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message 1: by Logan (new)

Logan (logannance) | 5 comments I am proud to say that my first novel, Valqis: the Search, is ready for beta readers. It is a fantasy story about a man who is seeking to reach his love that has been taken by the antagonist, and the trials and tribulations that beset him along the way.

If this is something that you would be interested in reading, please send me an e-mail or reply to this post with your kindle e-mail address and I can send you a copy of the book. Unfortunately, at this time, the book is only available in Kindle format, mainly due to not knowing the format requirements for Nook, or Apple iBooks.

Thank you in advance for your taking the time to read this post, the book that it is about, and any constructive criticism that you might have that may make the book better for its release.


message 2: by Logan (new)

Logan (logannance) | 5 comments Excerpt for review:
The first of Edus’ two moons are just cresting the horizon as the rider spurs his steed towards the walls of the capital city of Dotard, his long brown trench coat flaps in the easterly breeze as he. He drops his body toward the horse’s mane, pushing it faster, trying to close the gap between him and his long forgotten home. As he does so, a high-powered halogen light perched on top of the wall catches the movement of the horse and rider and the intense beam of white light focuses in on the stranger, who pulls his hat down to shield his eyes from the ray. “Halt! The city walls have closed for the night, and none are allowed inside by order of Her Majesty the Queen of the Babblean Empire, Carlita Elizabeth Voshyn, without a proper reason for entrance.” The rider continues to ride on, as if he does not hear the command for him to stop. As he draws closer to the city walls, the sound of gunfire from high atop the wall ricochets thru the valley and rocks and dust kick up around the rider. Finally, he pulls the horse to a stop and stares indignantly at the light as the command is repeated.
After a moment, the rider finally pulls back his hat and looks into the light, using his hand to shield as much of the ray as possible. “I am a resident of this fair city, having returned from a long journey to stay and wed my fiancée, who is waiting for me inside these walls. I pray thee, kind sir, let me pass. My papers will show that I belong here.” He reaches inside his coat with his other hand and pulls out an envelope with an official Hinter Empire seal on it and waves it at the light. “You can look if you have doubts.”

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