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Do you feel sorry/pity for Rachel?
Sam Silva Sam Oct 17, 2016 03:38PM
Okay, so what Tom did to Rachel is messed up. And I can see how that could really screw up a person. However, I think Rachel is messing up her own life.

Rachel is a drunk. She admits it, yet she doesn't try to stop. I guess it takes her almost getting herself killed to actually come to her senses about her drinking problem. Her drinking has royally messed up her life. She questions towards the end that maybe if she wasn't drunk all the time, she may have noticed something up with Tom. I don't know if this would be true, because Tom was one sly guy, and I didn't see it coming, but clearly her drinking made her miserable.

Also I think that Rachel is the cause of her unhappiness because she can't move on from Tom, and she can't seem to make any connections with anyone. I mean Cathy was there for her through all this, you know, being a good friend. Yet Rachel still didn't refer to Cathy as a friend. She pushes away people when they try to care about her, and instead is obsessed with a terrible man who cheated on her, and married his mistress.

Nuran (last edited Nov 13, 2016 11:10AM ) Nov 13, 2016 11:09AM   0 votes
I felt sorry for her for the abuse Tom gave her, making her think she was the violent and abusive drunk, but then, I also think if she didn't drink til she blacked out, she could have realised the truth about Tom sooner. Alcohol causes a lot of problems but in this case, I don't think she caused her problems with drinking but that she hid from her problems using alcohol, which just made things worse.

If she didn't turn to alcohol, her problems could have been resolved sooner, maybe even with her leaving Tom.

I did and I didn't feel sorry for her. I felt sorry for her as Tom cheated on her and treated her so badly. I can't imagine how horrible it must feel being left for another woman. However as hard as it was, she wasn't doing herself any favours by constantly harassing Tom. I don't understand why she lowered herself even further! If a man leaves you for another woman why would you want him back and obsess over him? It almost seemed as though Rachel didn't blame Tom, but only herself. Having said that though I can still imagine it must have been hard for her and it can't be easy to rebuilt your life when you go through a traumatic and tough time. I think she also could have appreciated Cathy more; she sounded like a really good friend and Rachel just pushed her away.

I agree she was the cause of her own unhappiness in relation to Tom. The drinking was a different issue, yes she needed help but so do plenty of people but at the end of the day it's an addiction and she couldn't just stop. Tom on the other hand, I kind of wanted to reach into the book and shake her. Yeah, by all means neck a G&T on the train because your life sucks. But she could have just left Tom alone. Cut ties. Deleted his number. Not ridden past his house every single day on the train.

However, I did really feel sorry for her. Obviously she had been through some stuff (even if she couldn't remember it). Even without the cheating, she still could never have the one thing she wanted (a baby) and that was enough to send her on this path of destruction. I think although she needed to take responsibility for herself, her life being a state was largely due to Tom. Everything he did to her, the way he treated her, it would be enough to screw up plenty of people, whether they were an alcoholic or not.

I do feel like she could have just sorted herself out if she just maybe accepted the help from Cathy like you said, but overall I did pity her character more than anything else.

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