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GhostCat | 98 comments :D

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GhostCat | 98 comments wooow it told me i cant be naughty...

Stella ~Hey, Look Ma, I Made It~ (thatgingertho) | 588 comments Yeeeah XD sowwy. Okay, so now we brainstorm ideas for a roleplay. Also, roleplay format isn't like

Person 1: *does a thing* blah blah
Person 2: *does a different thing* blah blah

It's more like
Person 1 did a thing and encountered person 2.

Kinda like you're telling a story from your character's point of view.... does that make sense? :/

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GhostCat | 98 comments Yeah
Sorta how we were doing it on text last time.

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GhostCat | 98 comments So can other people see this stuff? I'm assuming they can. *waves to random people*

Stella ~Hey, Look Ma, I Made It~ (thatgingertho) | 588 comments Yeah, you're right. And yes people can technically see this XD but only if they want to.
So, recap the Owen idea. I kinda forgot that...

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GhostCat | 98 comments Alright, Owen was born part demon. (Edgelord I know) His mom was a demon and his dad was a human. He wasn't raised by his parents, at the age of one he was left for Linus to find as he was leaving a bar one night. Linus found this little pale creature curled up in the back of his truck. When Owen was about three they discovered he was part human. He isn't some buff dude or anything, he's just your average looking loner. Except his eyes are always a shade of yellow and his pupils are like that of a cats soooo when he goes out he wears sunglasses and tells people he has sensitive eyes.

Stella ~Hey, Look Ma, I Made It~ (thatgingertho) | 588 comments Hmm... Okay. So, I'm going to tweak this a little bit, but you can feel free to object since it's your idea. So you're obviously going to be Owen. Is it okay if I play maybe a girl character that finds him? Maybe a really nice couple with one child finds him and takes him in and practically raises him or something? And then for the plot we've got Owen trying to find out what he is and why...?

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GhostCat | 98 comments We can do that.
We in this together so tweaks are gonna happen. Plus that sounds fun.

Stella ~Hey, Look Ma, I Made It~ (thatgingertho) | 588 comments Okays XP so there's our plot :) Now for character sheets. Basically just put in your main characters full name, age, gender, appearance, personality, and history. And you can even try and find some online pics to show better what they're like.

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GhostCat | 98 comments You do yours first. I gotta go find Owens stuff.

Stella ~Hey, Look Ma, I Made It~ (thatgingertho) | 588 comments Okay, usually I do a lot better on the computer... So is it okay if I post tomorrow?? :/

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GhostCat | 98 comments Yeah, that's fine. I sorta want to go get food anyway.

Stella ~Hey, Look Ma, I Made It~ (thatgingertho) | 588 comments Okays. WE SHALL CONTINUE TOMMOROW!!!! *flies off into the sunset*

Stella ~Hey, Look Ma, I Made It~ (thatgingertho) | 588 comments Okay, so I'm thinking I'll be the mom and Owen's half-sister. The half-sister will be my main character and I'll just have the mom on the side...

Name: Kiiara June Thurgood
(Or Kii, as she is fondly nicknamed)
Age: Almost 18 (was hoping her birthday could be during the roleplay...)
Gender: Female



Personality: Kiiara is an absolute tomboy that can be a perfect beauty queen as well. She is known around school and friends for being a tough girl that can stick up for herself and anyone that teases Owen, so naturally no one teases either of them. Besides that, she is also naturally kind to people. She can also be extremely silly, especially around her family.

History: Kiiara doesn't really remember much about when Owen came to the family, only that she is thankful he did. Kiiara never had another sibling besides Owen because something went wrong with her mother after she was born, so when they found Owen, it was like a blessing to Kiiara. Alas, they are siblings, so naturally they still argue, but Kiiara has always loved her brother with a passion, and is not afraid to stick up for him.

