena and her new friends, the three Weasely's: Fred, George, and Ron, Hermione Granger and the Harry Potter were walking down the Hogwarts halls to the great hall, Hagrid the professor of Care of Magical creatures, walked in front of them. Around her people were talking about her and her father, she sighed and kept her mouth shut, once she was situated into Slytherin, she knew she'd have followers no matter what.

Mimi Angel of Love | 14 comments Draco Malfoy smiled happily when he was sorted into Slytherin. My father is bound to be proud of that. He thought to himself as he walked to the tables. There was a lot of rumors going about saying that Voldemort's daughter was walking the halls of the school. Well then I guess I should see to befriending her then. He continued to think as he sat down next to a girl that he didn't know yet. "Hello, my name is Draco Malfoy, what is your name?" He asked her after introducing himself.


Kenna was just walking out of the store she was the owner's delivery girl. She was carrying a bunch of boxes that ended up blocking her sight to where she ended up bumping right into Lucious Malfoy which made the wand boxes fly all over the place and since she lost her footing she ended up right on top of him.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) (( he's not talking to Athena yet is he? ))

Mimi Angel of Love | 14 comments yeah

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Athena and her newly made friends made their way into the Great Hall, eyes turned to look at her and whispers began flying around the Great Hall, the sorting hat called out Athena's name, and Athena made her way to the front as her friends sat at the Gryffindor table, awaiting their turn. Athena made it up to the front and stood just below the hat, it was set down on her head and it began to think:

" Perhaps Gryffindor might be a good house for you my dear...but no that won't do, how about Slytherin instead? No? Well you are no good for Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff, so choose dear.." the hat mumbled to Athena in her mind.

" Slytherin," Athena said to the voice.

" Athena many middle names Riddle will be out in....." everyone was on the edge of their seats. " SLYTHERIN!" The hat screeched, the Slytherin table erupted into a roar of happiness.


Lucius was about to enter a store, when something bumped into him and toppled him over, his staff went flying and he landed flat on his back, he felt a body above him and raised an eyebrow, " Who dare bump into Lucius Malfoy? Tom Riddle could have your head for this, but as a promise to his daughter, he shall't," Lucius muttered, only to catch the sight of a woman, " Oh, pardon me, I didn't know it was a woman on top of me," Lucius said.

Mimi Angel of Love | 14 comments Draco frowned when the girl didn't respond. Fine then. He thought to himself having a feeling that she was most likely Voldemort's daughter by the looks of her. With that he just started to make conversation with Crab and Goyle since she ignored him.


Kenna's features turned bright red upon hearing Lucius talk to her with such disrespect. She wore a frown on her lips feeling her fangs come out as she accidentally bit her tongue. She quickly got up off of him and being the lady she was helped him up. "I'm sorry, I didn't see you through the wands that I was trying to get ready for delivery. I didn't hear you coming." She looked up at him feeling herself get lost in his eyes.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Athena made her way to the Slytherin table, her eyes shining brightly, she sat next to a blonde haired boy, she saw a girl ignoring the boy and decided to speak to him. " Hi, my name is Athena," she didn't want to give away her last name in case he had something against her father or was a follower of her father.


Lucius allowed the woman to help him up, he looked at her, " All is well, no need to apologize," Lucius said as he looked around for his staff, he found it lying between two wand boxes, as a apology for being so disrespectful to a woman, he began helping the woman by picking up the boxes.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) ((?? Okay I'm confused, cause how could he have spoken to her when she was no where near him? ))

Mimi Angel of Love | 14 comments Draco sighed while talking until a girl sat down and said, that her name is Athena. That's a very pretty name. He thought to himself. "I'm Draco, Draco Malfoy. Pleasure to meet you. " He started with a gentle smile. "You have a very lovely name." He added speaking his mind because he felt like he could do that.


Kenna smiled gently and bent down to pick up some of the wands not noticing that he was helping her out her hand grazed his while they were reaching for the same box. She felt a light zap and blushed remembering what her maker had taught her long ago. If you feel a Zap when you touch someone that means the person is your soul mate. She remembered him say that. She quickly took her hand away. "You said that you are a Malfoy, Correct?" She asked and waited patiently for his answer.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Athena smiled, " Thanks, but I kinda hate my name, it means praise and ever since my birth I've been given nothing but praise and it's always for the bad things I do," Athena answered. She gave a wider smile, " But I like your name, it sounds beautiful and it really suits you," Athen said, changing the subject.


