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message 1: by Eden (new)

Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 1365 comments Mod
So, Boss x Secretary, right?

message 2: by Carson (new)

Carson | 101 comments Of course! Which do you wanna be?

message 3: by Eden (new)

Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 1365 comments Mod
Either is fine with me.

message 4: by Carson (new)

Carson | 101 comments I'd like to be the male if that's okay:) I could be the secretary

message 5: by Eden (new)

Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 1365 comments Mod
Thats fine.

message 6: by Carson (new)

Carson | 101 comments Alright:) will you make your character first?

message 7: by Eden (new)

Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 1365 comments Mod
Sure. Lets say she's a multi millionaire with a bunch of companies and stuff. Thats how I envisioned her.

Name: Phoenix Campbell
Age: 27
Appearance: http://pin.it/bGNEmU8

message 8: by Carson (last edited Oct 18, 2016 03:13AM) (new)

Carson | 101 comments I'm going to say he's a sourthern boy turned city for work

Name: Colton Phillips

Age: 25

Appearance: http://data.whicdn.com/images/1256215...

message 9: by Eden (new)

Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 1365 comments Mod

message 10: by Carson (new)

Carson | 101 comments Will you start us out

message 11: by Eden (new)

Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 1365 comments Mod

Phoenix walked into her company and walked straight up to the elevator where she was taken to the top floor where her office was. She walked out of the elevator when she reached and shed her jacket, handing it to her secretary. "I'd like my morning coffee and water in 15 minutes, please." She said.

message 12: by Carson (new)

Carson | 101 comments "Yes ma'am."Colton nodded his southern accent as thick as usual. He hated his boss sometimes she never even said good morning. He was just her little slave most of the time running stupid errands or picking up her sexy night items. She probably knew most people in the office called her names because of how she worked them but a rich woman like Phoenix could easily afford a few enemies and a few thousand new employees. She could hire as much eye candy as she pleased and nobody would raise an eyebrow

message 13: by Eden (new)

Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 1365 comments Mod
Phoenix went to her office and stood in front of her large windows for a few moments, soaking in the warm morning sun. She was in a better mood than usual. She threw her head back and inhaled deeply with her hands on her hips. Then she turned around and walked back to her desk. She grabbed an envelope, stacked with papers and put them under her hand on the table so she didn't forget them.

message 14: by Carson (new)

Carson | 101 comments Colton carefully carried her requested items into her office setting it in the usual place. He couldn't help admire her body when she wasn't looking. He wasn't brave enough to let her catch him eyeing her body and he wasn't willing to lose his position. She chose him out of many applicants and he was thankful for the chance. " Do you need anything else ma'am..?" He asked her softly biting his lip hard.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 1365 comments Mod
Phoenix looked up and offered a small smile. "Thank you, Master Colton," she said, before handing him the envelope with the stack of papers. "Please keep these until my Lawyer comes and then give them to him," she said and grabbed her coffee, sipping it.

message 16: by Carson (new)

Carson | 101 comments "Yes ma'am.." Colton nodded and took the papers from her carefully his hand brushing against hers gently. He took a deep breath before exiting her office. He sat down at his desk and started working on his usual paperwork that he did for Phoenix. He shook his head slightly and waited for her lawyer to show up. The man was always late and the rumor in the office was that he was seeing Phoenix romantically also.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 1365 comments Mod
Phoenix was doing her usual work before she remembered and called Colton on the office phone, "if my husband calls, tell him I'm busy." Her lawyer came to pick up the papers while she was busy. When he was gone, Phoenix's husband rang on the office phone so Colton had to answer. She had blocked him from being able to call her cell phone.

message 18: by Carson (new)

Carson | 101 comments "Hello Phoenix Campbell's line." Colton responded and waited for her husband to yell at him like usual." Sir she is busy and I have told you that already. I'm sorry I cannot help you." He chuckled as soon as the angry man hung up after calling Colton as many names as possible. Colton picked up the phone and rang his bosses office." He called and isn't happy. He is threatening to come down here and break the doors down ma'am."

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 1365 comments Mod
Phoenix let out a sigh. "I'd be more worried about a lost pen, but thank you," she said and looked down at her papers. "Come collect these papers for reviewing, please," she hung up and turned back to her work.

