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message 1: by Sue (new)

Sue (spaltor) | 10 comments Mod
Discussion thread for Book one.

message 2: by Lee (new)

Lee | 12 comments Nice timing, I just finished this a week or so ago.

message 3: by Jarrah (new)

Jarrah (jarrahpenguin) | 34 comments Mod
So I'm a few chapters in and have some questions and observations to start off our discussion:

1) How do folks feel about the way we're introduced to Captain Una and her accomplishments? I for one loved seeing how badass and smart she was, and universally respected. But I wasn't sure she needed another reason to be nicknamed "Number One" besides First Officer-ship. I guess they wanted to keep being able to call her that at different points in her life?
2) Did others notice the diverse choices for background characters? I loved that they incorporated more women and people of colour in these roles, like Lt. Charlene Masters. Reading the book you can imagine the Enterprise crew is almost 50% women, even though the intent was 1/3.
3) One thing I thought was odd was in the first Captain's log when Kirk talks about them going to "Chippewa Prime." They are obviously trying hard to be diverse with the characters, ship and planet names. But for an Anglicized version of the Indigenous word it's more correct to say Ojibwe now, so wouldn't you hope that's something a modern book would catch?

Anyway, very much enjoying Book 1 so far. Looking forward to your thoughts!

message 4: by Jarrah (new)

Jarrah (jarrahpenguin) | 34 comments Mod
Just finished book one. Interested in your thoughts on the following questions:

1) We've talked before on the podcast about Mary Sues. Do you think Number One would be considered a "Mary Sue" if this had been written by a woman, and if so, what does that say about the "Mary Sue" narrative?
2) What did you think about the portrayal of the Usildar natives?
3) What were your thoughts on the way the Jatohr were portrayed as genderless?

Look forward to hearing your thoughts!

message 5: by Lee (new)

Lee | 12 comments Now I'm struggling to remember anything about it.
1) I did like that she was respected, almost looked up to, by Kirk and Spock. The name did seem over-the-top (especially since I had seen some other fanfic which named her that I'd liked better: she was Christine Chapel's cousin or half-sister, thus the family resemblance).
2) I don't remember that now, to be honest.
3) It might be more correct now, but this is far in the future, there may have been some other reason to name the world that.
Second/1) I hadn't thought of her as a "Mary Sue", the cynical part of me suspects there's someone out there who has, regardless of author. There may be someone who would say that about a female writer, too.
2/2) I remember thinking that they seemed like believable characters, ones scarred by bad experiences with the aliens.

message 6: by Mike (last edited Jan 14, 2017 12:07PM) (new)

Mike Crate | 9 comments Jarrah wrote: "Just finished book one. Interested in your thoughts on the following questions:

1) It's only been in the last few years the Mary Sue description made me aware of the trend to well marginalise female characters who go beyond what some consider the norm. Given what little I know yes I would expect in another franchise and if the book was written by a women the phrase would at some point crop up. Of course we know from the Star Trek pilot that "number one" was an exception "specimen" and for everyone female (of any species) there are a dozen or more male equivalents who will get a pass from reviewers and readers.
2) The Usildar as a non-technology population were described and presented well, there was from my point of view as the reader a level of compassion and understanding for them. We see everyday in every nation how a few can dominate many so it may have been that Greg went out of his way to make sure the reader was not given anything negative to hang their hat on.
3) The Jathor were an interesting species and given the diversity of the galaxy (and beyond) it suits Trek down to the ground to present a species who are different from the majority but still react in many of the same ways, we may not understand the species (yet) but their motivations and reactions to their time on Usildar are easy to comprehend.

message 7: by June (new)

June | 3 comments Had to go and read what 'Mary Sue' meant. According to the definition I read, at first glance, Number One would classify, but since she is so awesome in the pilot, she gets to remain unlabeled.

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