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Amanda | 218 comments Quest began 10/18/2016

Current Stats:
Hero: LVL 4 || HP 16 || Sword LVL 1 (ATK 3) || Magic Staff LVL 3 (ATK 5) || 30 XP

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Amanda | 218 comments Inventory:

5 Potion Tokens

3 Minor Heal Potions (+5HP)
2 Heal Potion (+10HP)
0 Major Heal Potions (+15HP)
1 Minor Poison Potion (+2 additional damage to monster at the beginning of the turn)
1 Time Walking Potion (can play expired quests)
1 Shield Potion (halves damage from monsters for a single turn)

1 Mercenary Coupon (Hire one mercenary free for a week)

10 Gold (can buy things at the market)

Up to 15 books read in the 12 months prior to starting: 12 USED - 3 LEFT




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Amanda | 218 comments Books in Reserve

Something About You Author: Julie James Characters: Cameron Lynde, Jack Pallas, Published 2010, 307 pages, Series: FBI/US Attorney #1 Read 6/1/2017

A Useful Woman Author: Darcie Wilde; Series: Rosalind Thorne Mysteries #1); Characters: Rosalind Thorne, Jasper Aimesworth, Devon Winterbourne, Published May 3, 2016, 357 pages, Read 6/9/2017

Back Roads Germany Author: Jurgen Scheunemann, Published 2/21/2011, 264 pages, Read 6/11/2017

The Hangman's Daughter Author: Oliver Potzsch; Series: The Hangman's Daughter #1; Characters: Magdalena; Jakob Kuisl, Martha Stechlin, Published 12/7/2010, 448 pages, Read 6/23/2017

Champion Author: Marie Lu; Series: Legend #3, Characters: Day, June, Published 11/5/2013, 369 pages, Read 6/29/2017

The Unbound Author: Victoria Schwab; Series: The Archived #2; Characters: MacKenzie, Wesley Ayers, Owen Chris Clarke, Published 1/28/2014, 360 pages, Read 7/4/2017

The Woman in Cabin 10 Author: Ruth Ware; Characters: Laura (Lo) Blacklock, Richard Bulmer, Cassie, Judah, Ben, Tina, Chloe, Cole, Anne Bulmer, Published 7/19/2016, 340 pages, Read 7/9/2017

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Amanda | 218 comments Completed Quests Summary
1) The Kindness of Strangers COMPLETED 10/19/2016 Earned 1 XP and 1 Minor Poison Potion

2) The Gift of Love COMPLETED 10/19/2016 Earned 5 XP

3) The Sandwich is Always Greener on the Other Side COMPLETED 4/6/2017 Earned 12 XP

4) A Fairy Odd Path COMPLETED 4/21/2017 Earned 1 Healing Potion and 2XP

5) Relay Race ongoing
COMPLETED FIRST 3 STOPS 6/8/2017 Earned 10 XP and 1 Healing Potion

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Amanda | 218 comments Monsters Defeated

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Amanda | 218 comments Weapons Upgrade Log

Level 1: Blank Confession Pages 170 Read 7/9/2016

Magic Staff
Level 1: Ink and Bone The Great Library #1 Read 4/5/2016
Level 2: Every Secret Thing Kate Murray #1 Read 1/3/2016; Prodigy Legend #2 Read 12/11/2016
Level 3: Silent in the Grave Lady Julia Grey #1 Read 4/30/2017; The White Rose The Lone City #2 Read 4/14/2017; A Conjuring of Light Shades of Magic #3 Read 5/18/2017

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Amanda | 218 comments Reserved

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Amanda | 218 comments Quest Log

In Progress
Relay Race
Stops must be completed in order. Every letter in a books title, authors first name and/or authors last name may count as a Furlong. You may choose to include any or all of the segments. The exact Furlong count must be reached at each stop to complete that leg of the journey. ( is a useful tool for counting letters.
Stops #1-3 - COMPLETED 6/8/2017
Stop #4 - Nookestern - 100 Furlongs
A Curious Beginning Read 4/7/2017; Irish Meadows Read 4/17/2017; Between Worlds Read 4/17/2017; And Only to Deceive Read 4/27/2017
Stop #5 - Booksylvania - 250 Furlongs
Stop #6 - Omnibuskee - 60 Furlongs
Stop #7 - Scrollern - 150 Furlongs
Stop #8 - Blogia - 175 Furlongs
Stop #9 - Novel Kingdom - 40 Furlongs
Complete the next 3 stops to earn 13 Experience and 1 Find Items Potion.
Complete the last 3 stops to earn 15 Experience an 1 Damage Potion.

