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message 1: by Aaron, Jedi Master (new)

Aaron Goins (avgoins) | 213 comments Mod
How is everyone enjoying the book so far?

message 2: by Aaron, Jedi Master (new)

Aaron Goins (avgoins) | 213 comments Mod
The book is starting out really slow for me (I'm maybe halfway through.) It seems very similar to the Kenobi novel where he was on a backwater planet interacting with farmers and he had to hide his powers. Doesn't allow for a lot of excitement.

The opening with Maul was pretty awesome and I was hoping for that to last longer. I need a book about that battle at Mandalore and what led to Ahsoka joining forces with the Jedi again.

The flashback scene with details on Ahsoka helping to fake Rex's death was pretty cool too.

message 3: by Bruce (new)

Bruce | 137 comments I'm with you, Aaron. The book is a little slow for me, but I'm hoping it picks up. It hasn't been something I haven't been in a hurry to pick up to continue reading. I have hope that when I really start digging deep into the book, I won't want to put it down.

message 4: by Kev (new)

Kev (sporadicreviews) | 24 comments I finished it pretty quickly - it's a quick read.
I enjoyed it. Agreed that the intro part on Mandalore was over too quickly.

I didn't think it was slow (I didn't like the Obi-Wan book), but that might be because I'm a fan of the character and want more stories about her. (not that I'm not a Ben fan...)

message 5: by Amy (new)

Amy I am really enjoying the book so far. I don't feel like it is too slow. Ahsoka's introspection and processing of her grief are very poignant, very well done.

message 6: by Matt (new)

Matt Neve | 3 comments 100 pages in and have to agree with the pacing comments. Not much has happened but with the Empire being involved something is bound to happen.

The flashbacks are a nice touch and I feel these add a lot more to Ahsoka's character than the actual story being told. Really hope we get the siege of Mandalore one day.

message 7: by Myles (new)

Myles Fletcher | 5 comments I'm a little over a third of the way through this book and I am REALLY struggling. It is just so dry and uneventful. I do see the similarities between it and Kenobi but I still enjoyed the overall story of Kenobi. I just don't feel like this story has enough weight to the grander saga. I just don't know if I care to finish it. Anyone offer any motivation to continue?

message 8: by Matt (new)

Matt Neve | 3 comments I'm around 100 pages from the finish and it does get a little better as some well known characters get involved. I haven't read Kenobi but I was very excited for this novel, I just feel like it's a chance wasted.

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