Lucius helped her still, and he felt his hand brush against hers, he felt a zap, he ignored it and smiled when she asked a question, " Yeah, Lucius Malfoy," Lucius answered.

Mimi Angel of Love | 14 comments "You really think so?" Draco asked curiously because no one had ever said anything like that to him in all his life. "I understand how you may feel about your name but I suggest that you find a way of making yourself proud of who you are. You're a really pretty girl and I think that your name is perfect for you." He said speaking softly because he didn't want anyone to notice him actually being sweet to a girl.


"Well Lord Malfoy, I have good news for you." She started as she looked through the boxes for the wand he ordered just the other day. When she found it she gently handed it to him. "My boss had me make it for some reason or other and it's been tested to work wonders.I made sure that you got your coins worth." She explained not noticing that her fangs have come out though she felt slight tinge of hunger pain.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Athena smiled and nodded, " Yes I do, and I try my hardest, but I can't, but none of that matters," Athena said, she glanced around and her eyes landed on her three friends, who were still watching her, they all gave a grin and she grinned back.


Lucius smiled, " Ah you'll have to thank him for me, give him this when you come back to her," Lucius said, giving her the money he would have paid her boss, he smiled, his smile was dark, it always was.

Mimi Angel of Love | 14 comments Draco shook his head looking around he couldn't believe that he was stuck in school with the Mudblood, Hermoine. I can tolerate the Weasley but that girl! He thought not noticing that him and Athena were looking in the same direction.


"I hope that you don't mind a woman making things of such stature. I hear of you and your wife all the time." She said as she pocketed the money in her purple velvet hood."Please pardon me for saying this but I think you need a better match." She spoke referring to his wife. " I can tell when a man is satisfied and you definitely aren't."

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) (( sorry thought I responded, I'll respond in eight 20 minutes or in an hour ))

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) (( sorry! It's been busy, and my brother was using my iPad last night ))

Athena turned back around and looked at Draco, she saw his face, " Hey what's wrong?" Athena asked, she gave a sweet smile showing she was only being a caring girl. She knew most Slytherin's weren't sweet, just like she knew Draco wasn't.


Lucius smiled about to answer her about her first sentence, when he closed his mouth and narrowed his eyes, he got dangerously close, " Do not speak of such about me or my feelings, I love my wife, we have a son Draco, and he shall not have such a woman speak ill of his father and mother," Lucius growled, he turned on his heels and walked away with the wand in his hand, the present for the daughter of Tom Riddle.

Mimi Angel of Love | 14 comments "I just don't appreciate that the mudblood over there get's to be at this school. She's muggle born and that makes her trash." Draco answered being honest but deep down something was bothering him and he didn't want anyone to know about it. His parents were having a hard time getting along lately and his father has become more bitter as the days go by. I hope that he can find someone that will make him see that he deserves to be happy. He thought to himself then came back to earth when his eyes met Athena's. He had never noticed how pretty her eyes were until now because he wasn't that focused on her earlier.


Lucious didn't scare Kenna when he got dangerously close to her in fact it actually made her like him even more. That is when she put the boxes down on the step behind her. She flitted to where she stood in front of him. "I do appologize if you felt I was speaking ill of you. I only speak ill of your wife because I know that you are not satisfied." She looked up at him and smiled gently knowing that there was something deep inside him that was attracted to her. She was definitely attracted to him, "Please don't be bitter." She whispered as she moved in slowly to give him a kiss before letting him go off and think.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Athena winced visibly, but didn't speak ill to him and his choice of words, Athena nodded, " It is quite a shame that Dumbledore allowed such a girl to come here, when she will only fail at just about everything," Athena said, she was lying but Draco wouldn't know, since he doesn't know her as well enough to know when she is lying, anyways she loved that Hermione was here, she was fun. Athena caught his gaze and gave him a gentle smile, "Perhaps we can be friends eh?" Athena asked as she looked deep into his eyes, his cold gray orbs were easy to get lost in.


