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message 1: by GEFFORY (new)

GEFFORY (tidisius) | 4 comments A new Volume to Spice and Wolf was announced at New York Comic Con and also a New Spice and Wolf series in 2017. As stated on the Yen Press site:

SPICE AND WOLF, Volume 18: Spring Log — A collection of short stories originally serialized in Dengeki Bunko Magazine, these tales revisit the world of Lawrence and Holo in celebration of the series’ tenth anniversary.

SPICE AND WOLF NEW THEORY: Parchment and Wolf, Vol. 1 — The beginning of a new adventure! Featuring Myuri, Lawrence and Holo’s daughter, the world of SPICE AND WOLF opens anew!

I do look forward to this. Always thought there could be so much more left to do after Vol. 17

message 2: by Eldon (new)

Eldon Siemens I can't wait for more Spice & Wolf! am disappointed I couldn't get the huge anniversary collection (ordered it but then Amazon said they couldn't get it, ugh!). Not that Yen needs any more of my money...still upset that I have one volume that is literally a couple millimetres shorter than the rest...of course, I'll pre-order any more as soon as they become available...

message 3: by Teeny (new)

Teeny Read the first five books years ago, started reading them again when I heard about the new series..

message 4: by Rumoris (new)

Rumoris | 3 comments This can be either really good or really bad. I'm pretty sure Hasekura will manage to make Myuri an interesting character, but I hope she won't be a "Holo Replacement" but rather, "Myuri". (Now all we need is the ultra rare artbook! )

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