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message 1: by Mehernosh (new)

Mehernosh Hi everyone,

I just bought this Lightning Fast Animation in Element 3D E-book online from

I thought I would give a review of the book to help you before you buy it.

The handy book is written by Ty Audronis & is published by PACKT. This book is best for using it as a manual for using Element 3D, directly out of the box.
There is an assumption that readers know some 3D software & Adobe Aftereffects. In the book he starts off with the explanation of 3D. Then he moves on to the explanation of Element 3D, the interface, the different windows, an overall idea of the plugin is given.
Then he teaches basic 3D modelling in Autodesk Maya, where he creates a scene for taking into Aftereffects for a full walkthrough of the plugin. Here the software used for 3D i.e. Maya is not important, as it can be any software, be it 3DSMax or any other, the main thing here is the things to be kept in mind while exporting from 3D to Aftereffects, which is accomplished very beautifully & to the point.
Now after importing into aftereffects the main topic of ELEMENT 3D is covered in full detail. The topics covered are:

• Painting your geometry
• Preparing your scene
• Animation of the geometry
• Particle replicator
• Optimizing performance
• Some other techniques
• Live footage compositing

Overall I found this book very interesting & easy to get a grip of the software .The best part is that you also get to download the support files of 3GB approx. containing all the files necessary for the tutorial.
All in all I would say that this book is a very good investment of both time & money.

Sami I received the book about 10 days ago, it is a good book to read and understand. One thing i can say is in the beginning the author attempts to teach us to create some 3D images in MAYA. I think this was not necessary, if I was the author I would skip that (which is like the first 50 pages) instead use the models from those optional packs (money, sports, food) designed for element 3D by the creators of Element 3D. Because any OBJ or C4D will work on Element 3D. Other than this detail, I have found the book very useful and I would recommend it to the beginners.

message 3: by Aj (last edited Jun 17, 2014 07:53AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Aj Lightning Fast Animation in Element 3D( is a book intended to get you up to speed with the After Effects plugin quickly while also explaining its shortcomings and some methods around them. My knowledge about Element 3D before this books was very limited. Up to that point all I had done was import a model and apply basic textures. So I had a good idea of what the plugin was but not necessarily how do all the tasks need to complete a full animation. The book does a good job of going through all these task step by step with a good number of images to reference as you follow along. It serves as a nice primer to using the plugin, as Element 3D is not so intuitive that you would want to navigate it without some sort of explanation of how it works. One area of the book I felt was a bit unnecessary was the chapter on modeling. It certainly is a necessary skill to be able to utilize the plugin to its full potential but if you don’t know how to model you certainly aren't going to be purchasing Maya(as he uses in the example) just to make your own Element models. Also the modeling demo should have been done in Blender as it is the best free 3D software out there and he makes mention to it several times throughout. The other chapters about prepping models for Element were very helpful though, again, maybe a bit too Maya specific. The rest of the book is very thorough about setting up lighting, texturing, replicators and even shows a few workarounds to areas the plugin falls short. He shows this through practical application of setting up various scenes that should cover the spectrum of most Elements users including examples of Motion Graphics and VFX. Overall this book gave me a great look at what is possible and how things are done in Element 3D. If nothing else this book will tell you if this plugin is the right fit for your workflow before you go ahead and make the purchase.

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