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The Martian
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The Martian research

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Monica | 17 comments I am almost finished reading the Martian, and while the plot is really interesting, i find that something even more amazing is the amount of research that the author put into creating the novel...the author includes so much detail about the science behind living on mars that the whole book sounds like it could actually take place today. I was wondering if anyone had read a book similar to the Martian where the author must of had to put a substantial amount of research into creating a realistic storyline?

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Hallie | 36 comments Do you mean like historical fiction or just fiction in general? For historical fiction I would say The Nightingale and for regular fiction I would say 19 Minutes by Jodi Picult because she researched a lot about court room behavior and psychology and how defense lawyers work and things like that which I thought were interesting. I had a question about The Martian though, did you watch the movie? And if so, did you think it captured the story well?

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