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message 1: by Sheree (new)

Sheree (shereezy) | 50 comments
This is my new romantic suspense novel out on Amazon now. I am looking for reviews and would gladly swap.

All Sadie wanted was a normal life and when her ex-boyfriend, Matthew, was finally sent to jail she thought she could start that normal life in a little village on the Scottish Borders.

Tom, a small county veterinary had spent the last five years just surviving. A tragic accident had left him riddled with guilt. But when the beautiful Sadie Buchanan waltzed into her parents cafe, his meaning for life is questioned. Now he has to overcome his demons before he can start living again.

But Matthew has already hurt Sadie before, would he allow Sadie to have the happiness she always longed for.......

message 2: by Iryna (new)

Iryna Andriyevska (iryna_andriyevska) | 54 comments Hi book fans,

Hope you won't miss my book.

The story of one little life that causes many feelings and thoughts in your soul. I promise a new adventure that will take you away from known reality and bring you to another part of life.

Half true, half fiction. This book is full of love, despair, cruelty, hope and madness, It will show the price of the live and happiness.

You'll visit another country and meet another people who will show you another life. The book leaves a lot to think about.

Please, leave the review after reading.

P.S. Available for free downloading till January.

With love,

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