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Annie Arcane (anniearcane) | 2365 comments Mod
Share a link to your own blog post HERE

PROMPT: Are you sure?

Remember to make suggestions for next week in the comments (of the above link) too! It's kinda hard to play the game without them haha!

Ready. Set. Go!

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Jane Blythe Another great one, Mistress Ann, and I made my prompt suggestion

I'm writing mine right now, I know the ending, just gotta work on the beginning

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Jane Blythe Here's mine . . .

"Come on, you're being ridiculous."

"I'm being ridiculous?" she couldn't have injected any more incredulity into her voice if she'd tried.

"Yes," he said simply. So simply it made her blood boil.

"Pull the car over to the side of the road," she ordered.


"No? Who do you think you are? We're supposed to be a couple, we're supposed to discuss things, make decisions together."

Apparently that was funny, because he chuckled. "I thought you were just ordering me to pull over."

Tears burned her eyes. Angry tears she assured herself, not hurt tears. "How can you be laughing after what you did tonight?"

"Honey, I didn't do anything." His soothing tone had the opposite effect and only worked her up more.

"Are you sure? Are you sure about that?"

"I'm sure, and you are too. Once your jealousy calms down anyway," he added.

"You kissed her." The scene replayed in her head and she wished she could gouge out the memory and throw it away. But she couldn't. She was stuck with it. Forever.

"Actually, she kissed me."

"Splitting hairs," she scoffed.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know she'd be there tonight, if I had then I would have prepared you. But, honey, you knew that I had a past. And that's just what it is; my past. You're my future. I love you." He took his eyes off the road to meet her gaze. One hand left the steering wheel to take hers and he brought it to his lips, kissing her palm, then pressing his lips to the sensitive skin of her wrist, sending shivers rocketing through her.

Her anger melted a little, as did the pain that had knifed her when that gorgeous blonde had plastered herself all over the man she loved. She opened her mouth to speak but it turned into a scream when something appeared in the road in front of them.

The car swerved and he quickly returned his other hand to the steering wheel. He tried to regain control of the car but it was too late. The roads were wet from days of near torrential rain and the tires skidded, the car fishtailed and then headed straight for a tree.

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Amanda Siegrist (amandasiegrist) So good! Both of you. And a cliffhanger, Princess Jane. *sighs* You better write what happens to them next week.

Gotta get the kids ready for school and then I'll work on mine:)

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Annie Arcane (anniearcane) | 2365 comments Mod

I love it, Princess Jane! Fluffin' looooove it!!! Best. Ending. Ever.


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Annie Arcane (anniearcane) | 2365 comments Mod
@Miss Mary Ellen: Here's your flash fic for this week, ma'am!

You accidently put it in the comments of my personal author site LMAO!! You can either share in here or make your own blog either on Goodreads or with a free site (Wordpress, Blogger, Wix, etc.) and post a link here:

You're totally welcome to actually help out and make a suggestion on my website though. Thanks a bunch!!


No blog so….The actual words do not appear but the sentiment is present.

Rachel sat naked at the edge of the bed in the darkness. Eli’s regular breathing told her he did not suffer her same affliction. She shivered in the cool night air. She reached down and picked up whatever clothing was near. It was Eli’s shirt. She slipped her arms into it and wrapped it around her. It was far too big and the arms too long, but it didn’t matter. She just needed something to ward off the cold.
Cold, like a body, in a grave. She swallowed hard and fought tears thinking about how she had found him. The lid pried off. His body half in and half out of the coffin. She had fired a shotgun in the direction of what she suspected were her pro – Union neighbors, who had come to send her a message. Lord knows what they would have done to desecrate his body if she had not been awake in the middle of the night that night, as she was tonight.
She had fallen into a blissful slumber in Eli’s arms hours ago. As usual, she did not have peace for long. The effects of the tincture had worn thin. In her dreams, accusatory blue eyes haunted her. She could not be sure if he was looking down from heaven or up from hell, but no matter where he was, he would be fuming at her and his brother for what they had done earlier tonight in this very bed.
She stood and went to the tent flap. When she untied it, she glanced back. She lifted the flap and stepped out onto the boards outside that Eli had smartly extended beyond the entrance to keep things cleaner inside. She stood a moment and looked up at the carpet of stars across the heavens. How many times had she and Zeke looked at these same stars? Was he was up there now among them?
She heard Eli move in the bed. “Rachel?”
“Out here.”
The boards creaked under his feet. The tent flap lifted, he stepped out wearing nothing but his drawers. He put his arms around her from behind and put his cheek on hers. “You a’rite?” She nodded. He turned her around to face him. He pulled her chin up and looked her in the eyes. “What’s wrong?”
“What if,” her voice faltered, “if …he’s alive?”
Eli frowned. “You buried him.”
“I buried a body they said was him. But,”
“You didn’t see it when they dug him up?” He let go of her chin. “Not that I blame you. I wouldn’t have wanted to see him like that. Especially not for the last time.”
“The body was…” she took a shaky breath, “not recognizable.”
He drew in his lips. “I’m sorry you had to see that.”
“The height was right but too thin.”
“Eight months would do that. Them Yankee bastards had plenty of food, but starved our boys, cuz of Andersonville.” He huffed and paced. She stood silent. He stopped facing her. “Look at me.” She lifted her head. “You know Zeke. If he were alive, nothing, nothing would keep him from coming back to you. It’s been nigh on ten months since Appomattox. Even if he crawled every step of the way, he’d have been home by now. Much as we wish it weren’t true, he’s gone.”
She sniffled. He reached for her. She stepped back. “My head says what you say is true, but my heart…can’t accept it.” She bit her lip and tears welled in her eyes.

