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Mikael Carlson Check out my Internet radio interview about the first book of this amazing saga. Get insights into the themes and find out why it's a must read! It airs on October 18th for one day only!

message 2: by Ray (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ray Simmons A few years ago a sub-genre of science-fiction called cyber punk became very popular. I liked it a lot and read a lot of stories by guys with styles similar to William Gibson. One aspect of these stories that I found very fascinating but I felt was never explored fully was the rise of the corporate state. This particular niche or theme feels like ripe ground for the minds of science-fiction but up until I read America Inc. I felt no one had explored the potential of this theme. Well, Mikael Carlson has jumped into the subject of the corporate state head first and the result is a masterpiece. I loved America Inc. I could not put it down. I loved the writing. I loved the big ideas and the dramatic plot centered around old fashioned concepts like freedom and revolution. Carlson is a writer so good that you don’t realize it at first because you are so deep into the world he has created. Only after you come up for air does it hit you. This book is awesome!
America Inc. is categorized as a political thriller and it certainly is every bit of that but this is the politics of the future. America Inc. is a fascinating look at the world and politics of 2088 and as such might find a better reception with science-fiction readers than with typical political thriller readers. Honestly I think readers of both genres will love it. Actually any reader with an eye for great writing, interesting characters, and a totally believable fictional future, will become fans of Mikael Carlson. America Inc. is cutting edge speculative-fiction and establishes Mikael Carlson as a force to be reckoned with in this genre. I simply cannot praise this book enough.

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