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Carson | 101 comments Colton sighed and walked back into her office." Ma'am are you alright?" He asked her softly. He was hoping to try and make her feel better. He reached for the papers on her desk that she wanted him to review.

message 21: by Eden (new)

Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 1365 comments Mod
Phoenix looked up at him, a little surprised. "Fine," she said to him. "I'd like these papers back in an hour," she told him quietly and turned to her computer.

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Carson | 101 comments Colton nodded and left her office with paperwork." Who am I fucking kidding. I'm just a lousy secretary. She wouldn't even look at me like I'm a person.. why would she talk to me about her problems." He muttered softly to himself beforing going through the papers. He slid his hand through his hair slightly before looking at his emails on the computer.

(I'm going to change his appearance..))

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 1365 comments Mod
Phoenix paused her work when he was gone, thinking about him. She'd never really thought of her secretary as much more than an employee and she wasn't sure if she should start now. Especially with the things going on with her husband. She sighed and opened up her email. She rolled her eyes at one from her husband and opened the one from her lawyer. She read it over and emailed him back.


message 24: by Carson (new)

Carson | 101 comments Colton got up and brought her all of the paperwork he finished. He was probably one of the better secretary's that she has ever had. He finished all of his work early and accurately. He knew how she liked her coffee and how she liked her wine for the late office nights. He set the papers down on her desk and quickly excused himself. Colton sat back at his desk and read through all of his emails looking for any changes.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 1365 comments Mod
Phoenix stood up and walked out. "My jacket, please," she said to Colton, her phone in her hand while she texted. She looked up at him and then stared at his retreating ass.

message 26: by Carson (new)

Carson | 101 comments Colton handed her jacket and smiled." Here you go ma'am.." he felt like she was watching him. He slid his hand through his messy hair as he picked up a pen on the floor.

message 27: by Eden (new)

Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 1365 comments Mod
"When's my next meeting?" Phoenix asked, shrugging the jacket on while she waited for his answer. She put her phone in her pocket, nodding at someone who passed and nodded at her.

message 28: by Carson (new)

Carson | 101 comments " Your next meeting is 1:30." Colton told her smiling. He looked at his computer screen." And security just emailed me saying your husband is driving around the parking lot waiting for you to come outside." He couldn't help but admire her face. She was as beautiful as a painting.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 1365 comments Mod
"Good, at least I want have to go looking for him," she said. "Cancel my last two meetings, tonight," she said, patiently waiting for him. "I'll be back before my next one." She said.

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Carson | 101 comments "Yes ma'am I'll get right on it."Colton sat down at his computer to pull up her meeting schedule and to call the people to inform them the meeting were cancelled. He felt like Phoenix was watching him." Is there anything else you need ma'am while you are away?" He asked he'd gently smiling.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 1365 comments Mod
Phoenix looked over at him, "just have some more coffee for me when I come back," she said before she gave him a nod and walked away. She found her husband easily, gave him a piece of her mind and then she went back up to her office.

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Carson | 101 comments Colton mad early her fresh coffee and sat in his office. He was wondering if it was true the Phoenix had cameras around his office and hers. He shrugged and untucked his button up shirt. He grabbed some of his tattoo cream and put it on the tattoo near his abs carefully. He closed his eyes and put a bandage on it to keep his button up looking fresh.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 1365 comments Mod
Phoenix walked in just as he started applying the gel. She froze for a moment, caught off guard. She stared at him for a moment before she calmly walked inside her office. She took a deep breath and sat, closing her eyes for a few moments. He was her assistant. She wasn't supposed to think of him that way.

message 34: by Carson (new)

Carson | 101 comments Colton retucked his shirt in and sighed softly. He wondered if Phoenix came in while he was distracted. He hurried and got her a cup of coffee and brought her a muffin like usual. He opened her door carefully."Sorry ma'am I didn't see you come in.." he said softly setting the food in front of her

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 1365 comments Mod
Phoenix nodded. She'd forgotten all about food. She hadn't had any all day. "Thank you," she answered him, sipping her coffee. "Where'd you get it?" She asked quietly before he could leave. It was the first time she'd shown any real interest in anyone beyond her work and her husband.

message 36: by Carson (new)

