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Title: Walking Home
Author: Arleen Williams
Genre: Contemporary Women’s Fiction
Formats Available: Mobi, Epub & Pdf
Page # 244
Review Due Date: November 6, 2016

Book Description:

In this stirring journey into the world of African refugees, Arleen Williams creates a story that is both heartwarming and haunting.

Seattle is a long way from the Horn of Africa. Despite escaping his country’s violence, Kidane is never too far from the nightmares and despair of his past. A new country, a new hope, and a new love may not be enough to save him. Only when he is able to face his worst fears can he have any hope of being truly free.

The city of Seattle provides the backdrop for this powerful coming of age tale that, along with the other interconnecting portraits that make up The Alki Trilogy, gives voice to the plight of the immigrants in the Pacific Northwest.

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1. Brittany - - epub
2. Tariq - - pdf

Brittany | 64 comments ePub please

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sent Brittany an email

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Tariq I have sent you an email.

Brittany | 64 comments I think you'll enjoy my review of Walking Home.

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