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message 1: by Nathan "N.R.", Bottom (new)

Nathan "N.R." Gaddis (nathannrgaddis) | 194 comments Yeah. I wasn't expecting to seem them in here either. But, heck, Fr is of about that age so why knot?

message 2: by Nathan "N.R.", Bottom (new)

Nathan "N.R." Gaddis (nathannrgaddis) | 194 comments Actually, the context of the passage, that the Romantics wanted to do away with Intellect altogether, had me going straight to Zibaldone. But instead, we get The Beatles. Still expect to run into Zibaldone before we're done.

message 3: by Nathan "N.R.", Bottom (new)

Nathan "N.R." Gaddis (nathannrgaddis) | 194 comments Got to carry this bulk over to the 'puter so's to capture this absolutely perfectly etc.

">> >Beatles<? It'd been better not to come up with that, Franziska, those pubertal spasmo=tickbirds!<< (let's stay serious. -- So No)"

[diacriticals perhaps not perfectly reproduced ; but you've got your copy so... this is my approx'mation]

message 4: by Michael (last edited Oct 16, 2016 10:28PM) (new)

Michael In 1966 Peter Handke was invited to the meeting of GRUPPE 47 in Princeton as a voice oft the younger generation. And though he looked quite shy and girlish, like a "Klosterschüler", he criticized the post-war-literature of the group in a way from which it wouldn't recover.
Handke got famous over night and soon was called DER FÜNFTE BEATLE because oft bis hairstyle.
I wonder if AS was also thinking about this when he mentioned the BEATLES.
By the way: BECKETT was also called "Krampfhenne" ("spasmo=tickbird") by AS!

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