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message 1: by R. (new)

R. Billing (r_billing) | 228 comments I have a two-volume story on Kindle and (anecdotally, I haven't done the stats properly) it seems that when I sell volume 1 I either sell the same quantity of volume 2 at the same time, or the same quantity almost exactly a month later. So some readers are buying both at once, some are taking a month to read 1 then buying 2, but there is very little in between.

Has anyone else noticed this sort of pattern?

message 2: by Morris (new)

Morris Graham (morris_g) Someone else told me that if they had a giveaway of one of the books in a series, it stimulated sales in the rest of the books in that series at full price. Hoping that is the case. I'm launching book two soon.

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