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The Girl On The Train

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message 1: by Richie (new)

Richie Lenoci | 39 comments I just started reading The Girl On The Train but I'm wondering if anyone has seen the movie yet? If so, how well does it follow the books plot and details? Is it very similar or different?

message 2: by Lilian (new)

Lilian | 41 comments yes, at first it was a bit confusing, but in the end it made so much sense. You should watch the movie after reading the book.

message 3: by Maia (new)

Maia | 15 comments I am thinking of reading this soon...Did you like the book/are you liking this book?

message 4: by Richie (new)

Richie Lenoci | 39 comments @Maia I really liked the book! The ending was intense and the plot always kept me on edge. If you start to read it, just be careful at first because the narrator of each chapter switches off from time to time. For example, you get different sides of the story from different people and at first I didn't realize this (which made me super confused).

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