Carson | 101 comments "Oh you saw my tattoo. I got that one down the street from my friend Josh. He has done most of my tattoo." Colton smiled slightly and unbuttoned the sleeves of his shirt to reveal the tattoos on his arms."I usually keep them well hidden I'm sorry if showing them bothers you ma'am." He rebuttoned the sleeves up and rubbed his chest slightly. He was nervous about his job now

message 37: by Eden (new)

Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 1365 comments Mod
She watched him and then shook her head, "no, not at all." She said. "I have my own admiration for tattoos as well," she admitted, staring at his arms.

message 38: by Carson (new)

Carson | 101 comments Colton looked into her eyes slightly." Yes well ma'am do you need anything?" He asked her softly.He walked out when she didn't answer. He wasn't used to her talking to him about anything but coffee and work. He sat down at his computer and thought of the gorgeous woman in the office behind him. He bit his lip slightly and leaned back in his chair rubbing his abs

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 1365 comments Mod
Phoenix started to respond but he was already gone. She frowned but didn't call him back. She sighed and put all her work away.

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Carson | 101 comments Colton brought all of his finished work into Phoenix's office." Here you go ma'am.. can I help you with anything.?" He asked her gently blushing slightly. He bit his lip slightly looking at his dress shoes. His girlfriend sent him a nude picture before he walked in and he was trying to hide the evidence by being awkward.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 1365 comments Mod
Phoenix looked up when he came in. She saw him flushed and figured he was just exhausted. "No, thank you," she said. "You're free to leave, if you'd like," she said, looked back down at her work. "I think I'm fine for the rest of the day," she said because he was distracting her and she didn't expect to finish working any time soon.

message 42: by Carson (new)

Carson | 101 comments Colton and nodded walking out of her office. He wasn't going to leave early. He knew that she had his cell phone number if she needed him but he always stayed late with her to make sure she at least ate something for dinner. He chuckled sitting down in his chair this was the usual routine. He looked on his computer reading emails again. Most of the staff was leaving and Colton was tired of his button up shirt he unbuttoned it slowly and pulled his t-shirt out of his bag sliding it on.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 1365 comments Mod
Phoenix didn't leave her office and she didn't do any work, either. She got up and grabbed some wine from her minifridge. Then she got seated on her couch in front of a relatively large tv. She turned it on and started looking for a movie, trusting that Colton had left.

message 44: by Carson (new)

Carson | 101 comments Colton sighed hearing her television turn on. He ordered her usual Chinese food takeout and brought it into her office when it arrived. He avoided her eye contact as he sat the food next to her." Goodnight ma'am.." he responded softly. His T-shirt easily showing off his abs. He felt bad that she spent her nights in the office.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 1365 comments Mod
Phoenix sat up suddenly, thinking it was her husband. She usually went home to sleep but that night, she couldn't bare to even look at her husband, let alone lay with him. She saw Colton and relaxed. "I thought you left," she said, sipping her fourth glass of wine. She was just a little more than tipsy.

message 46: by Carson (new)

Carson | 101 comments " No ma'am somebody needs to make sure you eat food." Colton chuckled softly and looked into her eyes." I might be a measly assistant but I enjoy making sure you are alright in the ways I can. " he told her gently and looked at the wine she was drinking it was his moms favorite so he chuckled slightly." I'm also sorry I scared you.." he responded softly rubbing his abs again before stretching

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 1365 comments Mod
Phoenix set her wine glass down and reached down to tiredly pull her heels off. She pulled her feet onto the couch and curled up in a little ball. "You're not measly," she said. "You're actually quite helpful," she explained and looked up at him. "Don't worry about it," she said when he apologized. "You enjoy helping me..." she said thoughtfully, the wine working its magic.

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Carson | 101 comments " Of course I do.. I feel bad sometimes because I hear you cry in your office." Colton told her softly looking at his hands. He looked at her gorgeous legs following them up to her beautiful face." I just want to help you like you help everyone else." He bit his lips softly

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 1365 comments Mod
Phoenix sighed and rubbed her eyes. She had yet to remove her make up, "you're not supposed to know about that," she said, staring at him. "Sit," she ordered, pointing to the seat next to her.

message 50: by Carson (new)

Carson | 101 comments Colton nodded and sat next to her quietly."yes ma'am.." he looked at her carefully wondering what she would be saying to him. He looked around quickly

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