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Magical Realism
Marta Curti Marta Oct 17, 2016 04:59PM
One of my favorite genres is Magical Realism. Lately, I am realizing that many people are unfamiliar with this genre. Even Amazon has it listed as a sub-category under Fantasy, which I find very misleading. I wonder what the Goodreads community has to say about Magical Realism. Have you heard of it before? Have you read any books that fall under this category?Which ones? How would you describe Magical Realism in your own words? If you have never heard of Magical Realism, I would like to hear from you, too. Thank you!

I've read a lot of books recently that people claim fall into the Magical Realism genre.
I find a lot of books listed under Magical Realism to me are the publisher not understanding a different culture, rather than magic being involved. Books by Allende & Garcia-Marquez especially fall into this area.
Try The House of the Spirits (Isabel Allende)
Bless Me, Ultima (Rudolfo Anaya)
Love in the Time of Cholera(Gabriel Garcia Marquez)
The Satanic Verses (Salman Rushdie) - good story, but one of the wierdest(not bad) books I've ever read.

A number of books I've found in this category are basically romances with a dose of magic (good for a quick light read).

this is one of the best Magical Realism book lists I;ve ever run into:
It's huge, but there are reviews for about half the books, so you can decide if it fits your tastes.

Marta Curti Thank you, Geoffrey. Yes, I find there is a lot of confusion about what Magical Realism is, even among publishers. Thank you for the list. There are a ...more
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