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GhostCat | 98 comments We can totally do birthdays during this :D

Name: Owen Jay Thurgood

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Human Appearance: Owen is pretty much that short pale kid. He's normally an inch under his peers. He has mustard colored eyes, but no one sees them often cause he wears sunglasses most of the time and tells people he's photophobic. Owen is registered as photophobic in school although new teachers still stop him from time to time to inform him sunglasses aren't allowed inside. His hair is naturally white, which still puzzles doctors. He has a 12mm gauge in his left ear, he did have a piercing on the right but the hole closed and he never got around to fixing it. On an average day Owen can be spotted wearing loose black jeans and a grey graphic tee. From the middle of Owen's back to his lower back he has three triangle tattoos that point downward. Each is smaller than the last, the bigger one being on the middle of his back and the smaller one on his lower back. There is also a larger triangle tattoo between his shoulders. He's had the tattoos since forever.

Demon Appearance: (I'll try to add a photo after this) Owen takes the form of a four legged creature with light grey skin and white fur on his underside. His eyes take a strong yellow color and the pupils are like that of a cats. At the shoulder he stands about three and a half feet tall. From his crown hes about four and a half feet tall. From nose to tail hes about eight maybe nine feet in length. His tail has four spikes at the end of it. On his back there are three retractable spikes that seem to correlate to the tattoos. On the back of his front legs there are black wings. His wing span is about twelve feet. He's never flown. There are four horns on his head. Two starting behind his crown and curving over his head and two that run parallel to his jaw.

Personality: Owen tends to be quiet. There is a temper under his quiet veil. He hides behind Kiiara since he tends to be a little awkward around people. Outside of social situations Owen is pretty confident in the world. He will do reckless things like crossing the street without looking and keying cars. The only one who really knows Owen is Kiiara. If it weren't for her the bullies in life probably would have been picking on Owen from the moment they saw him. Even though he has the protection of his sister it doesn't stop people from talking and small rumors.

History: Owen joined his family at a young age so he doesn't remember much before meeting them. Owen was born demon and that's all he knows, he was adopted not long after learning he's human too. Knowing he was the soul eating monster depicted in books never really bothered Owen, if anything it was sort of a confidence boost, which leads to his rebellious outbursts. As long as he can remember Owen has always had this little dark creature with him. It's able to appear on his skin in the form of tattoo between his shoulders. He's just sort of accepted that its part of his life and even named it Grendel.
Personal weirdness aside Owen loves his sister. Yes, she is annoying at times, but she means well. He trusts her with all of his secrets and thoughts. When it comes to Kiiara, Owen is protective. He will sit quietly and let her fight her own battles but when things start to get rough he steps up.

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GhostCat | 98 comments Now how the hell did u add photos...

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Stella ~Hey, Look Ma, I Made It~ (thatgingertho) | 588 comments So, if you want to add photos or gifs, use this link:

img src="https://www.goodreads.com/image..." width="40" height="100" alt="description"/

But instead of that link, substitute it with your own. Just go to whatever pic you wanna put there, click "copy image address", and then copy and paste it in between those quotation marks with the link. But be sure to erase that link first xD And then you should be able to alter the width and height too.
If you have troubles, just ask if you can FaceTime me and ill walk you through it xD

Stella ~Hey, Look Ma, I Made It~ (thatgingertho) | 588 comments Okay, so I guess I'm posting first xP Here goes...

Stella ~Hey, Look Ma, I Made It~ (thatgingertho) | 588 comments Kiiara practically sprinted out of her second-to-last period classroom. I'm so done with class today... she thought to herself. She made the mental decision to go and find Owen's last period and steal him from it. She began to walk towards his classroom, avoiding the frightened stares of sophomores who feared her, and high living the occasional boy that tended to walk by her. Most of her friends were boys, as it seemed, maybe because she was so tough. She didn't really care, though. Owen was kind of her priority.

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GhostCat | 98 comments Owen slipped out of his classroom with a white bathroom pass in hand, and his black backpack slung over his shoulder. He stuffed his hands into the pocket of his grey hoodie. The paper slip crinkled. He didn't really need to go to the restroom, classroom was making him feel claustrophobic. The students had been paired into groups of three and group activities aren't Owen's favorite.