Sticks and Stones may Build a House
The local barracks are getting a bit stuffy for your sensitive knightly tastes and you're looking to expand into something more cushy that can house your collection of miniature poodle figurines.
Steps to build house:
1) Clear Spot - Read a book set in the plains. (Any plains.)
2) Make Foundation - Read a book about someone getting an education to build their foundation.
3) Gather Wood - Read a book mainly set out in the woods.
4) Gather Nails - Read a book with something pointy on the cover (knife, nail, stiletto, etc.)
5) Create Frame - Read a book where someone is framed for a crime.
6) Create Walls - Read a book where someone is closed off from the world either mentally or physically.
Wintersong Read 7/5/2017
7) Add a Door - Read a book where someone moves houses.
The Hate U Give Read 6/18/2017
8) Add Windows - Read a book with Glass, Window, Clear or See in the title.
9) Paint - Read a book where the cover is mainly (<70%) one color.
10) Garden - Read a book with flowers on the front.

Pick one of the following houses to add to your possession.
description description

You get 2 experience for 4 steps completed, another 2 when 7 steps are completed and another 3 when all 10 are completed. Houses give you an excellent place to store things.

The Easter Bilby
Rabbits have overrun Novel Kingdom! They're eating all the carrots needed for Sewer Rat Stew and eating all the lettuce needed for Bat Wing Wraps. They must be stopped!

Lady Renee gave up her birthday wish to bring the Easter Bilby to Novel Kingdom to help fight back against the menace. Complete all the tasks to capture all the rascally rabbits eating our veggies.

Capture the Rabbits:
1) Read a book where someone has a pet rabbit.
2) Read a book with a rabbit on the cover.
3) Spell out the word RABBIT using spell-it-out rules.
4) Read a book with the word rabbit in the title or series.
5) Read a book featuring chocolate or where the main character is a pastry chef.
6) Read a book set during Spring.
7) Read a book with an invasion in it.
8) Read a book where the main character is a doctor or vet.
9) Read a book where there is an Easter celebration.
10) Read a book with grass on the cover.

The Easter Bilby gifts you with a captured bunny that will lay an egg that heals 3 hp every Sunday. The egg must be eaten that week or it will rot.

The Kindness of Strangers COMPLETED 10/19/2016
Dice Roll = 4
Flower on the Cover: The Named Read 7/12/2016
Earned 1 XP and 1 Minor Poison Potion

The Gift of Love COMPLETED 10/19/2016 (used gift card, see "Message #4)
Book 1: The Nightingale Good Reads Choice Award Historical Fiction 2015 Read 11/2/2016
Book 2: The Last Olympian Good Reads Choice Nominee Favorite Book 2009 Read 10/11/2016
Book 3: Legend Good Reads Choice Nominee Young Adult Sci-Fi/Fantasy 2012 Read 8/31/2016
Earned 5 XP

The Sandwich is Always Greener on the Other Side
Author/Character has initials PB - Shadow on the Crown Read 3/5/2017
Read Book that Starts with "J" - The Jewel Read 4/6/2017
B - The Blue Castle Read 8/5/2016
R - Red Queen Read 9/6/2016
E - Everlost Read 10/26/2016
A - An Assembly Such as This Read 6/20/2016
D - Dark Angels Read 2/10/2016
Read Book from Series that Starts with "I" - Naked in Death ; "In Death" Series Read 10/25/2016
Earned 12 XP

A Fairy Odd Path
3 books that are in between series:
Book 1: Garnet's Story (The Lone City #1.25) Read 4/11/2017
Book 2: The House of the Stone (The Lone City #1.5) Read 4/12/2017
Book 3: Cruel Crown (Red Queen #0.1-0.2) Read 4/21/2017
Earned a Heal Potion and 2 XP

Relay Race
Stop #1 - Paperville - 120 Furlongs
Books Used:
Tether Read 10/21/2016; The Kind Worth Killing Read 1/3/2017; Fate of Perfection Read 1/11/2017; The Handmaid's Tale Read 3/20/2017; The Price of Blood Read 4/3/2017
Stop #2 - Novelette - 80 Furlongs
Books Used:
The Secret History of the Pink Carnation Read 8/11/2016; Dead Girls Don't Write Letters Read 7/12/2016
Stop #3 - Kindletopia - 200 Furlongs
A Perilous Undertaking Read 5/28/2017; The Signature of All Things Read 6/8/2017; Silent in the Sanctuary Read 5/27/2017; The Deception of the Emerald Ring Read 5/10/2017; The Masque of the Black Tulip Read 4/18/2017; The Body Reader Read 5/22/2017
Earned 10 Experience and 1 Heal Potion.

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Amanda | 218 comments Attack Log

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