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The End! (Spoiler Alert)

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Ovidio Perez So this is going to be very long and I cried and screamed for Aelin when Maeve had the upper hand. I was screaming at her to get up and whoop her butt, but she had depleted too much of her magic. Also pissed that Aelin and Rowan got married and we didn't see it happen. They better have a second wedding and I better be invited next time. I blame Elide for Aelin being kidnapped.

Mostly because Elide is so weak and has no power of her own. So of course Maeve goes for the weakest link in the group. I also blame Lorcan for summoning Maeve to their whereabouts and glad that Elide is giving him the cold shoulder. I was loving the romance between Elide and Lorcan and of course Lorcan wrecks it like a wrecking ball.

When I found out that Aedion has been with men and woman I swoon with joy. As a gay man I'm like okay Aedion we need to have some history together as well. Lysandra you better show Aedion the light otherwise I will snag him for myself and those two need to work out their differences otherwise Aedion will be mine. I love Lysandra too and I think Aedion is being too harsh on her for being all secretive. For reals Aelin made her keep it a secret and Aelin is Queen. She was only following her order. Lysandra you are an amazing shifter now pretending to be Aelin and hopefully no one finds out the truth.

OMG Dorian you sexy beast you topped Manon and took her downtown. That was some hot stuff between King Dorian and Manon. I'm glad Manon is reunited with her coven the 13 and that Asterin her second is alright. Also Manon is Queen of the Crochans and hopefully she uses that to her advantage in helping save Aelin from her fate.

Poor Rowan his Aelin was whipped to death and he wasn't able to save her. It wrecked me bad having to see Rowan suffer so much. At least Maeve doesn't have the two keys even though that will piss her off and most likely take it out on Aelin. All I can say is Maeve is going down and Cairn the saddest fae for whipping Aelin will die a horrible death for that. I hope Aelin burns them all to ashes and laughs as they suffer for what they done to her. If Aelin wasn't so weak at the moment and if only she had more time now I must suffer waiting for the next book in this series... >.<"

Kaisa "Giga" I know the feeling! I just finished this book myself ( I didn't dare o start it sooner) and it left me breathless, hearbroken ja my soul weary. Sarah better give us a happy ending or I will probably go mad.

Ovidio Perez We better get that happy ending or all hell is gonna break loose. Aelin is going to torch the place in flames and ashes let us see Maeve beat her when she is at full strength... ^^"

Denise I literally just finished the book and I'm in ruins right now. I don't know what to feel! So much shit went down! And all those ships! I can't haha. It's gonna be a hell of a journey to wait for the last book!

Sherry I just just finished it today... the moment that bitch maeve asked aelin to take off the shirt i immediately close the book and went to sleep lol
i never hate someone as much as i hate maeve. i hope she die a horrible death, what a coward disgusting bitch.
but at the same time im kinda it was maeve that took her instead of erawan, cos we all know erawan will definitely put the black collar on aelin.

Ovidio Perez Sherry wrote: "I just just finished it today... the moment that bitch maeve asked aelin to take off the shirt i immediately close the book and went to sleep lol
i never hate someone as much as i hate maeve. i hop..."

That is so true Sherry I never thought that Maeve was the lesser of two evils. Erawan would have put the black collar on Aelin for sure and we would have lost her to the darkness. Damn it! Still doesn't mean I like seeing Aelin being whipped and stripped of her dignity... >.<"

sofia (sam willows) I was sobbing throughout the last 50 pages or so. Just imagine my feelings: I read EOS in 1 day and couldnt function properly for the next week!

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