Lucius was unfazed by anything this woman said or did, he felt her deathly close and ignored it, he narrowed his eyes and decided to back away, he turned, " If you ever speak ill of me or my wife again, I swear by Merlin that you will lose more then your head," Lucius said in a growl.

Mimi Angel of Love | 14 comments Draco couldn't help but chuckle because he had a feeling in his gut that she was only telling him what he wanted to hear. He let it slide because he wanted to get to know her better and plus she wouldn't know that he knew she was pulling his leg. When he saw her smile he couldn't help but to smile back. "I would be very honored to be friends with you." He said being honest.


Kenna frowned at what Lucious had said and flitted away without so much as a word to him. She knew that she made him angry and that he most likely would never return. That's fine by me. She thought as she quickly grabbed all of the wands that she had to deliver and flitted them to their location gathering the money as well. She slowly began to forget about the bitter cold wizard and busied herself with her work and her hunger.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Athena gave a grin, " Good, I have a feeling you know who my father is, I hope that doesn't jinx anything at all," Athena said as she looked at him, she blinked a few times so that she didn't seem like a creep.


Lucius made his way over to the exit of Knockturn Alley, he grumbled under his breath and looked over his shoulder to make sure no one was following him, he hid himself and appariated to his home, he didn't dare make any noise as he arrived, he went to find his wife, " Narcissa, have you heard about the Riddle girl?" Lucius called out.

Mimi Angel of Love | 14 comments "I figured it out and no it doesn't jinx anything at all." Draco responded with a chuckle. "You're far prettier then I expected." He said honestly as he pointed at the girl that he tried to talk to before. He laughed at himself for being so stupid.


Narcissa came out from the shadows to see that her husband appeared to be more bitter than normal. She shrugged it off pegging it off as she always had. "I haven't heard very much about her but word has it that she has friended our son." She said knowing that it had only been a few days since they sent Draco off to school. "I take it that Harold the wand keep has created a wand for the dear girl." She said noticing the wand box in Lucius's right hand.


Kenna returned to the wand shop and gave Harold, her boss the money that they both earned from the wands that were delivered. "I want to let you know that Mr.Malfoy asked me to thank you for him." She said looking at the man. She knew Harold was the only one that has kept her secret.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Athena smiled, " Good, I wouldn't want my new friend to be scared of me already, and why thank you, some say I get it from my mother," Athena replied as she smiled, she looked at the girl Draco pointed out and snorted, " She looks uglier then my cat at home to be quite honest," Athena said with a smile.


Lucius saw his wife and smiled, " Ah, that's good, Draco deserves a friend, those two buffoons he calls friends don't do a thing besides eat, sleep, complain and follow Draco around like a puppy," Lucius muttered then he smirked, he held the box up, " Why yes! He did, I hope the girl enjoys it, I spent almost have my galleons on this," Lucius said with a smile.

Mimi Angel of Love | 14 comments Draco laughed at her comment about the other girl. "I was about to say the same thing." He said and then looked over at Crab and Goyle who seemed to be goofing off. "You two are complete morons." He said coldly knowing that would make them stop.


"Yes, I agree the two he calls friends are just idiots." She said with a chuckle then she looked at the box. She opened it wanting to see what Harold had put together. "Oh my word." Her hand covered her mouth out of pure shock of how beautiful and detailed it is.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Athena giggled, and then looked at the two who had been goofing off, " Are they always complete morons?" Athena asked as she began eating what had been on her plate for almost ten minutes now. Athena didn't look over at her friends, she just casually ate and waited for Draco's answer.


Lucius nodded taking a look at it as well, he made a thought and then looked at the wand, he smiled, " Do you think the girl will like it?" Lucius wondered.

Mimi Angel of Love | 14 comments "Yes," He sighed and began to eat after noticing that he hadn't touched any of it. He ate slowly and thought about things wonderin what his parents were doing but then quickly shook his head because he knew they weren't getting intimate because his mother couldn't have anymore children. Atleast that's what Draco knew.


