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Belle Winters (belle_winters) | 3 comments Hello!
I have a new book coming out on 10/22.
You can find the introductory chapter on my website,

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Cassie... is a small town girl from Texas who moved to the big city in hopes of climbing the ladder quickly and becoming one of the highly successful women that she idolizes. Things don’t turn out the way we want them to now do they? Currently, she’s in the field of her dreams – law – as an assistant to a man who might be one of the sexiest men alive, but makes her want to jump off the nearest bridge.

'I walked towards the bathroom and bee lined it to the bar. I sighed in anticipation, I would need at least a few more glasses if I was going to make it through the next couple of hours. I saw a spot at the bar open up and I nearly salivated. I picked up my step and just when I was able to taste my next drink someone cut in front of me. I didn’t need to look up to know who it was. I've only been with this job for two weeks and I could tell when the man entered the building. I looked up totally exasperated and locked eyes with the star of my dreams for the last two weeks. Now, let me tell you... the wet dreams of all his holy sexiness are enough to make you yearn for more, but those aren’t the ones that I loved. Oh no. the ones that I live for are the ones when I finally wrap both hands around his neck and strangle the wholly fuck out of him until he turns blue and passes out. Oh yes, I would give anything to kill my egomaniac, rich, annoying, sexy, womanizing, pain in my ass of a boss. Who might you ask could invoke such strong feelings? Drayden Marks.'

Rich, powerful, sexy, cocky, broody… well you get the picture. He’s forced to keep Cassie who is by far the most annoying employee on his payroll. She has a spit fire personality and she talks to him in a way that no one else can ever get away with. Check out her frame as she’s walking out of the room sure, but there aren’t enough curves in the world that would make him want to put up with the woman.

'It's been three months and I’ve been through 14 assistants, she's the 15th and my dad pretty much put his foot down. He threatened to come out of retirement if I didn’t get my stuff together. It's not my fault entirely, I slept with about 7 of them and they all came on to me. They actually had rather had one night with me than work for me. Fine by me, if that was their values I didn’t want them anyway… I ended up going about 4 weeks with no assistant and some things fell through the cracks and I had to call Helen a few times for help. Word got back to dad and he blew a gasket. Dad decided to take matters into his own hands and with the help of Sheila - my extremely bratty younger sister who was the CFO of the company - picked out a new assistant for me. With his threat looming in the air I knew telling him simply she was satin with an amazing ass and rack it wouldn’t go over well. So for the past couple of weeks I refrained from tossing her out on said ass.'

Cassie and Drayden have to find a way to work together in order to find what was going on in the company and win a high profile case. All this time needing to be spent together opens up the question, is this hate like they think or is it something more?

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Dalu  | 3 comments i'd love to read your book :) pm me!

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