message 7: by Jane (new)

Jane Blythe Amanda wrote: "So good! Both of you. And a cliffhanger, Princess Jane. *sighs* You better write what happens to them next week.

Gotta get the kids ready for school and then I'll work on mine:)"

Thank you, Queen Amanda, it depends on what the prompt is as to whether or not there's an ending to this one

Looking forward to reading yours

message 8: by Jane (new)

Jane Blythe Annie wrote: "*SQUEEEE*

I love it, Princess Jane! Fluffin' looooove it!!! Best. Ending. Ever.


Thank you, Mistress Ann

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Amanda Siegrist (amandasiegrist) I've had a busy day. But here's what I got. Working on book two of one of my series...

“What the he** do you want?”

“What would you say if I said you?” He arched a brow as a silky smile lit his face.

Danny smothered his laugh, making sure to keep his smile firmly in place. Laughing at this woman would do him no good. But da**, she looked gorgeous when she got all fired up. His words had definitely fired her up, and confused her a little.

Confused him too.

He had no idea where those words came from. They just sorta slipped out when she spoke. He hadn’t realized how much he missed her.

Missed her? How could he possibly have missed this woman? She aggravated him more than anything else. Yet, she managed to make him smile when he rarely did anymore. Even Deke told him he needed to lighten up and have some fun.

“I’m shocked. I seem to have rendered the all-mighty Kat speechless.”

“Ugh. Wipe that grin off your face. Quit jerking me around. We both know how much we really like each other. We’re barely civil, and only for Aubrey’s sake.”

Danny straightened up and finally wiped the smirk off his face. Aubrey. His sister. Da**, he missed her too. A lot. “Where is my sister?” He pushed past Kat, ignoring the irritating groan she elicited and looked around his sister’s apartment. It looked the same as the last time he visited.

Unlived-in. Empty. Hollow. Sort of like his heart.

“She called you. I know she did. You know da** well she’s not here.”

He turned around. “Why the he** are you here? Did the sheriff—”

Kat advanced on him, poking him hard in the chest. “Don’t you dare say one nasty word about my brother. Just don’t. You know Aubrey is still recovering. She has good days and she has bad days. Can you try calling Logan by his name instead of ‘the sheriff’?”

Danny shrugged and took a step back. Standing so close to her wasn’t a good idea. The reason behind that, well, he didn’t want to look too deep into it. She was right. They barely got along. He had only been teasing her when he said he wanted her. Only teasing.

“He is the sheriff.”

“You know it upsets Aubrey when you call him that. She loves him. He loves her. Why can’t you just be happy for them?”

“Aubrey’s not here, and unless you’re gonna go crying to her what I say…” He arched a brow as he let that sink in. Kat lifted a brow right back just like he knew she would. “She sounded better on the phone. She said she would come to pack up her apartment. To visit me.”

To his surprise, Kat stepped closer and laid a hand on his chest. This time he couldn’t find the energy to back away. Not when her touch calmed the raging pain inside.

“Danny, she is getting better. She wanted to come. She really did. Yet, I could see the fear in her eyes, hear it in her voice.”

“But why? She’s safe now. That bastard’s behind bars. This is her home.” God, he sounded pathetic and desperate to his own ears. He hated thinking about how his sister was hurt. He really should’ve killed the bastard when he had the chance.

“She didn’t say she was scared to come. She wouldn’t. Aubrey is one of the toughest women I know, which I’m sure she gets from you.” Kat smiled, drawing out another small smile from him. “She needs a little more time. It’s almost Christmas. Why don’t you celebrate it with us? Bring Deke.”

At the mention of his best friend and partner’s name, he backed away from her. The minute her hand fell away, the pain scorched his heart like a hot iron poker.

Why would he need to bring Deke? Sure, he was like a brother to Aubrey. More like he’d keep the peace between him and the Caldwell family. Kat knew that. She obviously wanted a buffer so he wouldn’t cause problems. It’s not like he wanted to cause problems. He wanted to fix them. He wanted to help Aubrey recover. “Maybe.”

She rolled her eyes and walked around him. “Why are you here again? I know Aubrey called you. I don’t need a babysitter to pack her stuff, and I certainly don’t need help. I can handle this.”