"I think that she will love it." Narcissa said looking up at her husband. "Lucius, I have something that I have to tell you. I know that you won't like it but I can not have another baby." She said knowing that this would crush him because they had been trying since Draco turned 8 years old.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Athena giggled, " I've got two morons of my own, Harry Potter and Ron Weasley," Athena said as she turned and saw the two fighting over some food item that ended up getting splattered all over them and the people around them, she laughed, " Stop playing with your food!" Athena called out, the two boys turned to her with a blush but nodded. Athena turned back to Draco, " Anyways, how did you figure out who my father is?" Athena asked Draco.


Lucius smiled like a child who won something at a fair, he put the cover back on the box and went to put it on the shelf for later, he turned when his wife spoke and slowly his smile faltered. His wife couldn't have another baby? This was terrible, they had been trying since Draco was eight, and now he was learning she couldn't have another baby, he sighed, " I guess we could adopt a baby...." Lucius suggested.

Mimi Angel of Love | 14 comments "Well, that is just entertaining," Draco smirked looking over at Ron and Harry. When he looked at her he couldn't help but to smile. "It's not very hard when everyone has been talking about you." He said as his hand lightly touched her hand. "My father told me that you were beautiful beyond compare." He whispered in her ear.


Narcissa frowned looking at him. "But you know you wouldn't feel the same. A bastard child would shame you." She said knowingly as tears filled her eyes. She hated that she couldn't have another child.I want a child just as much as he does. She thought to herself. "If I gave you permission Lucius would you find a mistress who would bare your child?" She asked.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Athena giggled and turned back to her food, she heard Draco began speaking and paid attention to him, she nodded as she listened, when his hand brushed hers she felt a spark from it and her eyes widened a little bit she ignored it, she then blushed when he whispered what he said in her ear. " Your father is close with my father, he's been a loyal follower since the day he joined my father's army, I'm not surprised your father talked to you about me, my dad said Lucius has always admired me and hoped for the good, also how is your mum and dad? I hear they haven't been doing so well," Athena answered.


Lucius listened to his wife and smiled softly, he came closer and wiped the tears away from her eyes, he continued listening to her and his eyebrows raised, " You would give me permission to get intimate with another woman just for the sake of us getting a child?" Lucius asked.

Mimi Angel of Love | 14 comments "My mother and father have been trying for another baby and they have been arguing a lot because my mother hasn't told my father that she is no longer able to have a baby. So I'm not sure how long my father is going to be with her. My father has been wanting a daughter since he saw you when you were born." Draco explained and sighed."The only way he would have a daughter is if they adopted or if my father bedded another woman. I'm not sure my mother would like either idea."


"Yes, Lucius because I love you and I know you want another child." Narcissa nodded meaning her words entirely. "Honey there's no other way I can imagine this happening." She added.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Athena bit her lip, she debated on wether or not to tell young Draco that she was a seer, and wether or not she should tell young Draco what is happening at this very moment, she debated against it, " I'm sorry, you must be saddened about this, having your parents fight now a days," Athena said softly.


Lucius sighed, he turned away from his wife, " I have someone in mind, her name is Kenna, she works for Harold, now I mean this is a nice way, but she is quite beautiful, I reckon she's a veela of a vampire, but who knows, she would be a good woman to bear our baby," Lucius said as he went to the living room to sit in his arm chair, he sighed remembering when Tom Riddle's wife had come over once to show Narcissa the new baby and how he had the chance to hold the child, that was the first time that Lucius had ever wanted another baby after Draco had been born, that when his yearning for a baby grew, even though they had a baby already.

Mimi Angel of Love | 14 comments "I hate that they are fighting but there is nothing I can do about it sadly." He said looking at her not knowing that she is a seer what so ever. "That's just a topic for another time I suppose." He said with a smile. "How do you like it here thus far?" He asked Athena so that they could change the subject.


Narcissa listened to her husband and followed him into the living room. Kenna? I don't believe I have ever heard about her. She thought as she moved to sit in front of Lucius. "If she is who you want as a mistress then I do approve as long as she can bear a child." She said nodding her head. "I know that in the end, you will still be my husband." She thought out loud.