Stella ~Hey, Look Ma, I Made It~ (thatgingertho) | 588 comments Kiiara rounded a corner, and ran directly into Owen, almost practically knocking down him and herself. "Oh, Owen, just the guy I wanted to see," she said with relieved grin, nudging him playfully. "What do you say we blow this popsicle stand and go to lunch at the diner down the street? I'll buy." Kiiara wiggled her eyebrows teasingly at him.
Kiiara was used to being Tough Girl, but whenever she was around Owen, she liked to be silly. He was kind of her relief. He made her feel like she didn't have to be tough sometimes.

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GhostCat | 98 comments A smile spread over Owen's face, "Sounds good to me." After rumpled up his bathroom pass he tossed it into a nearby trash bin. He adjusted his plastic sunglasses to better cover his eyes.

Stella ~Hey, Look Ma, I Made It~ (thatgingertho) | 588 comments "Great," Kiiara said, instantly looping her arm through his, Wizard of Oz style. "Lets go." She starting walking with him down the hallway and out to her car. "So, what made you want to skip class? Lord knows why you asked for a bathroom pass instead of just getting up and leaving. It's what I would've done." Kiiara laughed.

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GhostCat | 98 comments Owen let her pull him to the car before slipping from her arm. "Well, there were there stupid group projects and you know I don't like groups... Getting up and walking out was a bit to obvious." He opened the car door and helped himself to the passenger seat.

Stella ~Hey, Look Ma, I Made It~ (thatgingertho) | 588 comments Kii hopped in too, instantly revving the car and pulling out of the school parking lot. "Yeah, that's true. Still. The only reason I even bother going to school during this last week is because mom and dad want me to." Kii started driving towards the old-fashioned diner on the other side of town, near where they lived.

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GhostCat | 98 comments "Yeah, school sucks..." He took off his sunglasses, his pupils immediately shirking into little slits like a cat. Using his jacket he cleaned off the lenses before placing them back over his eyes. "So what's the plan for break?" He leaned onto the armrest of the door.

Stella ~Hey, Look Ma, I Made It~ (thatgingertho) | 588 comments "I don't really know yet," Kii admitted, keeping her eyes on the road. "I'm thinking about maybe trying to get a job. I'm not too sure, though." Kii ran into a pothole head on, making the car bounce. "Sorry." She laughed, not really sorry at all.

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GhostCat | 98 comments Owen shrugged, ignoring the pothole thing. " job sounds boring..." He set his gaze out the window. The scenery blurred by slowly, but he wasn't actually looking. "I want some fun," he sighed.

Stella ~Hey, Look Ma, I Made It~ (thatgingertho) | 588 comments Kii glanced at her brother, feeling a little bad. "Well," she began, being a little cautious, "We could always just take a few days for ourselves. We're turning eighteen next week. Why don't we go somewhere?"

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GhostCat | 98 comments "Sounds nice," Owen sighed. "Where would we go? I sort of lack money." Job searching has never been on Owen's to-do list. Keeping his room clean was already a lot of work.

Stella ~Hey, Look Ma, I Made It~ (thatgingertho) | 588 comments ((Owen sounds like you XD))

"Well, I could always ask mom and dad for a loan. Considering how many times I've cleaned house I think they owe me." Kii joked, glancing at her brother with a small smile.

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GhostCat | 98 comments ((Yeah, I'm really lazy lol))

Owen smiled, "true." Kii is normally the one who'd tell him to clean his room. It's probably for the best since he wouldn't clean it if she didn't. "So where would you like to go?"

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Stella ~Hey, Look Ma, I Made It~ (thatgingertho) | 588 comments ((For the sake of the roleplay I'm just gonna say that they live in Vegas xP))

"Well, I'm thinking maybe we could go up to Utah or something. Get some fresh air, maybe," Kii suggested. "Unless you have an idea?" Kii glanced at her brother again. Even after years of living with him, she still wasn't very used to his eyes. They were... Cool. She loved them. And sometimes, she couldn't help but stare. She'd explained this to him a lot of times before, but she was still scared of offending him. She snapped her eyes back to the road.