He followed her to the kitchen, attempting to keep his eyes off her a**. It was a pretty useless attempt. No matter how hard he tried, he could never keep his eyes off this woman. He never understood it either. They rarely got along. Fighting and arguing over what was best for his sister. That’s what they were good at.

He knew Kat’s brother loved his sister, but da** if he still wanted to hate the man for taking his sister away from him. She should’ve come home to Florida with him. He should be the one helping her to heal, to take care of her. He screwed up taking care of her, letting her get kidnapped. He had to redeem himself somehow.

But no. The da** Caldwell family was helping his sister to heal and he wanted to hate them all. Right now, he wanted to hate Kat the most. Because she stood right in front of him.

“She did call me. She asked me to check on her apartment, but somehow failed to mention you’d be in it.”

Kat whipped around. Her long blonde hair, tied up in a ponytail, swung in a graceful arc, reminding him of an Amazon goddess.

An Amazon goddess? Really. What the he** did one of those look like anyway? Beautiful. Strong. Tough.

Why did he have to think of Kat as anything more than a nuisance?

Not the way he wanted his mind to trail. He hated this family. He needed to.

Kat slammed her hands to her hips. “She wouldn’t. You’re jerking me around again. She had to tell you I was coming to pack up her things.”

He smiled. Wow, for the third time. That had to be a record in the past few months. “Are you sure? Perhaps you don’t know my sister as well as you thought. She’s a troublemaker.”

“Aubrey’s a sweetheart.”

His smile grew. “When she wants to be. Need I remind you that I raised my sister during her formidable teenage years. Complete troublemaker. Somehow, I picture you the same way.”

Kat closed the distance between them and poked his chest. “You know nothing about me. I’d like you to leave now. You know why I’m here, so let me do my thing.”

His eyes grazed down to where her finger still pressed against his chest. He really didn’t like when she touched him. It made him want to touch her all over. That was the last thing he should do. That was the last thing he should even think about.

“Have I ever told you that you’re beautiful when you get angry?”

Her eyes grew wide, then simmered with heat. Yeah, she remembered alright. He had said that to her before. It shocked the he** out of him the first time he said it, just as it shocked him now. He couldn’t seem to keep his words in check. She did things to him he didn’t understand.


Slamming his lips over hers, he pulled her closer. She tasted more heavenly than he could have ever imagined. Her taste was intoxicating. Like a sweet drug he couldn’t get enough of.

That was the last thing he needed. He didn’t even like her.

He pulled away. Confusion covered her features, with a hint of pleasure mingled in.

“Why did you do that?” she asked breathlessly.

“To shut you up. You talk too much sometimes.”

She shoved him away, a sweet angry look adorning her face. He loved it way too much when she got angry. “Get out, Danny. Stay away from me. I don’t need another man to cause problems in my life.”

Sh**. Who was causing her problems? What kind of problems?

Not his concern. He refused to make it his concern. Being a jerk had the desired effect. She shoved him away and told him to leave.

Because that’s what he needed to do. Leave. If he didn’t, he might do more than just kiss her. He could never do more with her. Not even kiss her again.

She was nothing but trouble.

He’d let her pack up Aubrey’s things without interfering. No good would come from hanging around.

“Tell the sheriff I blame him for my sister not coming.” With those parting words, he walked out.

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Amanda Siegrist (amandasiegrist) Jane wrote: "Amanda wrote: "So good! Both of you. And a cliffhanger, Princess Jane. *sighs* You better write what happens to them next week.

Gotta get the kids ready for school and then I'll work on mine:)"


Noooooo. I need to know what happens to them!

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Jane Blythe Amanda wrote: "I've had a busy day. But here's what I got. Working on book two of one of my series...

“What the he** do you want?”


Ooh, I liked it Queen Amanda! Can't wait to read the book when its finished!

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Jane Blythe Amanda wrote: "Noooooo. I need to know what happens to them! "

Are you sure? Cos I'm thinking one of them has to die . . .

message 13: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Siegrist (amandasiegrist) Nooooo, don't kill one. *sighs* if you have to but you gotta finish it.

And thanks! I'm gonna have fun with these two:) *smirks*

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Jane Blythe Amanda wrote: "Nooooo, don't kill one. *sighs* if you have to but you gotta finish it.

And thanks! I'm gonna have fun with these two:) *smirks*"

Yeah, I have to kill one of them, and I already know who dies! But I'll only write an ending if it fits with whatever prompt Mistress Ann chooses!

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Annie Arcane (anniearcane) | 2365 comments Mod
Jane wrote: "Cos I'm thinking one of them has to die . . ."

I approve.


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Jane Blythe Annie wrote: "Jane wrote: "Cos I'm thinking one of them has to die . . ."

I approve.


Thanks for the approval!

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Amanda Siegrist (amandasiegrist) Jane wrote: "Yeah, I have to kill one of them, and I already know who dies! But I'll only write an ending if it fits with whatever prompt Mistress Ann chooses!"

*starts to sob uncontrollably*

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Annie Arcane (anniearcane) | 2365 comments Mod
*starts to laugh maniacally*


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