Kenna was minding her business walking through Knockturn alley when she overheard someone whispering about Lucius Malfoy and his wife having complications in bearing another child. How sad for them........ She thought and when she saw the Tom Riddle she smiled, "I haven't seen you since you were younger." She said looking at him. He had always offered his blood to her when he was still going to Hogwarts. "Your blood still smells fantastic." She commented then shook her head. "I know you are close to the Malfoy's why are they trying so hard for a child?" She asked as she reached inside her purple cloak knowing that he would come for a vampire enchanted necklace. She took it out and handed it to him.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Athena noticed the subject change and decided to change it, " I love it! I love the moving paintings! I love the color of the walls! I love the interior decorating, oh it's so much better then my aunts house," Athena said with a smile.


Lucius nodded, " I shall talk to her tomorrow," Lucius decided and he stood, " I must have dinner before I send the girl her present, how long has it been since we've last seen the child?" Lucius asked walking towards the kitchen to yell at his house elves to make dinner.


Tom had a smile on his lips when he saw Kenna, it had been after his wife gave birth that he had met her, he looked her up and down and smiled, " I'm not sure why they are trying for an child again, I thought Draco was enough, anyways, thank you for the necklace, my darling daughter is going to love it, she just got accepted to Hogwarts, my plan can now unravel itself," Tom said as he took it from Kenna's hand.

Mimi Angel of Love | 14 comments Draco listened to Athena’s answer and couldn’t help but to smile because she was being very random but he liked it. “Well I’m glad to hear that the decor is more intriguing than your Aunts House. “ He chuckled because he knew she was trying to keep him away from the topic just as much as he wanted to stay away from it.


Narcissa looked up at her husband and giggled, “You know we can visit our son too.” She said with a smile. “I wonder if he will take a liking to her like that one Seer predicted.”


Kenna looked at Tom and nodded, “I must remind you that since the necklace was enchanted by myself it has special properties that will keep the vampire society away from her. The vampire society has been looking for a seer to make it easier for them to be out in the day.” She wanted to explain knowing that he had concerns. “That is why I thank you for helping me stay hidden from my people.”

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Athena grinned and giggled, " Oh dear, speaking of my aunt you should see the muggle she married, he's dafter then a rock and doesn't know what my aunt is, I mean how do you not notice moving paintings and wizard children in your own house?" Athena said a laugh.


Lucius looked at his wife after yelling at the house elves to make dinner, " You want Kenna to me our son?" Lucius asked, he may seem like a bad and rude man outside of his home, but in reality he was as sweet as honey, except to the elves.


Tom nodded, listening, he took all the information in and then smiled, " My daughter will still love it and you are quite welcome," Tom answered as he pocketed the enchanted necklace. His thoughts went to his daughter and wondered how she was, he wondered if Lucius had spoken to her yet...he didn't want that to happen.

Mimi Angel of Love | 14 comments “That is beyond me,” Draco laughed after hearing what she said about her uncle. That was very humorous that the muggle had no clue what world he was tied into just by being with his wife. “Do you think that she’ll ever gather the nerve to tell him the truth?” He asked kind of wondering because that had to be a pretty big burden.


“I’m sure that Draco would be thrilled to meet the woman that you find worthy enough to be your mistress.” Narcissa said with a smile not knowing that the relationship might be tarnished because of Kenna’s beauty and wit. Narcissa knew one thing about Kenna and that was that she was protected by Tom. Why is he protecting her? She wondered but shrugged as she looked at her husband.


“I will let you go off to your daughter, Tom. I know you have important things to discuss with her. I bid you a safe trip my friend.” She said giving him a quick hug because she knew that he only would let her hug him next to his daughter. She then turned on her heel and walked toward the wand shop not expecting to find that it was broken into.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Athena sighed and finished eating, " To be honest I have no idea if she has told him or not, I haven't seen them for two years, my father said my mothers sister, my aunt, was a bad witch," Athena murmured.


Lucius nodded, " next weekend I shall schedule something so that Draco can come home, I will allow him to bring that girl if he wants, since he's become such good friends with her already, i reckon he'll need someone to calm him down if something goes wrong," Lucius said.


Tom nodded and hugged her back, " Thanks Kenna,I must go now, Albus promised he'd allow me to use his office as I visit her," Tom said as he appariated out of the village and to his home.

Mimi Angel of Love | 14 comments “I am sorry to hear that.” Draco said as he looked around and noticed that people were starting to leave the dining hall. “Well I suppose that it’s time for us to head to our living quarters.” He said quickly getting up and offered his hand to her just to help her up. He didn’t see Snape coming up behind him.