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GhostCat | 98 comments The small glance hadn't gone unnoticed. Owen didn't mind, he understood how strange it must look. Some times it even felt weird to have his eyes. He adjusted his glasses to try and hide his eyes better. "Utah sounds cool," Owen said remembering the last time they had gone their. The fresh air had felt amazing.

Stella ~Hey, Look Ma, I Made It~ (thatgingertho) | 588 comments "Great," Kii said with a smile, turning into the small parking lot of the diner. "Utah it is, then." She turned the car off and got out, adjusting her ruffled clothes, brushing off he dust that tended to fly around her car endlessly. "Come on, ya slowpoke, I wanna try some mexican hot chocolate." she called out lightly, acting a little annoying without really realizing it.

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GhostCat | 98 comments Owen smiled and left his bag in the car. "I'm coming," he followed at his usual pace. His shoes shuffling the little bits of gravel in the lot.

Stella ~Hey, Look Ma, I Made It~ (thatgingertho) | 588 comments Kii pushed open the door to the shop, the little bells on top of it jingling. "Booth or bar stools?" She asked Owen, gesturing vaguely around the diner. Kii could smell all the burgers and lunch foods that were being prepped, and tried her best not to let her mouth water.

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GhostCat | 98 comments "Uh...booth," Owen pointed to a booth by the window. The smell of the food was certainly distracting, but Owen has never been excited over food. For some reason it just wasn't as interesting to him.

Stella ~Hey, Look Ma, I Made It~ (thatgingertho) | 588 comments Kii strolled over to the booth and plopped down, reclining into the old leather seats she'd come to know and love over the years. She picked up the little paper menu next to the napkins and scanned it. "Man, I'm starving," she said, eyes landing on the country-fried steak. "I think some country-fried steak and some hot chocolate will do nicely for me." she said with a smile, sliding the menu over to Owen.

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GhostCat | 98 comments Owen sighed and opened the menu, his appetite just wasn't there. "Think I'll get a water and some fries..." He closed the menu and leaned against the window frame.

Stella ~Hey, Look Ma, I Made It~ (thatgingertho) | 588 comments "Is everything okay?" Kii asked him, concern very obvious in her eyes. "Usually you've got more of an appetite. What happened at school?" Kii propped her elbows on the table and leaned forward a little while biting the inside of her lip. A nervous habit.

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GhostCat | 98 comments "Eh," Owen gave a small shrug. "It's nothing..." His hand found its way to the back of his neck where he started to itch. He really didn't feel like explaining things, Owen's life was already weird enough.

Stella ~Hey, Look Ma, I Made It~ (thatgingertho) | 588 comments Kii noticed the gesture. "Your little tattoo friend bugging you?" She asked, nodding in the direction of his shoulder. She hadn't heard Owen talk much about his other side of himself in a while. She wondered why sometimes...

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GhostCat | 98 comments His cheeks flushed slightly, and he pulled his hand from his neck. "Yeah, I'm fine. Really." Owen had managed to keep his "little tattoo friend" in check all year. Sure, there was the incident with the brownies, but Grendel hasn't acted out of his control since.

Stella ~Hey, Look Ma, I Made It~ (thatgingertho) | 588 comments Kii raised an eyebrow at him. "I know you better than that, Owen," she said skeptically. "Something's bothering you." Kii crossed her arms and leaned back, almost daring him to deny it. She was kind of being a "tough love" person at the moment, but she knew something was wrong...

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GhostCat | 98 comments Owen sighed, "It's.." His cheeks reddened. "It's just someone. I really don't want to talk about it. It's nothing." He fiddled with the straw wrapper on the table.

Stella ~Hey, Look Ma, I Made It~ (thatgingertho) | 588 comments "Is it that one chick that you've been falling for? The one with that blonde hair dyed blue at the ends?" Kii asked, eyebrow raised and a half-smirk on her face. "She's cute." Kii said, looking down at the menu for a moment.

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GhostCat | 98 comments Even Owens ears turned red as he tried to hide his smile. He pulled his hoodie over his read and rested his head on the table.

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