Snape looked at Draco and scowled knowing that him and the Riddle girl were getting acquainted and this kind of annoyed him. “Athena, I was told that you were needed in Dumbledore’s office.” He said sounding very annoyed like he always did. This was something the man couldn’t help because he had a lot of hatred hidden beneath the surface. “Please make haste to your quarters Malfoy. Athena will be shown to the quarters when she is done.” He glared at Draco and shook his head.


Narcissa nodded, “That sounds perfect my love.” She wrapped her arms around him just longing to hold him even though he may be upset that she finally decided to tell him about the fact she couldn’t bear anymore children.


Kenna was in a state of shock not knowing what could have possibly happened that was until she smelled the blood she found Harold dead on the floor. He had been fed from by a vampire. They couldn’t have found me that easy. I’m very subtle with my feeding and I don’t dress like I did then. She thought having a feeling that a group a vampires discovered that their queen wasn’t truly dead. I need to bear children in order for them to leave me be. She thought remembering that was the reason she begged Tom to protect her.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Athena gave a sad smile, she didn't answer him, she looked up and realized he was right, she was about to put her hand into his when someone familiar came up to them, she recognized him as her mother's friend..." Severus Snape?" Athena breathed the question out, unable to contain her curiosity. She then turned to Draco, " Just wait for me in the commons Draco, I'll be there soon," Athena promised before turning back to the alleged Severus Snape.


Lucius smiled and hugged his wife, burying his face into her black and white hair, he smiled teasingly, " Did you take a shower before I arrived home?" He teasingly said as he took a deep breath of her hair.


Tom had gotten ready at home and had gathered all the presents he had gotten for his daughter, he had floo'd to Albus's office and now stood waiting for the man who would bring his daughter into this office, the man was Severus Snape and he was sure his daughter would remember him, since his wife brought him over every day of her life until she died weeks before dear Athena got accepted to Hogwarts.


Albus was inside the Great hall as he waited for everyone to leave, he saw Severus fetching Athena for the man who was in his office, he had no clue what the man in his office had planned and he had no idea what the man near the girl was planning either, and he was supposed to know all. He watched the interaction between the girl and Draco Malfoy, wondering if they were going to get together in someway.

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Mimi Angel of Love | 14 comments Draco did hear Athena and what she said before he left the room and nodded making sure she knew that he had acknowledged what was said. She’s probably needed to talk to her father. He thought to himself as he walked through the halls on his own. There is where he saw Harry and his friends talking and laughing. I’m just glad they seem to be nice to Athena. He thought to himself as his thoughts went to his parents.

He peeked into their room one night because he heard his father yelling and seeming very frustrated. “We have been trying for about a year now and if I cannot get what I want what’s the point of being together.” He heard his father say in an angered voice. Then he heard that his father got slapped. “We have our wonderful son Draco. Isn’t he good enough?” He remembers backing away from the scene and sneaking back up to his room where he cried himself to sleep.

Draco sat down in the commons just waiting for Athena. He thought about things and knew that when he was around her he feels something he has never felt before.


Snape looked at Athena when she said his name, “Yes, Athena that is my name. I suggest that you be careful with the Malfoy boy.” Snape said as he lead her to where she needed to be. Once they got there he frowned, “Here you are Athena.” He then walked out of the room giving the girl and her father privacy


Narcissa giggled at his question, “Yes, I did my love. I didn’t know that you wanted me to wait.” She answered as her hands worked a massage in his back. “I’m sorry about the bad news dear.” She whispered to him gently.


Kenna had no idea what to do at this point all she knew is that she would have to find somewhere to stay. She quickly walked into the back room where she had been staying and grabbed as many things as she knew could fit into her enchanted bag. She quickly changed into a nice pair of black pants and a black tank top. She knew that her Purple hood in the darkness would protect her because Tom had another wizard cast an illusion spell on it that would make her appear like an old lady to strangers.

She didn’t know where she was going but something in her senses lead her to the Malfoy house. She knocked on the door hoping that whoever lived here would be kind enough to let her stay for a few days. She let her hood down feeling like she’d be safe.

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